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  1. Fb62

    How to take off red screen at low life

    Found it. In the same file, find "if player.health <= 0 and gamemodes[world.gameModeIndex].canRespawn == true then" and make sure it says "true" at the end, not "false"(false is the last bit of code and this is the one before it). Simply change the "0" to "-1000" and you wont get a frag screen anymore.
  2. Go to steamappscommonReflexbaseinternaluiwidgets, open ScreenEffect.lua (preferably with notepad++, but notepad should work fine). Go to (ctrl f to find) "if player.health > 0 and player.health <= 30 then"(no quotation marks). Change the value of 30 to 1. Save file. There you go, no more red screen on low life. You can also edit the amount as you wish. Any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments.
  3. Fb62

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    Can you explain the bind command states better? Also, will the configs get reset or something? Should I save my current config? Thanks for the awesome update too! You are the best, can't wait to mess around with it.
  4. Fb62

    How to download/play a map?

    Also, you can't play a map if the server doesn't have it. If you are on a server, go to console and just type "callvote map x" x being the map name, and don't type in the quotation marks. If you want to do it in a solo/private game, you can either click private game or just open console and type in "map x". If you are in your private you obviously need the map. If you are on a server, it doesn't matter what maps you have.
  5. Fb62

    Reflex Garbage Cup

    What is the "skill limit" on this? I get destroyed by anyone that's actually good, but I just destroy the newer players. Is this cup for me or someone who doesn't know how to time items, aim rockets correctly, and cant rail?
  6. You can't do a hold zoom bind atm, but this will allow an instant non-lag zoom bind. First, you need to create two new configs, I call mine game1 and game2. In your main (game.cfg) config, add "loadconfig game1" game1 config should look like this: bind mouse2 loadconfig game2 r_fov 120 m_speed 14 Make sure that these are YOUR CURRENT settings. Your fov, and your m_speed. If you want a different key to zoom with, obviously change where it says "mouse2". and game2 should look like this: bind mouse2 loadconfig game1 r_fov 75 m_speed 10 These settings will obviously be your zoom settings. If you don't want to change mouse speed then just take it out of these configs. Make sure you "bind" loadconfig, not "addbind". If you addbind, it will continually load both configs and make you restart your game. Make sure you ONLY put in what I put in here(besides numbers and keybind obviously) If you have any questions go ahead and ask them here.
  7. I was able to get it 10/10 times before the patch, now I can't get it at all. Was the map changed or was something else changed?
  8. Fb62

    0.31.2 - Looks better, runs faster.

    Nice update! Game runs and looks sooooo much better. Nice bdm3 update too Stupid question: What is "remove" command? Is that like force-spec?
  9. Fb62

    3elements - movement / race map

    That was awesome! Well designed IMO, and looked great. Very nice mix of jump map, obstacles, and fly-through. Inspired me to try to make something too.
  10. Fb62

    Development Roadmap (February 2015)

    Yay for fixing damage through walls! And I guess making the game look better, run better, making a better ui, making a great spawning system, and adding tutorials for newbies. But yay no more rockets through floors!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Fb62

    Server not running

    I have the same issue. Reflexded.exe is not firewalled, and I cannot see my server on the list. I had it up a few months ago and tried it again recently and it isn't showing up.
  12. Fb62

    Dedicated Server Guide

    I'm not understanding what is wrong. Adding a + makes commands not work in the steamcmd. the force_install_dir ./reflex_ds doesnt work for me, and appupdate isnt even a command for me.
  13. Fb62

    Dedicated Server Guide

    My ded server stopped working a couple patches ago and still doesn't work after installing this. Was there something else I missed?
  14. Fb62


    cl_show_gun 0
  15. Fb62

    Burstgun nerf was necessary or not?

    But damage per second doesn't mean a gun is better. IIRC plasma gun had the highest dps but it was balanced because it was the hardest to always hit with it. The burst gun is very hard to hit with all 3, let alone hit with all 3 all the time. I think they will end up with around 13-15 per shot and find it balanced.