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  1. enVme

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Some Good looking Wood
  2. i definitely would want something like this, across the top, with armor overlayed ontop in a similar way
  3. enVme

    No damn servers showing up!

    im at a loss then, innitially what you said, ive experienced, but only when my firewall was blocking all access to the game, once whitelisted/added/ ect it works fine
  4. enVme

    No damn servers showing up!

    check firewall..
  5. enVme

    ATDM maps

    my friends been showing me a bunch of your maps, unfortunately the lack of nolighting and geometry optimizations make the maps rather unplayable at anything other then everything off... overall tho, i feel the maps deserve a little more "honor" to the originals, alot of them are so drasticly different, i dont recognize them at all... that said i know it might seem like rather harsh criticism, but im not a very proper person and dont know how to give "nice" criticism also i should mention, i know i have a rather low end setup, but i dont have many issues on other maps Intel Pentium G3450 Dual Core 8GB DDR3 1600 2GB GTX 750TI 256GB SSD
  6. enVme


    but wouldnt it be nice if you did have one?
  7. enVme

    IRC Channel?

    dont worry, i tried to search it too.... the server is QuakeNet (this is just as important as the channel name ppl) channel is #reflex
  8. enVme


    I beleive theres balancing in the works, in the meantime, i suggest either +dodge or +kill first
  9. enVme

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Not really a WIP, but a test of some of the textures, trying to fit together a appealing mix of things i also spent the last 20 minutes standing as far back as i could from that wall.... aprox 630 units....and shot nades into the center of the decal.... made me wish there was a nade basketball mod
  10. enVme

    Mode idea

    i dont know if alot of people would really go for just a melee setup... though im sure if you could convice ppl to play with just melee... that would work
  11. enVme


    Updated map on reflexfiles with the current build, sporting new jump pads, new location for Red Armor to kinda help with map flow.... let me know how it plays / what changes should be made Also updated the pictures in the main thread....
  12. enVme


    Looking for opinions on current build, trying to optimize item placement..... servers offline, updated map coming in 30 mins to a hour
  13. enVme


    Just curious, would anyone like perhaps to see a more, race inspired version? Also, mega here maybe?
  14. enVme


    possible new location.... still workin out the details
  15. enVme


    Ya I cant get shadowplay to work for some reason, I will just download fraps tomarrow and work on something, also updated reflexfiles with the latest release, fixed some clipping issues, and also fixed the included lightmap