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  1. I'm sure your right, but I would still like to be able to slam "callvote map aerowalk" into console, and have that work and not have to remember it's called cpm22.
  2. So I know I'm not alone in sometimes not being able to remember the name of a map I want to call a vote for. The "create server" screen is quite useful for this, because you can see a thumbnail of the map. The only problem with this is that some maps have been given there full names. For example cpm22 comes up as Aerowalk, I think either one or both of the following should be done. - The new names should work in console (ie "callvote map aerospace" takes you to cpm22) - The name of the map should also appear in the create server, so for example it would say "Aerowalk" as the main title, then in small text cpm22 I guess the thumbnails may get added to a vote menu, that I assume will be added at some stage. But many of us will still use console (because it's faster when you know what the map is called, and can type), so I think it's worth doing.
  3. Arthur

    Can't buy 4 pack to gift to friends

    I decided to buy some extra copies of reflex to give to some people who I thought might get into it, however it wont let you check out with the 4 pack bundle (neither buying for yourself or for a friend) if you already own it. In the end I bought it on one of my friends account and then gifted the other 3 copies from there, but it seems a little daft I had to do that just to get the small discount for buying a 4 pack. This is probably a issue at valves end, not the reflex devs, but I thought I would throw it out there.
  4. Arthur

    Windowed borderless mode

    There are applications that can force a game into borderless windowed, which I use. Unfortunately the one I use (which works for reflex fine for me) the site has been down for a while. But there is this other one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38HK8aiIXzc that might do it Edit: http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/ was where the one i use was, but the new one above may be better.
  5. Arthur

    This game is unplayable

    Na, if I worked at buzz feed I would have called it "Top 10 reasons reflex is unplayable"
  6. Arthur

    This game is unplayable

    So I was playing, and I got an airshot, and to my shock! No grizzled voice congratulated me by shouting "Airshot" to me in the voice of man who smokes cigars for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I only play arena shooters to get affirmation from this man, and without him in the game it is unplayable, please fix.
  7. Arthur

    Inconsistant game startup time

    I installed a lot of custom maps yesterday and noticed it took significantly longer to load up today so I think AEon is on the money
  8. Arthur

    Inconsistant game startup time

    Not a big issue, but I find reflex either starts up in under 5 seconds, or takes a minimum of around 30. I think this might have something to do with windowed/fullscreen mode, as I have been switching them around. Either way, thought I would post it here. 0.36.4
  9. Arthur

    Mouse-sensitivity.com Isn't cutting it

    I made a post about making reflex sensitivity scale the same as quake because of this issue. Your sensitivity should be 42.33309, Not sure why you have decided to have such a low dpi for a high sensitivity, seems like if you are using a sensitivity that high you would want high dpi, personally I would double your dpi and half your sensitivity at least.
  10. ‚ÄčGenerally I would agree, different sensitivities are optimal for different games. However I often play 2 or 3 fps games in succession of an evening, and find I can go from cs to reflex to tf2, I find in this case that aim is consistent in every game as i play. Where as when my sensitivities where different my aim would be considerably worse for a while as I got used to the new one. So I think if you tend to play 1 game allot, then another game for allot, it's fine. But if like me you play a few hours of each, I think universal sensitivity does make sense (as long as it's not too far from optimal for each game) I do like the idea of using the povohat driver, but as he is no longer supporting it, I think it might be more trouble than it's worth. Plus I think it is actually more of a hindrance than a blessing for cs.
  11. You are probably correct, I know any quake/source engine game has the same scale, which I think is where the majority of reflex players come from. So I think my point still stands,
  12. Arthur

    Reflex - Player huds.

    ‚ÄčThat man has a nice voice, I could let him talk to me about configs all day
  13. So if I am playing TF2, Counter strike, Quake, Battlefield (apart from the new one), Cod, or Unreal Tournament, I have my sensitivity set the same (1.25 on a 800 dpi mouse). This gives me exactly the same cm/360 in all the games (differing fov doesn't effect it) and I find this makes my aim much must consistent as I go from game to game. In fact, the vast majority of FPS games use this scale, for example any games in the same engine as the games listed above have this scale. So while I know it's kind of a picky think to point out, I brought a few quake/tf2/csgo plays over to try counter strike who have been confused why they can't just type in the number they always do, and get the exact sensitivity they have in other games. I have seen a few people asking how to convert the number, but nobody suggesting it be changed, so I thought I would post here. I hope it's not a duplicate
  14. Arthur

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    I don't know if forcing a weak spawn would be a problem in reflex, but delaying your spawn sounds interesting, even if it's just by a few seconds
  15. Arthur

    Enough with the tiny maps!

    As in (and I'm talking 1v1 here) they would be much nicer to play if you didn't spawn right next to your opponent so often. Granted with the teleports this is hard