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    [wontfix] Enemy visibility vs your visibility

    You get shot without even knowing you can get shot. You can't learn to avoid being visible without knowing when you are visible. We have killed eachother hundreds of times without even knowing one player saw the other player.
  2. jonasdf

    [wontfix] Enemy visibility vs your visibility

    I understand, I think. This is also happening horizontally. When peaking or hiding you have less chance of killing the other player because he see's you first. I would think all games have this 'problem' it just feels like it's a little extreme here. Here are pictures of the same thing but horizontally Player 1 Player 2 Can you explain how you would fix this? Then I would truely understand why this is happening.
  3. We noticed that we get railed behind walls and other obstacles so we tried to figure out why and found this. Player 2 can see ~20% of Player 1's body while Player 1 can't see Player 2 at all. Player 1 Player 2 The player can be shown in the same way even horizontally around corners.
  4. Not been playing very long, and come from q3 cpma and warsow this is what i can think of 1. The game mode affa should be like ffa but with no self damage and warmup-mode enabled before ready (now you wont be able to play warmup-mode with affa but with ffa for some reason - auto ready and game on). I love playing warmup with friends only because its a lot of fight and fast revenges and you have more chance of killing the other player after you've been killed. (This could easily be fixed by letting the players vote (or admin set) e.g. self damage.) 2. Hold space to keep jumping (from warsow, this was epic) 3. Remove/lower through-walls damage. 4. Fullbright models 5. Steam workshop for maps etc. I think this thread should be renamed to "5 thinks you think should be changed in the next release" because I feel this post belongs in a thread like that.