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  1. FTr

    Quick Response

    Oops, public now
  2. FTr

    Quick Response

    Little project I threw together in a few hours. Replaces the scoreboard - it still works, the scripts extends on the scoreboard widget http://i.imgur.com/nKEZdf4.mp4 <-- For some reason I can't embed this gif/video Customization: Link: https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/reflex-quick-response/src Usage:
  3. FTr

    Help! (Weapon Icon Colour)

    Try changing the Z index of your widget in widget settings. If i remember correctly, greater negative value should work.
  4. FTr

    Editor Extended

    Even more progress: Collapsable widget Popup windows can be chained as seen in the GIF Savemap options After I made the collapsable widget, I realized I don't know what possible tools I can create there. Any requests, ideas?
  5. FTr

    Editor Extended

    You can now drag the Properties window: Next: Better arrangement of properties window Upgraded ContentBrowser Support for window dragging, preview of selected mesh
  6. FTr


    Here is a quick fix I threw together, didn't test it thoroughly, something may not work 100%.
  7. FTr

    Disconnected while editing multiple items

    I see. I don't think I will bother with sending the commands in batches like you mentioned. And keeping the selection small is not really viable either, on my own server it fails with ~6 entities, when connected to external server it fails even on 2 objects. We will have to wait for official support I guess.
  8. FTr

    Editor Extended

    Ye, it crashes when calling console command multiple times. I have since opened up a thread in Support forum, hope there is something that can be done.
  9. While using my script pack to edit properties of multiple entities at once, the game disconnects me with the folloving error message: This happened while editing 3 entities (sometimes more or fewer). I trigger this error using this code: for k, e in pairs(entityList) do consolePerformCommand("me_setentityproperty " .. e.id .. " " .. property.name .. " " .. p.x .. " " .. p.y .. " " .. p.z); end With entityList being table containing the selected items. Any help how can I get around this problem?
  10. At the moment the map editor lacks a few functions. This script pack aims to help with shortage of options. If you have any suggestion/request, share and I will look into it What it supports at the moment: Dial control - used for rotating various elements, including rotation, snap angles and daytime. Also supports mouse wheel scrolling. EditBoxExpand - when the current text doesnt fit entirely, when you hover over the control it expands accordingly. Multiple editing - you can now edit entities of the same type at the same time. (does NOT work with ColorPicker and ContentBrowser) WARNING: be very careful when editing multiple entities. Occasionally the game disconnects me because of some weird error. <removed due to instability with no solution in sight> Properties window can now be dragged. GIFS: Progress: repo - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/src direct download - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/get/master.zip
  11. FTr

    0.34 - Reflex goes Alpha!

    Well that was a surprise to see my hud there. That's some good stuff, I really like the new main menu replay.
  12. FTr

    FTr's ArcHUD

    Sneak peak of what I have been working on so far. Generally fixing bugs and imprecisions with drawing, and then these custom menu elements. http://i.imgur.com/N3N2nNe.png?1 Featuring vertical slider and label, tooltip For now I had to place the tooltip to that location because of some wonky business with scrollbar. (http://i.imgur.com/PR8zNvU.png?1 scrollbar disabled; http://i.imgur.com/HVh0FaF.png?1 scrollbar enabled) Also I edited the default uiScrollBar to include additional parameter for mouse region offset (to include the properties area), now I can scroll the menu with mousewheel. Although I am not sure if I will include these files because I had to modify OptionsMenu.lua
  13. FTr

    FTr's ArcHUD

    Thank you all, it's nice to hear positive feedback. I am indeed working on an update, fixing a few bugs atm and generally cleaning up the code, although that may take a while.
  14. I must have overlooked this, thanks. I don't like having the function return exact number, so I hooked it up with a global variable and works just fine.
  15. callWidgetGetOptionsHeight(widgetname) function always(?) returns 0. From the code I understood that it is supposed to return the height of user options for the widget. Because it return 0 always, the menu does not become scrollable and renders out of bounds. http://i.imgur.com/R9CTudf.png?1 Using the "ui_optionsmenu_show_properties-height 1" you can see the red surface = basePropertiesHeight (anchor, offset,scale,Z index). The small yellow line is supposed to cover the whole user options area. You can see additional options sticking out of the frame. http://i.imgur.com/zBKEna4.png?1 Explicitly setting userPropertiesHeight = func() + manually calculated height, all is shown properly, scissored and is scrollable.