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    thct4 - paradiso del mar

    The Map in the phgp Mapvault- http://dev.phgp.tv/maps/thct4-paradiso-del-mar/ Cool map tehace! Thanks for your dedication!
  2. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    Our 24/7 Stream has been updated to celebrate the 700 follower Mark. Thank you all we would love to have a chat to you guys annytime in the channel o/ - www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv
  3. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    We are working on that obviously
  4. phgp_zEv

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    Great stuff to look forward to!
  5. phgp_zEv

    [dp6] the gravesite

    I was still half asleep mate.. Embarrasing!
  6. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    Featured on Teamfortress.tv Thanks for this! o/ http://teamfortress.tv/thread/23594/extv-parallel-for-reflex
  7. phgp_zEv

    Introducing PHGP.tv

    Focusing on Reflex atm as we believe its the only "propper" future arena fps
  8. phgp_zEv

    THE AEROBLUE - act2 duel map

    Uploaded to the PlayHardGoPro Stream / Cast Server Thanks for this and well done!
  9. phgp_zEv


    The updated version is available as of Now on the PlayHardGoPro Stream / Cast Server
  10. phgp_zEv


    We uploaded the map to the PlayHardGoPro Stream/Cast server thanks for this I4N!
  11. phgp_zEv


    Cant wait!
  12. phgp_zEv

    [dp6] the gravesite

    Hi all, Def_ the update is impressive. We streamed the newest version with the community yesterday and got only positive feedback. People are referring to it as " the best looking reflex map out there " Personally I think it flows really well with the new teleport to rg ( top ) opens the map up and totally raises the bar! I honestly don't think you need another tele that might make it loose something. Keep it up, best regards, zEv
  13. phgp_zEv

    [dp6] the gravesite

    Hi community, Def_ as I told you in the stream, the map is coming along well. Cant wait for lighting! that will make the brush work really pop! The only thing that REALLY bothers me is the rl ( to get to ya to the left of mega facing map-inwards ) This tripple jump is not actually hard but if you mess up or something you are stuck and it totally kills it for me. A jumppad to the right of the rl spawn would be great! best regards, and keep it up! zEv
  14. High bros — Coloured names don't want to pressure much