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  1. sane

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA]

    yes please move it, ill join too!!
  2. Hello Reflex friends and foes. Who in this lovely community is serious and can really make me a website (obviously we'll go over detail)! Need to know more than just geocities skills like myself. Looking to hire an amazing talent to help me out. Please help sane out!! SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE SANE ? Etc... Message me discord or reply! If you want money slide me a piece of paper across our meeting table with your figure written out. Thank you goodnight
  3. sane

    Thermal Blast

    stop putting grass in maps, shit is HORRIBLE
  4. sane

    Overlord and up CREW

  5. sane


    Take out the horrible maps like 421 and other junk and put this in the top map pool!! Great map! GO CKAP!
  6. Hello my name is Sane. Currently seeking a sponsorship. I will represent your brand to the fullest and get a massive following on social media and twitch. This will put your company name out there for extra popularity. I will only use your gear and brand. Let Sane be the man for you, I am highly trained and skilled in AFPS. Serious inquiries only.
  7. sane


    How much and can someone hook it up either one !!! Give me one!! I will PAY
  8. 7pm EST too late bubba, we gotta do earlier SAY, 5pm EST good?
  9. Del is always a beast that's forsure
  10. Team CMC $ Cash My Checks – Sponsored by Swiftnode.net (FASTEST SERVERS IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE) Looking to see if anyone is willing to form a ‘team’ or ‘partnership’ ‘consensual or not’ to go ahead and schedule some 2on2 games! Get this 2on2 thang STARTED. People start meeting your buddies, make some teams. SOON THERE WILL BE TDM TOURNAMENTS, rumor has it, right after the bunny cup NA 1v1 tourney. So lets GET IT. Lets start scheduling some 2on2 games, and ROTATE IT AROUND LETS FCKIN GOOOOR CMC $ SANE GUILT KING (4th?) SQUAD
  11. sane

    Looking for a HATCHET!!

    Someone have a hatchet?!?! I have some shiet in my inventory let me know what it would take! OR FREE? :DDD http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamsane/inventory/
  12. Also another problem IDK how easy this is etc but if you can PLEASE not let players join a currently LIVE game. if it's FFA etc people can join constantly thats fine, but if the game is live CTF/2v2/4v4 it needs to be locked and not allow spectators or new players who join server to be able to hop in mid game to play, I know you can say just use a password but people love to watch games and enjoy chattin to peeps while watching. so try to fix that as well please!! ONE MORE: set the time limit to 10min for 2v2??? I feel it is better instead of 20minutes, I feel like 20minutes should only be for 4v4 games. Just my thought
  13. So we have been 2on2ing a lot more lately and there is one issue that needs to be fixed, hopefully it's easy. Usually we have premade teams, soooooo when people F3 (readyup) once it goes live the teams randomly switch/shuffle right when it goes LIVE!. I am not sure why this happens but please DEVS fix this on the next patch! We love 2v2 and want it to work correctly!