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  1. Zybba

    Making Free Graphics For Reflexers

    I like your stuff! Nice of you to offer your service for the community here. Unfortunately im already happy with my current avatars and stuff...
  2. Zybba

    from 60hz to 144hz

    Idk. Depends on your sensitivy, I guess. I have both 60hz and 120hz. Mosty I recognize the difference while scrolling in the web/rts games. Nevertheless I try to get a fitting second 120/144hz sooner or later. ^^
  3. Zybba

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    I think TF2 just is more social interactions between the players/player characters then typical arena shooters. I think many girls will like that more than just killing 1vs1. Hearthstone is pretty casual, right? Its free and it has a more friendly artstyle. There will be more players of every gender, I think.
  4. Zybba

    Alt+Tab = Windowed Mode?

    Nice to get this confirmed, thanks.
  5. Zybba

    Alt+Tab = Windowed Mode?

    I had the same problem. Read posts #7 + #8. But maybe this problem doesnt exist anymore with the fresh patch. Better check this first. Read post #3 regarding this:
  6. Zybba

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Some of the HUDs are really neat! Is there a data base to load em like maps? I like it! Wanted to get it first but than I realized its pretty close to the original one.
  7. Zybba

    #dp_one [NA]

    Since its "your" tournament it sounds more than fair to me. ^^