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  1. lumiera

    sound issue with positional / scaling sounds

    I'm not sure how to check that
  2. lumiera

    sound issue with positional / scaling sounds

    slight update, and I'll post it in this guy's thread too hopefully it helps one of us: I tried switching to onboard sound. It worked! So I figured, my soundcard must be broken since this only started happening recently. I bought a new soundcard (http://www.soundblaster.com/products/sound-blaster-zx.aspx), and the problem still exists, but to a lesser degree (the falloff is extremely severe with my old ASUS card to where if I picked up an armor while bunnyhopping I simply wouldn't hear it - on this one it's just that the sounds are much quieter). I don't use any kind of virtualization software to my knowledge. I tried to turn off all the mixer / hq / etc settings in the Creative software. Any other ideas? Please help :c it makes it extremely difficult to play and if I can't fix it I'm probably just going to return this card and not play. Note: Probably related, but I don't know how it could help - it also happens in Doom, with the Zandronum client. But that issue is fixed when I set the volume to 1.0. When it's scaled at anything else, then the ratio of volumes gets distorted. This doesn't happen in Reflex, as all the ratios are kept the same and the weapons get really loud in comparison. Edit: I'm also on Windows 7. Hm...
  3. hi, I'm experiencing a problem as of a few updates ago (don't remember when but it's been at least several months, when I last stopped playing) every "world" sound (sounds that get scaled with position / distance) is nearly completely silent. all the "player" sounds (weapons, hitsounds) are at least five times as loud in comparison to the world sounds. if I pick up an armor and I turn around immediately, the sound gets clipped the second I turn around and I can barely hear it. don't get me started on hearing sounds across the map, it's basically impossible before you ask - tried default config and a fresh install. I don't believe it has anything to do with reflex (specifically, even though this is the only game that I experienced this in), which is why I'm not posting it in the bugs forum. the sounds themselves are fine - it has to do with the way the game's sound engine works with my current hardware(?) configuration. has anyone heard of this problem before or know where to start? my first thought was to maybe swap my soundcard but I don't want to buy another one just on a whim that it's defective. it's an asus xonar dg any help would be appreciated I would like to start playing again but this is incredibly frustrating - vods of what it sounds can be found on my stream twitch @ trankevin
  4. lumiera


    specs should be able to vote, but if they are AFK, they should be subtracted from the total being afk for 2 mins should put u in spec that about covers it imo
  5. lumiera

    help with death messages?

    hi, was looking to mess with my ChatLog.lua in order to style some of the death messages. having trouble figuring out what the syntax is though - deathKillMessages[DAMAGE_TYPE_SHELL] = "%s fragged %s (Shotgun)"; does that just mean the first %s is the fragger, and the second %s is the fragged? there's no way to edit it? most of the quakeworld ones were passive as opposed to active voice - not really a huge deal but I still get a small kick out of seeing "x was brutalized by y" edit: additionally, any plans to separate this from the chatlog?
  6. lumiera

    Execution vs Decision Making

    ​pretty insightful
  7. lumiera

    Time for NEW beginnings

    real answers from a real person Favorite Player: mewFavorite Play Style: halBest Player: sane (na), Idk enough about euWorst Player: ???Most Annoying To Play Against: saneBiggest Whiner: necroMost Friendly: meBest Rail: azkWho Do You Love?: mewboom
  8. lumiera

    0.35.0 - Polyamorous

    shaft change is amazing, reminds me of qw almost in the sense that the main balancing factor is probably ammo now since it's so strong still feel like rockets could use a small increase in splash, enemies are typically able to "take cover" in cubbies (ra on dp5, rl ga on cpm22, between RL and MH on dp4) far too safely - kind of requires the aggressive player to peek really dangerously. I've long since gotten over the fact that RL is not used for spam as opposed to direct combat, just wondering if that's the intent any idea on when the fix to walking up stairs re: shaft will go in? starting to use it more and more and noticing it quite often now other than that I'm completely happy with the update, to me this feels like the first patch where reflex is completely playable and fun, been playing quite a bit now these past couple days
  9. lumiera

