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    Experience and suggestions

    Making the game easier for newcomers was one of the main reasons for the myriad of changes in Quake Live, which is declining by the hundreds every single month since it's release on steam, making the game easier won't make people stick around; as Quake Live can attest, it only cheapens the game and makes it less authentic. The opponent would lose interest regardless if they have the mindset of quitting a game because someone is more experienced then they. If you enjoy the Arena FPS genre and would like to improve, spending time to practise and adjust to new a environment is an integral part of the process.
  2. arzjee

    [fixed] Game crashes instantly on startup

    It's a DirectX issue i believe, I have that card and also a weaker AMD 5570 which is a DX11 card and reflex runs fine on that one.
  3. lavarun_beta1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd8aaj9ydcxo8j1/arzjee_lavarun_b1.zip?dl=0
  4. arzjee


    You'll see that there is a sort cage looking area right? walk through the space at the bottom and there will be a small ledge protruding out of the wall (White ledge if you have r_bloom 0 on); go underneath it and do a "headbop" jump to gain a height boost, steer away from underneath it holding W and do a double jump on top of it to get to the platform above, i'll try and get a video posted to better explain.
  5. arzjee


    defrag map made by me download Hold off from building the lightmap just yet, as most of the map lighting isn't done yet and the map will be pretty dark
  6. arzjee

    Footstep bug + shooting through walls bug

    If you mean this then it's intentional.
  7. arzjee

    50 cent RefleX custum map tourny!

    put me in coach
  8. arzjee

    Steam 4 Player Pack?

    Definitely should have a 4 pack available on the store.
  9. arzjee

    Performance reports

    DxDiag cl_gibs_maxcount 1 com_maxfps 120 r_bloom 0 r_dynamic_lights 0 r_dynamic_shadows 0 r_fov 105 r_fxaa 0 r_resolution 800 600 Performance Inconsistent fps ranging from 100-120; can drop to 70 when lots of people are in one area shooting each other.