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  1. Xytaglyph

    Reflex 1.2.0

    The poll was literally: Old Competitive? or New Reasonable Ruleset with genuine objectives? What do you think people will pick? Not to mention it took place before Sushi was created. And disregarding everything else I've mentioned: if 4 of the 6 top players aren't playing MM because of the ruleset and maps, then that's all it takes. We play the most and set the tone for the whole community, if we are always on friendly servers then why would other players be in MM with a community this small? I also don't understand why you are personally attacking me relating to the comments about Soh's gameplay. I had nor have any expectation of beating Soh, nor do I have hard feelings about losing to him. I have spent hundreds of hours playing with Soh and would never make a genuine claim for any sort of illegitimacy in his victories over me, aside from occasional post-game banter. Any individual who has marginal understanding of the game can watch the vods and see that Soh was intentionally playing as slow as possible versus every single player up until the finals, not only me, to prove that aggression was an entirely non-viable strategy and he accomplished that goal. Even the chat was commenting on how boring the games were when he was playing.
  2. Xytaglyph

    Reflex 1.2.0

    Even with turbo queue, what would be the point of playing ranked MM and just going against people far outside your rank? that complete defeats the purpose. The reason turbo doesn't work is because there aren't any people playing MM, not because turbo queue doesn't work. If you are the only person in queue, turbo queue can give you the widest skill band in the universe, but you still wont find a game. And if you legitimately think that that poll tells us anything about how the general populous feels about the ruleset, you are extremely unaware and out of touch with the community. If CR1 was good and people liked it, CR2 and Sushi wouldn't even exist, and we wouldn't have a Sushi discord server with almost 150 users in it. People wanted change, so they voted for a new ruleset. Not a big surprise. On paper, the ruleset sounds fine and the goals that Rama set out to achieve were genuine, but in reality/practice the changes caused the opposite effect and made the game worse and it only took Soh doing Soh things in a broadcasted tournament for people to realize that.
  3. Xytaglyph

    Reflex 1.2.0

    No one in NA plays matchmaking for reasons other than what you've stated here. MM duels are simply not as enjoyable as dueling in a normal server since you cannot chat with your opponent, cannot choose the map you want to play, are often forced to play maps that aren't particularly relevant, and (as of late) cannot chose to play any ruleset other than competitive which is a poor experience for the majority of players. NA has almost collectively made a choice to not play MM, and its of no fault of the devs, its the design of modern MM systems in general. And, back when turbo queuing was first introduced people complained about being put against people too far from their skill rating and so the devs changed the scaling, if I remember correctly. - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=799460767&searchtext=race+leaderboard The technical barriers to creating something like this are extensive, people have brought up this point many times, and the devs have addressed it before. - Rocket knockback works properly, just because it is different from other AFPS does not mean it is wrong or broken. The Spawn system works as intended in almost all cases, the only time that you spawn in your opponents face is if your opponent is moving very quickly or using teleporters. This is behavior is critical to the gameplay of Reflex. Spawn fragging has been part of the meta game for a long time, and there is no reason or method to change that. Considering the size of the maps in Reflex there are sometimes almost no locations in which the player can be spawned to avoid being spawnfragged, and even if the game could somehow determine what that location is, then the spawn system would become too predictable and spawn forcing would be an even more viable strategy.
  4. Xytaglyph

    Interest in an NA CTF Tournament?

    probably not random per se, but me and the other admins will probably seed the teams to make them as even as possible, or something to that effect but we will definitely try to minimize team stacking, the main objective is for everyone to have fun and close matches
  5. Is anyone interested in competing in an NA Reflex CTF Tournament? I'm very interested in putting one on but we I feel we need at least 4 teams of 4 people (16 total) committed to playing in it. I'm also planning to put some of my own money into a prize pool and accepting donations as well to further incentivize participation. I am HOPING to be able to put up about $100 USD and I know of one other person who is also willing to put in $100 USD, so the prize pool should have a fairly sizable boost right off the bat. I would like to limit the tournament to individuals who reside in NA (US, Canada, Mexico) to ensure all matches can be played without ping issues, but if it becomes apparent that we are very close to reaching the goal of 4 teams of 4, then I may decide to allow some. We can have people sign up individually and then try to set up the teams based on estimated skill to keep things interesting. I would prefer that we don't have too many good players on the same team with each other and so myself, hoyt, messik, etc. wont be playing on the same team to ensure that one team doesn't just steam roll everyone else. If you're interested in this, please leave a comment and reply to the poll. If I get enough responses/interest we will take the process further and actually try to figure out what dates work for people etc... TL;DR: NA CTF Tourney (maybe), need 16 people (preferably only NA), will be prize pool, teams or individuals okay, don't worry about skill Tenative Map Pool Idea: Monolith, Sky Temples, Spider Crossing, Camper Crossing, Future Crossing
  6. Xytaglyph

    Proving Grounds

    i definitely agree with you can changed this after some testing and playing around with some ideas. This spawn as depicted here no longer exists in the final version. Xy7 specific thread here:
  7. Xytaglyph

    [1v1] xy7 - Battery

    xy7 - Battery by: Xytaglyph with art & design help from: messik This is a 2 atrium 1 versus 1 map with a design philosophy similar to cpm3a or catalyst. The map is fairly standard with 1 Red Armor, 1 Mega Health, and 2 Yellow Armor. The defining feature of this map is the fact that there is no Bolt Rifle, while being a map where Ion Cannon is very strong. Thank you to all testers, specifically: bn, hoyt, metrical, kalameet, and soh And Thanks to Visitor for the XY7 logo And Promeus for some art/design ideas Screenshots:
  8. Xytaglyph

    Proving Grounds

    time to get to work gotta finish that art pass
  9. Xytaglyph

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    I spoke with Tehace before publishing the Clean version, and credited him on the workshop for it as the co-author. He also commented on the map thanking me for taking the time to make it. So i didnt just rip it
  10. This looks very good, Love most of the balance changes and I'm eager to try this setting for the Ion cannon. I'm inclined to think that it may be slightly too weak, but nevertheless stronger than the reflex league
  11. this has been addressed in many of the experimental_plus rulesets A lot of the rulesets increase the total dmg to 114 (increasing the dmg per pellet by 1) and a few of them have increased trace radius for the pellets, resulting in a more responsive feel
  12. Xytaglyph

    [0.48.0] Loss of rating after winning a duel

    No i can confirm for sure that it also happens when you play someone who is also ranked. I just won a game versus Jacob who was ranked gold, and I was platinum, but I lost rating and de-ranked down to gold
  13. I have not been able to determine a cause for this but it seems that sometimes, seemingly random, you will lose rank upon winning a game, and sometimes you will gain rating from losing a match. sadly I dont have any screenshots but I know that Truck mentioned the same thing happened to him as well as some other people.
  14. Xytaglyph

    Matchmaking Playlists & Map Pools

    I agree with truck, that perhaps the Clean version of Pocket Infinity be used since is has some seriously improved performance over the original and some consistency fixes with the geometry. I think Sanctum should be added to the 1v1 map pool Also Abandoned Shelter possibly added to the 1v1 map pool (current issues with it lacking ammo packs though) If possible, It'd be good for in competitive mode that there would be more than 3 potential map choices, im thinking on the order of 5 or so, if we are going to include maps that are generally not played at a high level such as 421, Ruin, and Simplicity (for EU).
  15. doesnt actually display chatlog at all if you press T or Y or whatever you have it bound to, it should bring up a display of the previous messages that have since disappeared and it does not currently