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  1. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Thanks a bunch, Stalast. I think that's a great idea. And as far as the commenting is concerned, I hope to do more in the future! I like the idea that you only go through the Garbage Cup once, and that after you should at least be good enough to compete in the other tourney, the Compost Cup. I was thinking, a good way to rank people and to get a feel for who should be invited to the Garbage Cup, would be to run a series of a1v1 4v4 matches with each person who signed up. Certain players would be hand picked from there to compete in Garbage, the rest would be seeded into the pool for Compost. On top of that, I'd like to try out a Swiss Round Robin style for the next tourney. I think we'll get a lot more close maps that way, and it may not last over a month I was talking to Gil one day and we were saying how it would be nice to be able to knock out a large portion of the tourney in a few weekends, which I think is essential for the continuity of this tourney. It's hard to commit to 5 or 6 weeks, as we've seen, so lowering the amount of time needed for participation would be something to look at. I also will be purchasing a few servers in the near future: 2 EU and 2 US. I may also get an AU server (if there's a strong enough push for it). I was also considering something like an entry fee that would go in to a prize pool. When you join up for the a1v1 seed event you are asked to donate $1-5 USD to the cup. That money is broken down into 3 separate pools and given away as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for the Compost Cup. I'm not sure how this would go, and the last thing I want to do is push newbies away because they don't want to pay an entry fee for a tourney they might not even get to play in, so maybe there is a better option, like just opening up a Kickstarter or something for people who want to donate to donate to. I am also going to try to get some sponsorship from outside retailers. If anyone has any connections or ideas about that, please let me know. Also, I plan to advertise this tourney on ESR and well as Reddit. Is there anywhere else I should consider advertising? Thanks guys. You're all extremely helpful, and I appreciate your time!
  2. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Great job to all participants! This tourney was a ton of fun, and I can't wait for the next time we meet on the field of battle! @mk_ I want to hold off for about a month while I do some advertising and whatnot. I will be making a new topic once I find some free time to do so, but for now, if anyone has any suggestions for the future of the Garbage Cup, Compost Cup, or any other thing pertaining to these tournaments, please feel free to place them in this thread. I'm willing to entertain all ideas, so don't be shy!
  3. Reflex Garbage Cup

    This is generally the way things go in a tournament. If you have an issue with this I suppose we can change it, but I don't really see the harm in allowing the loser's bracket a shot to win the tourney. We did do a round robin, so I'm willing to change this, but in a closer competition, especially one with more people, the finals are in place to give the highest ranking individual in the loser's bracket the opportunity to claim victory over the entire competition. Of course, they have to win 2 sets, but it's happened many times in the past. Whether or not it's right for this particular instance of the garbage cup is up for debate, and I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this, but I do plan to leave the finals in future garbage cups. If the winner of the losers bracket chooses to forfeit, the winner will be crowned then.
  4. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Matches will be partiall streamed @ www.twitch.tv/phgp:tv Sabre901 has been wonderful enough to record all matches and release a VOD. All hail the Garbage Cup!
  5. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Thanks again, zEv, appreciate you answering our inquiry All players please meet up in the #garbage channel on QuakeNet IRC The tournament will begin 2 hours from this post. See you there!
  6. Reflex Garbage Cup

    I sent them a message, but not really sure if they'll respond or not. Unfortunately I didn't wake up earlier or we maybe would have had a better shot I am gonna assume that your time is correct. I'm going to make an event on Steam to inform everyone that the cup begins in an hour, so just use that as a guide on when the tourney is starting! This is the final week of Round Robin! I'm super stoked, this has been a great amount of fun for me, and I can certainly feel myself improving with each passing week. Thanks for making this happen, everyone, and see you on he battlefield!
  7. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Sorry about that, I totally forgot the griff had battled against ncla. I have corrected all ncla matches to 0-0 ties.
  8. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Actually since the players have been dropped, and since the matches they were in are considered ties and not wins or losses, the score should be correct. Please let me know if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've set it up to correctly display number of wins.
  9. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Just going to post this here to bump the thread: This coming weekend we'll be finishing up the last of the matches, which means that the weekend after that we'll start with the Loser's Bracket and potentially get to the Winner's bracket, depending on how our time's looking. We may not have a streamer this weekend, so if anyone would like to fill in for Gilanguar, please send me a PM or let me know. We normally start @ 4pm CST, 9pm UK. Great job to all competitors. We're getting there! Soon the Lord of the Landfill will be crowned, and all shall bow to his garbage-ness!
  10. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Haha xD you should add in me saying I want to fight you in real life right at the end x3 Very nice video! Glad I could be part of it! For anyone looking to watch the matches from last week, here's a link to ArenaFPS's video:
  11. Reflex Garbage Cup

    As long as they're not playing the same person twice, that is by design. As you can see, I have made sure that the people who play twice are playing one after the other, so that people can get in, get their matches, and get out. If I didn't have someone playing more than once every week we would be here for like 14 weeks
  12. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Sorry about that. It's been a busy week! Here's the updated list. Hope to see everyone out there today! Here are the servers we'll be using: US UK In matches between players in differing countries we'll be switching for the second/third match between those servers, so everyone has a fair chance at a decent ping.
  13. Reflex Garbage Cup

    It only took me two weeks Thanks for pointing that out. I'll rework the brackets as soon as I'm able. It's a little confusing trying to make sure everyone has a match every week, and I must have written something incorrectly. Stay tuned for updated list
  14. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Yes, all finals will be single elim.
  15. Reflex Garbage Cup

    Here is the bracket for the remaining weeks of the Round Robin section of the tourney: Week 7 Loser's Bracket Lowest Ranked 4 will play Bo3, winners from those will play Bo5 Gains title "Treasurer of Trash" Week 8 Winner's Bracket Top Ranked 4 will play Bo3, winners from those will play Bo5 Gains title "Compost Commander" Week 9 Finals Winner from Winner's and Loser's bracket face off in a Bo5 for the title "Heap Heathen" FFA = Final Redemption All players receive 1 point per kill. This affects final rank. (Not really, since the bracket is already finished. But it'll be fun, I think!) Overall winner receives title "Lord of the Landfill"