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  1. frwny

    Server browser 2.0

    Beautiful mate
  2. frwny

    Reflex and CPMA Movement Physics

    This isn't an intentional design decision, it comes from a lack of understanding of the issue which was originally present in CPM. Additionally, in the current state of the movement system the player in the air can't escape a rocket bounce with simply A/D anyway (partly because rocket bounces are broken as fuck right now but that's besides the point). Making W/S consistent with A/D would not change anything at all in that situation. On the other hand being able to bunny hop sideways, for example, would add another level of mastery to the movement.
  3. frwny


    I feel like this is a really underrated post. This is easily the number 1 most frustrating thing about combat in Reflex at the moment.
  4. frwny

    Server browser 2.0

    Filter for password protection would be a nice feature
  5. frwny

    How can I improve my bolt rifle aim?

    P L A Y T H E G A M E L A Y T H E G A M E
  6. frwny

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Because CPMA is dead
  7. I always play on lowest anyway. Its like lights just come out of where the beam hits a player and fill your screen will screenshot sometime later d.maxfile.ro/hidigcfmjv.png Taken from a video but you get the point
  8. frwny

    Post your contact info, find duel buddies.

    Bumpin http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hybird45 Mid-ish? Willing to duel anyone. Prefer CPM but can play Reflex
  9. Played Reflex for the first time in a while a few days ago. What is the need to have so many particles for the LG? Well it's not like I want to see anything anyway I guess...
  10. frwny

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    For personal use, download link went down but I can re-upload if anyone wants
  11. frwny

    Rocket needs nerf and shotgun buff.

    gameplay posts frag vid aite
  12. frwny

    0.34.2 - Unmeltable steel beams

    Would it be possible to add the burst gun switching on empty thing as an option I didn't actually realise how much I liked it until it was removed haha x.x
  13. Oh I understand what you mean now, that makes a lot of sense
  14. Yeah I thought so, hence why I mentioned the stair clipping. Maybe someone who knows for sure can confirm? Either way I hope that this will be changed in the future