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    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    Reflexrun 0.87 is now out and totally rocks 0.33.4
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    New weapon concepts!

  3. phgp_zEv


    Great stuff!
  4. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    We now can use player position to start and stop the run which is practially like the "Real thing" we are just waiting for shooter to implement a little something for us then the base system is pretty-much done o/
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    We have created the "Excellent" award in the PHGPHUD it is based on kills in a time period, "Impressive" would be hard as we dont have info to weapon / damage output
  6. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Map collection and Mapcall

    As of RR update 0.82 which we probably will release today you could even put a mega health on the map to include rocket jumps. I actually think it is interesting having Rocket jumps limited to your health - that makes it even harder ^^. As of today you won't need to "ready up" anymore and will be able to just do run after run !
  7. Hello der mappers, if you like mapping for defrag / movement now is the time. Reflexrun is the first way to competitively play defrag in Reflex, and we would love to see some run maps come in with the new Meshes that work with our hud/mode! ( http://phgp.tv/news/reflexrun-available-now/) In short, Reflexrun uses a Megahealth to get you ready, a Green armour to set back your timer, and the 5 health bubbles as triggers for start and stop. That means its super easy for you to either make your already finished Run / defrag map ready for Reflexrun or create a totally new one made for the mode. We really can't wait to see what you guys make, I have personally seen a huge amount of skill and motivation in the Reflex mapping community and hope to see some of that going into Reflexrun maps. If you have any questions regarding how to place the items to make it compatible, just ask me anytime in IRC or in a PM here. To look at an example check out the "RR" labeled maps on the phgp defrag server or in the Reflexrun download pack Thanks for your time, Regards, zEv
  8. phgp_zEv

    rrEnvTank - Novice ReflexRun Map

    AWESOME!!!!! Cant wait to test this out later! especially with the new version of Reflexrun we will release tonight!
  9. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    haha don't know xD was a bug maybe we fixed allot today now you don't need mega anymore you can just run as much as you like, without having to reset anything, as it does it automatically! Will be releasing Reflexrun 0.82 hopefully this evening!
  10. phgp_zEv

    Lua Wishlist

    ^- this haha would be even more extreme than the Timers rage!
  11. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    Thats why we tried to make it really easy for you to use tools such as OBS or fraps to record your runs. We implemented your name, map, and more into the hud so you don't have to add anything in video editing software!
  12. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Map collection and Mapcall

    We need your maps Ollie - they will be awesome after seeing your "olli-FS" map! can't wait to feature a first Map-pack for Reflexrun soon!
  13. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    ^^ no difference other than real "triggers" which will can be replaced in 10 seconds xD
  14. phgp_zEv

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    You will beat me np!
  15. phgp_zEv

    [dp7] venom

    http://phgp.tv/news/dp7-venom-gets-update/- News <3
  16. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    Dear community, as a few people already heard in the stream, we have been working pretty hard in the last few days to launch our site for you guys. The twitch database hack robbed us a day of work so sorry about the slight delay! We are happy to announce that we have now launched! PHGP Online!! It is in its early stages but just as with Reflex, we have build a great backbone for our future with you guys! Hope you enjoy and see you in the stream, Best regards, zEv
  17. phgp_zEv

    Streaming/Recording Reflex gameplay

    If you have any questions regarding annything you were talking about above, contact me on IRC in #reflex
  18. This ones a biggie. I have personally been looking forward to this since getting involved with the Reflexfps community. This one hour live-talk with the whole Reflex development team gives you detailed insight on the background of Newborn, Shooter, and Electro. Focused topics such as their development as a player and developer in the Arenafps genre, Competitive arenafps, the future of Reflex and more explain why we should love this game. - http://phgp.tv/news/phgptv-talks-reflex-devs/ Thanks again to all the Reflex Devs for their time!
  19. phgp_zEv

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    I lol'ed haha n1
  20. phgp_zEv


    Lol that was quick <3 Featured here - http://phgp.tv/news/reflex-0330-released/
  21. phgp_zEv

    0.33.4 - Fancy UI stuff

    wohooo <3
  22. phgp_zEv

    do you even Lua?

    Dear community, we at phgp are seeking for a talented Lua scripting guy that can help us out a little with the plans that we have for the future. It would be great if you could contact us in the comments or through IRC in #reflex. ( or via email over at www.phgp.tv ) it might be some quite advanced stuff so if you feel like your a machine at it we need you thanks in advance!, regards, zEv
  23. Happy easter! - http://phgp.tv/news/new-reflex-ui-screenshots/
  24. phgp_zEv

    [dp7] venom

    Whoa! check out this all items run by Fht! - http://phgp.tv/media/dp7-all-items-run/
  25. phgp_zEv

    Interview with Memphis

    Dear Community, we are happy to announce that Memphis will be streaming to our phgp.tv channel regularly. Along with that announcement we have once again questioned a experienced player on his thoughts and ideas towards Reflex and more. Check out the Interview here -> http://phgp.tv/news/interview-memphis/ Thanks for your time! and don't forget to tell us what you think in the comments over at phgp.tv Regards, zEv