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    Interview with Kovaak

    Good morning dear Community, we just released an Interview with KovaaK about the NA scene and his thoughts on the development of Reflex. Also, we have now fixed and added a awesome mobile UI so you can enjoy PHGP on the go! Heres the link to the Interview - http://phgp.tv/news/interview-kovaak/ regards, zEv
  2. <3 http://phgp.tv/media/ollie-freestyle/- also adding the map to our map vault
  3. Good morning! - We just updated the map on the PHGP.TV DEFRAG server! We have also added this Map to our Mapvault. The tutorial is available to read online here Thanks to all, zEv
  4. Id rather wait for things to be done right for once, rather than rushed like with 99 percent of all other games these days xD
  5. phgp_zEv

    Reflex Garbage Cup

    Sry mates the notice was to short, Mabe next time ( Bu11ly I replied to your mail )
  6. phgp_zEv


    This map has also been added to the PHGP Mapvault: http://phgp.tv/maps/reflex-jump/
  7. phgp_zEv


    Reposted on phgp.tv!
  8. phgp_zEv

    integration of new lua scripting with maps?

    We have thought of this "Server side" documentation of stats etc. Would love to hear someone that has some experience in this comment on it!
  9. phgp_zEv

    WIP - Cleopatra 2525 Sux

    Added to the PHGP Stream / Cast server <3
  10. phgp_zEv

    Reflex at I54

    Thanks for the news Gilangular - http://phgp.tv/news/i54-features-reflex/
  11. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    Today we released another Visual update to our news feed. This will positivly effect Mobile and desktop usability quite a bit. <3
  12. phgp_zEv

    Interview with Kovaak

    haha Nice one
  13. phgp_zEv

    You are limiting player growth

    Me and b1z talked about matchmaking and effected things yesterday evening Live you guys might like to take a look - http://phgp.tv/media/state-reflex-1-part-1/( Matchmaking thoughts starts at 57:00 )
  14. phgp_zEv

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    Me and b1z talked about the ui and other effected things yesterday evening Live you guys might like to take a look - http://phgp.tv/media/state-reflex-1-part-1/( UI stuff & Matchmaking starts at 35:00 )
  15. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    Dear Reflex Community, as a few of you have already have connected with me or b1z through irc / the stream I would like to take a momment and introduce us to the community, and explain what we aim to do for and with you guys. PHGP.tv ( PlayHardGoPro ) is re-launching after over a year of pause do to me finishing my studies and will focus its future on Reflex. I personally used to Stream / Cast for ESLtv BO2 / and some CSGO and started the channel/project with a few mates. b1z has started casting lately and will focus on it aswell. What we aim to bring to the community: Best Reflex coverage ( www.phgp.tv - when its done ) and with our stream. We will be hosting Cups, have a mapvault, fragmovies, etc as soon as we think the game is ready for that. That is when we will announce more info about the cups etc also. Today we have done final tests and have setup our 24/7 Chat / Livestream for you guys. The reason we did this ( ignoring the elec bill ) is so that the reflex / fps community has a place to chat as new players may not know IRC. It also aims to connect the cpm / quake community and give you guys a place to chill. Other than that there is not much we can say atm we will update this thread with infos about the development of our site etc. For now our twitch channel is: www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv - Live 24/7 as of Today. Online: www.phgp.tv Our servers are: PlayHardGoPro .:0.31.2:. Stream / Cast Server www.phgp.tv - PlayHardGoPro .:0.31.2:. DEFRAG / Map Server www.phgp.tv - We will try hard in the future to be a great addition to a great game the whole PHGP team believes in. Best regards and thanks for your time, zEv
  16. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    Come and Chill with me and b1z now Live on stream -> www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv
  17. phgp_zEv

    New (WIP) HUD Critique

    It seems like they are waiting to implement the maps and other stuff into the game through steam workshop - which is the and easiest way to do this
  18. phgp_zEv

    [dp5] furnace

    Featured in the PHGP Mapvault: http://phgp.tv/maps/dp5-furnace/
  19. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    We know seekax <3 We are working on that as I write this post but THANKS EDIT: Has been Fixed check out our Mobile UI now <3
  20. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    the EU coverage team is in DE
  21. phgp_zEv

    [dp6] the gravesite

    Featured in the PHGP Mapvault - http://phgp.tv/maps/dp6-gravesite/
  22. phgp_zEv

    THE AEROBLUE - act2 duel map

    Featured in the PHGP Mapvault! - http://phgp.tv/maps/aeroblue/
  23. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    Thanks allot! we hope you guys enjoy our content!
  24. phgp_zEv

    Launch of www.phgp.tv

    Thanks allot hopefully, just without the spam