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  1. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Hey all, Get 30% off game server hosting at BlueFang using code "cyber2017" during checkout! This offer expires Tuesday the 28th of November at 12:00am EST. Shop Now
  2. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Happy holidays everyone! Our 2016 winter sale is on now! Get 20% off recurring on all new game server hosting and voice server hosting! Use coupon code “wintersale2016” during checkout. https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/winter-sale-2016/
  3. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Hey guys, I know this is ridiculous but right now you can get 30% off Reflex servers. That is 16 slots for only $3.50/month https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/cyber-weekend-sale-2016/
  4. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Hi everyone, We updated our product page to only rent out 1-16 slot servers at $5.00/month. Essentially you pay a flat rate $5.00/month and you can set your own slots anywhere between 1 and 16 slots. This way you can scale your server however you'd like.
  5. Dedicated Server, Bluefangsolut hosting

    Hey there, If you are still or ever experiencing issues you can always submit a support ticket and we will be glad to help.
  6. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Hey guys, Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all the recent sign-ups. Reflex servers are popping up left and right lately and we are proud that we are being chosen by you! If you have any questions about how we operate and are interested in getting your own Reflex server, submit a contact form. If you are one of the people who have already ordered a Reflex server and need some technical support, submit a support ticket. Thanks everyone!
  7. Map editing on blue fang solutions servers

    ​The player slots are locked based on the package you purchased on our website. You are able to change the sv_allowedit variable in the server config. We do not put that variable in the command line. If that variable is in the command line you can simply request that we remove it by submitting a support ticket.
  8. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Get 15% off your server using "equinox15" during checkout. Valid until 9/27/15 https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/september-equinox-flash-sale-ends-927/
  9. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2015 Join us as we honor the military this memorial day weekend! https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/memorial-day-weekend-sale-2015/
  10. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Howdy everyone, Only 10 days left for our Midwinter Sale! Check out the details at https://www.bluefangsolutions.com/midwinter-sale-2015/
  11. BlueFangSolutions.com Reflex Game Server Hosting

    Hey MnstH, You can run pings to the following: vortex.bluefangsolutions.com - Dusseldorf, Germany bruticus.bluefangsolutions.com - London, UK (just in-case) We hope to have our Network Status page back up and running soon so that everyone can run pings to different machines without having to ask
  12. Hello Arena Combatants! www.BlueFangSolutions.com is now supporting the Reflex early access! We offer up to 16 slots at $5.00/month. (prices subject to change during game development) We are a legal & registered game server provider in this business and we know what it takes to be a leader in this industry. We currently support a multitude of games from 7 Days to Die, StarMade, Arma 3, Minecraft, Warband, Chivalry, TF2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and many more great titles. We play most of the games that we host and we enjoy being active within the communities we support. Looking to get your own Reflex game server? RENT ONE TODAY! Need a voice server to communicate with friends to win? RENT TS3 TODAY! You can check out some of our reviews at http://www.ghreviews.com/bluefangsolutions where we are also the #1 game server provider in their top 20 list at http://www.ghreviews.com/category/top-20/ If you have any questions about any of our services catch a Sales rep on our Live Chat or just send us a contact form and we'll be glad to answer. Regards, BluefangServers