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  1. Qubit

    Spawning with Mega, RA, and Quad

    I'm making a map where I want everyone to spawn with RA, Mega, and Quad. Is there any way to do this? I actually don't even think spawning with 200-200 would be enough for what I want to do. Any way to edit a players base values for a map so they have like 400 health and 400 armor?
  2. Qubit

    Grenade Timer

    I made a .lua for this in widgets but it doesn't work. What else do I have to do? i dumb
  3. Qubit


    Oh, cool. People who make HUDs should include this in any widget they mess with so you can just plop in HUDs and not have to worry about all your console commands being correct in your game.cfg
  4. Qubit

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    I will never get tired of that song
  5. Qubit

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    How to outline the text so it shows up better? How to make the crosshair's fill color be the inversion of whatever color is behind it? Doubt it's possible.
  6. Qubit

    0.32.1 - Explosion proof walls

    Game now flickers quite a lot. Loading it and joining servers. It's not too bad just wondering if you did anything that might have caused that.
  7. Qubit

    CVAR Requests

    Why would you want them to be hitscan at close range? Sounds unnecessary and imo confusing.
  8. Qubit

    Ways to just dm?

    Had good luck last night by joining a server with around 5 people and voting for FFA. For once everyone seemed pretty in to the idea. Once FFA and TDM started the server continued to fill up. At one point there were probably 10 people on FFA. Most fun I've had in this game since installing it. PS: Spawns on most maps are messed up when the player amount is too high. Tele-fragging and spawning inside team mates is pretty common.
  9. Qubit

    Ways to just dm?

    I love this game but the only thing that's really popular right now is 1v1. FFA is never on because it's bad apparently and 2v2ing is very rare. Is the community not big enough for just pure dm servers? It could grow much quicker if there were more casual servers for players to get familiar with the game.