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  1. Introducing Demoflex Ultimate Demoflex ultimate builds onto our initial release of Demoflex, enhances its user experience, and adds functionality which arguably makes Demoflex ultimate the most advanced demo / replay environment ever made.Before approaching Demoflex ultimate, we went back and questioned which functions did, and did not work in our previous release.We referred to the comments and feedback provided by the reflex community which makes us feel secure and excited to tell you about a few changes and updates in more detail. To ensure a sustainable solution for years of movie making and replay analyzing to come, we quickly realized that the visual framework and the user interface of our previous release had to be fundamentally changed. Movie making tools such as After effects, and Premier Pro influenced the grid of Demoflex Ultimate in a positive way. We wanted to support every resolution from 4k down to 480p which only was possible by building a modular non-static user interface which scales accordingly. The Demoflex Ultimate user interface is split into three sections. The Replay section, the Edit section, and the Movie export; section. These sections can be scaled individually with-in the Demoflex UI which can now go full screen, snap to corners, and be scaled to whatever resolution the user chooses. Having this visual backbone will allow us to implement updates quickly which will be presented to you internally ( when available ) with a notification. So you will never have to go searching for build numbers. This also makes it easier for us as we know we have done everything to keep you on the latest build. Main UI Demo Edit UI Another fundamental change is the introduction of the Movie export section. It was hard for us to decide what functionality really made sense to implement when handling large image sequences produced by Reflex, as there are sophisticated solutions to handling these such as the two applications mentioned above. What pushed us to implement this tool-set was our view, on what input files a movie maker would prefer when moving into their movie production application of choice. Demoflex Ultimate is a collection of ideas and influence by prior movie making tools and the Reflex community in one environment. It was made to allow an increase of the games reach, by creating external media and enabling quick analysis of Reflex replays in an optimized environment. We are very excited to release Demoflex Ultimate and believe you will love it once you have become farmiliar with the extensive capabilities that are now available to you. Things to look forward to in future updates: World wide demo upload and sharing through demoflex.com ( Demos directly into your demoflex app ) Custom fragmessages, colours, and fonts Various video / animation scripts Custom video export codec Demo analysis tools Demoflex Changelog v2.0 Build 5637 User Interface updates, - User interface is not completely scalable and modular - Complete re-work of all settings, buttons, and switches - New main grid with the “Replay”, “Edit”, and “Movie” section - Added Grid splitters for Edit / Movie section - Added “Define export directory” ( Remap your base/replays folder ) - Added Cinemascope resolution option - Removed 480p resolution option - Added “Refesh demos” button - Added “About demoflex” button - Added “Keyboard controls” button - Added “Sliders” for Volume and playback speed - Added “import Image sequence” button ( movie section ) - Added “Clear loaded sequence” button ( movie section ) - Added “Export avi” button ( Movie section ) - Added “Sequence framerate” value - Added “Sequence export time” value - Added “Export framerate” value - Added “Import sequence dialog” - Added “Play, End, and Start” buttons for loaded sequence - Added “Scrub bar” to scrub imported image sequence - Added “current frame” and “Total frames” values - Added replay visualisation for “Map, Players, Server, & Mode” - Added new custom settings visualisation - Added new Keyboard controls window Function updates, - Added TGA parser and sequence importer - Added In-game clickable demo / camera controls - Added new ingame keyboard controls / hotkeys - Added Avi export - Added Avi scaling - Added Avi custom fps export - Added Update notification and version checker - Added Visual deapth to Ui navigation - Added Replays folder hardlink to destination Download Demoflex Ultimate Now! Introduction How to install Settings and Configs
  2. phgp_zEv

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Reflex is the only current afps title that is built buy a team that by nature does not focus on creating a cash cow product which results in one of the most community / love based engines of our time..
  3. phgp_zEv

    #dp_three [EU] - 29th August, 2015

    What has happened to this community ? O.o
  4. As I was asked where to share Defrag videos / VOD's I thought it would make sense to get a collection going. This will be a collection of records over time. Please include a name above the video so we know before watching the video^^. Here are my shots at RRcup1 and RRbldf1 Happy RR'ing. Download Reflexrun over at phgp.tv here RRcup1: 00:28:00 RRbldf1 00:19:71
  5. New Demoflex Tutorial out now!

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    ​zEv would think so
  7. phgp_zEv

    pdm2 - Get up, stand up

    Uploading to the phgp servers now! n1
  8. Reflexrun v1.0 Now supports the Official Race-mode! We have launched a microsite for the HUD to make it easier for you to be updated on the latest version! Get Reflexrun v1.0 now and increase your Reflex Race experience! -> http://phgp.tv/defrag/reflex-run/
  9. phgp_zEv

    Monsoon 1v1 map

    Going to add to all phgp servers now!
  10. phgp_zEv

    [0.34.2] The Ear Rape Bug

    haha I Lolled at the titled!
  11. phgp_zEv

    Materials Widget & Industrial Effects Widget

    The Power of Lua!
  12. phgp_zEv

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    "pressuring" words
  13. phgp_zEv

    Seconds on the clock

    I think Reflex is getting more attention to Time details than the engineers at Rolex!
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    Added to the PHGP Race/Movement Practice server server o/
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    IRC Channel?

  16. phgp_zEv


    ! Epic mate adding to all our race servers. Also adding the map to the phgp mapvault! - http://phgp.tv/defrag/maps/rr-efficia/
  17. phgp_zEv

    [race] kai-racetower

    Uploaded to the PHGP Defrag and Race server! also adding it to the phgp mapvault! - http://phgp.tv/defrag/maps/kai-racetower/
  18. phgp_zEv

    Zoom Script

    yeeha! Inception zoom! - http://phgp.tv/news/quartz-releases-reflex-zoom-script/
  19. phgp_zEv

    Grenade Timer

    We so are going to implement this! Well done and thanks KovaaK!
  20. phgp_zEv

    THC Cup #1

    Thanks zLive and thc! - http://phgp.tv/news/hal9000-takes-thc-1/
  21. phgp_zEv


    ! Will be adding this to the PHGP Defrag map section! -> www.phgp.tv/defrag/maps