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  1. One thing was pretty confusing for me: at some point after one of my placement matches it found me and my opponent another game, which resulted in a 5 minute match and gave me and him experience instead of a that ranked placement progress bar and then it just kept on going (5min + exp) for me and my next opponents. Some of them were also questioning the length of a match. I doubt it being an end of my placement games because I'm only half way through. If it is then it's a major UX concern.
  2. kRVRKV

    Remove certain sounds from the game

    alright will do, thanks
  3. kRVRKV

    Remove certain sounds from the game

    It's just that I play race most of the time and you can imagine how annoying it might get. Will try all of the methods, but it got me thinking if it is possible to make some kind of toggle, to disable sound in the race and enable it in any other mode. I don't mean the toggle should be game type related but just a button to press at any time.
  4. kRVRKV

    Remove certain sounds from the game

    Was wondering whether it is possible to remove a specific sound from the game? In my case, I want to mute the sound when a player lands on a surface. That "iron hitting concrete" sound. I am aware that this is how the original CMPA mod works but that sound is really hurting my head if you could call it so.
  5. kRVRKV


    honestly I totally forgot you can change the lava color will do that, sounds like a good idea.
  6. kRVRKV


    I'd say that bloom is more of an individual preference - I honestly hate it unless there's a way to decrease it. but can you explain what do you mean by "checking on it"? tiny bit confused
  7. kRVRKV


    well, that's a bit problematic... I'll see what I can do.
  8. kRVRKV


    Oh, alright. At least how thick tho? I've got limited space in some spots..
  9. kRVRKV


    Started this map about a year ago and haven't touched it until workshop support has been added. Hope you guys like it. The average completion time is from 1 to 2 minutes depending on your skill (pros might make it under a minute). Beware, some parts are not noob friendly - that's why there are some stone-looking helpers scattered all over the map (except the lava crap). Get it on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650114470 Don't forget to thumbs it up! More maps are coming soon. P.S. I'd suggest some of the devs to check it out as well, merely because it has quite a bit of light map problems, which could be taken in count.
  10. kRVRKV

    [rr_la-grid] Race Map

    looks neat.
  11. kRVRKV

    First map - advice please :)

    Cool map! Maybe removing​​ ​portal entirely would be a good idea since its exit is​ really close to it anyway - then you'll have first working portal-less map ever (not that I know any other maps w/o portals).​
  12. kRVRKV

    Future mapping mechanic

    map scripting in general is what I want from Reflex Claus for Christmas
  13. kRVRKV

    How to make terrain?

    ​​right now there's no other way but that tedious brush editing
  14. kRVRKV