    Reflex youtube VODs

    gls (I'm gls)
  10. lumiera

    Reflex youtube VODs

  11. lumiera

    Seconds on the clock

    force players to time using the position of r_sun & add sundial to every map
  12. hey, I wasn't sure where to put this - been asking in IRC pretty often with no response. who owns the us/central super turbo turkey puncher server ? I want to know the server provider so I can get my own. if it's TX it pings ~20 less than every other TX for me. also, update maps + put maps on there since I like playing there also, how do I get replays from this server. thanks
  13. lumiera

    Will the item timers stay?

    additionally, to support my point - items in quakeworld were much easier to time. armors and items had a 20 second respawn, and mega was 20 seconds after the carrier reached 100 hp this meant that even in the mid-high level duels I was playing, people often had items timed out to the exact second. the gameplay wasn't nearly as random and "suicide for items" as Reflex's current 1v1 mode is, because the weapons would punish you so heavily for being the slightest bit predictable. note that I am not saying - "this is how quakeworld did it, this is how it should be done!" - I'm pointing out a symptom and how quakeworld managed to address it
  14. lumiera

    Will the item timers stay?

    been meaning to post about the current state of duel gameplay for a while, as I haven't seen anyone bring up this point yet. quakeworld to me has always been a game where there is more or less an even balance between movement + aim + tactics (or strategy). the removal of timing items in Reflex gameplay, with the current state of weapons and maps - makes the gameplay sway very heavily toward aim and movement. weapons - the RL barely does any knockback, unless you happen to hit a pop-up rocket, in which case it's a death sentence and you bounce straight up. not a very reliable or fun weapon - who wants to have their battles entirely determined by who hits that rocket? intelligent players get punished for not leaving their gameplay up to chance, rewarding the "luckier" player + I wouldn't mind seeing a huge increase in knockback in both the shaft and RL (while fixing the knockup bug). this would make it possible to actually play defensively - currently, there is hardly any reward to predicting where an enemy is coming from and spamming - it's better to just bait them to coming out and then rail them instead of relying on the rockets which hardly ever control your movement unless you happen to hit that magic one. - the rail is good for area denial and can stop someone from pushing you / an item, however the game basically devolves down into who's hitting more rail shots for me. I would be surprised to find many duels between two high-skill players (as in, they both know how to play health and items intelligently) in which the player hitting higher rail % is also losing. + a change I'd like to see here is maybe experimenting with less knockback on rail. there are so many situations such as on cpm22 where someone just is capable of sitting on mega (when it's about to spawn) and completely prevents someone from grabbing it regardless of their stack. just because the rail can shut down entrances so hard. the rail gives the ability to prevent pushing, prevent peeking, and gives long-range significant damage to stacked players, it allows the down player to be aggressive, it allows the aggressive player to finish off kills... it does like fifty jobs at once because the other weapons are incapable of punishing it. this in combination with knowing the exact second an item spawns makes the gameplay really stale because the RL duels are decided in an incredibly random fashion, and the rail is just not exciting or fun to play around / play in. this isn't a fault of the timers inherently but the current balance (weapons and maps), timers favor +forward brainless play really heavily and it's definitely very frustrating to play if your aim is weaker than everyone else's. that is my biggest beef with the timers right now - my playstyle has completely devolved into a very +backrail heavy style because I simply can't overcome players who aim better than I do who show up to every item barging in. there's no positional advantage to speak of to "hold down" any areas so you aren't rewarded for showing up early, you're rewarded for flying in at 5000 lightspeed and hitting lucky rockets - alternatively, just rail away their advantage and then go flying in. since I do agree with the timers conceptually (they are newbie-friendly, timing is an arbitrary and silly skill, timing is not interesting to do or watch, reasons I've outlined in other threads etc.), I would really like to see the devs address the other balance concerns in the hopes that it makes duel gameplay more cerebral. maps - the current maps (thinking of cpm3 in particular) are definitely not designed with timers in mind. being able to hop in and out of teleports to swipe items is neat, but it completely makes the map stale to play on. this in addition to the rocket splash and grenade splash interaction being so silly with teleports (being bounced through one way teleports, not being able to go through them) makes the games boring as well the gameplay concerns from before timers were added are still present, and suddenly people who are short-sighted have found a "new thing to complain about" when the old problems still persist and just choose to blame it on the timers imo
  15. lumiera

    New North American Tournament