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  1. arnold

    Rockets, how do you feel about them?

    I'd be interested to see how a RL with a larger projectile would play out. It's probably tf2 jading me but even rockets in QL had more 'weight' to them if that makes sense. They're easier to get hit by but also easier to dodge. ???Not sure if I'm talking out my ass but would like to try it idk¿¿¿
  2. arnold


    Love it. As a TF2 player this is EXACTLY what I've been after. Immediate, measurable increase in how much more enjoyable it is to play.
  3. arnold

    [0.42.0] Can't connect to servers

    I think I've fixed the issue. I had an auto-updating schedule set (for data usage reasons) and it seems that reflex trying to query Steam counts as an automatic update and not a deliberate one? Anyhow I disabled my auto-updating schedule and it was an immediate fix. Might work for you shdw?
  4. arnold

    [0.42.0] Can't connect to servers

    So odd thing happened tonight, I joined an Aerowalk server just fine, but when it changed map I got the same message and then couldn't connect to anything at all?? Aerowalk or otherwise, really bizzare.
  5. arnold

    [0.42.0] Can't connect to servers

    Hi, sorry for the belated reply. Yes still happening on reflexfps.net.au servers, however the message is now "Querying Steam Workshop.." I tried the fix from the other thread (allowing downloads during gameplay, manually starting download in steam [which is not showing in my downloads tab]) however the problem persists. Are there any details I can give that'd help?
  6. arnold

    [0.42.0] Can't connect to servers

    On trying to connect to certain servers, the connection bar gets stuck on 0% and reads "Workshop download complete, awaiting server..." Tried enabling downloads during game play, fresh reinstall, open firewall etc etc This happens most prominently on reflexfps.net.au servers.
  7. arnold

    Two gameplay suggestions

    I think the only way to revive stakegun to have the option to use it while other weapons are active. ie Press 'e' while bunnyhoppying about the map shooting rockets to shoot a stake out without a weapon switch. This preserves flow and adds more depth and creativity to movement.
  8. arnold

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    I'd just like to add something - reflex isn't cpm. It isn't quake. It isn't tribes. It's its own experience and game. If the movement feels a bit iffy because you've played hundreds of hours of ql, or in my case a few thousand hours of TF2, then you'll have to adapt to REFLEX. IMO the movement feels pretty spot-on.
  9. arnold

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    As long as it's only cosmetic, I'd be keen for custom axes
  10. arnold

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Wait what? Can someone explain qualitatively what's been changed movement-wise? I haven't noticed anything.
  11. arnold

    The Console Commands of Reflex

    Is there a way to have a +/- toggle bound to a key? i.e. Have r_fov 90 when mouse2 is depressed, and revert back to r_fov 130 when it's released?
  12. arnold

    Weapon Design and Balance Suggestions

    This sounds pretty freaking awesome tbh
  13. arnold

    Map names?

    So 'cpmx' are from CPM games, right right. tchtX? dpX? bdmX? Do they have longhand titles or is just arbitrary letters? In the full release will map names be more fleshed out? It can be a little tough to remember the diff between all the dp's and thct's. Perhaps in the final copy have a UI option when changing maps with a thumbnail? Cheers -
  14. arnold

    Weapon Design and Balance Suggestions

    IMO, increase the shotty's damage falloff (less damage the further away the target is) and increase the spread. That was it can be used for what it's meant for, up close and personal stuff, while also incentivising the weapon swap to an ic or bolt and medium-long range. As for plasma, either increase the hitbox to make more shots connect (can you do that??) or simply increase dmg to 18-20 ala Quake Live.
  15. arnold

    Mouse-sensitivity.com Isn't cutting it

    I believe that you can calculate it if you know your cm/360. My sens on the site is 3.839733 Is I use the sens equation that kairu found: http://steamcommunity.com/app/328070/discussions/0/620695877514329856/ He says it's a little imperfect so I'll sub in my settings (and sens for mouse-sensitivity) and see what that constant really is m_speed = 387/(cm360 / (387/dpi)) sub in my settings: 3.839733 = x / (20.8 / (x / 2000) Wolfram Alpha says: x = 399.666 And I'd bet you a million bucks that if my cm/360 was to more dec points it'd be 400. So: m_speed = 400/(cm360 / (400/dpi))