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  1. Yea, I was thinking of something along the lines of the greeble plugin for 3ds max and a bunch of other 3d software. Heres a sample plugin of what I mean. I noticed something like that too. Im not sure if its only with certain entities (I broke the raked sand), but they dissapeared in-game. Upon further inspection, they where all set to scale 0. In the randomizer, I did not specify that scale, so Im not sure whats up. Maybe it was a silly mistake on my end. Everything else worked out awesome! Check out these fat/skinny snowmen and the destruction they left
  2. Awesome stuff. Athough I probably don't have a reason to use it yet, Im going to try and see what kinda weird things I can create with it. I would love to see more cool little tricks like this with .map files and lua for the map editor. Im not sure if you're familiar with the SketchUp plugins community, but some of the tools they create are absolutely must-haves for a serious user. I know there is much left in terms of priority for the game at the moment, but as it stands, there is already a ton of cool stuff for the reflex map editor, like the radiant to reflex converter, several UI improvements to the map editor, all made by users. Out of curiosity, what sort of limitations are there when creating scripts like this? Although yours is pretty self-explanitory and straightforward, Im wondering if more complex tools like yours can be created. One idea would be to take a wall (select it like you did in your tool), take the geometry information and subdivide it into x-amount of smaller rectangles, and create a random depth for each one. The newly created blocks would replace the old wall in the .map file. This seems possible to me, but I'd love to know why it's not possible or too time-consuming. Also, would your randomizer work with prefabs? I'm guessing that the scale wouldnt work, but rotation and xyz positions?
  3. MrOllie

    thcdm13 - Simplicity

    Having played on it a few times, I have to say that it is easily one of the best looking maps in reflex. The minimalism was executed flawlessly in all aspects, from the continuous lines that flow throughout the architecture, to the item/ teleporter labels. Color scheme is very nice to look at and doesn't distract much from the action, in some aspects it even helps gameplay, as some shots are easier to line up due to the visual cues you've added.10/10, thanks for making this map
  4. MrOllie

    sickdm1 - Calculated

    Really fun map, deserves to be played more in the future. One difference I noticed in this version is the RA platform. It seems like you got rid of the little pole in the middle of the spinning thing and I kinda liked it lol. Good luck in the comp!
  5. MrOllie

    Modern Map Remakes Thread

    I made Halo 2's Lockout in Reflex a long while back, so its not as cool visually as it could be, but it plays pretty well. Original thread
  6. MrOllie

    Ollie Freestyle V2 - Construction Yard

    Thanks for the replies. I feel its my fault I don't promote it in a better way, but I don't know how to record demos and get flycams working. I have experience with it in q3mme/wolfcam, so its just a matter of learning and creating a dope video. Ive done some crazy jumps already and have a 4x vertical rocket jump in the works that will surely look cool when filmed. If anyone is interested in playing online sometime on this map or want to submit jumps for the video you can add me on steam: mrollie16. ​This. I throw some music on, and try to do the longest runs possible without stopping. Try starting at level 6 and going all the way down in the longest possible run. You can also play a variation of H-O-R-S-E, called JUMPS, whichs plays in a similar way with another person. An issue I have is that there is no savestates/recall. This makes it harder to retry tricks. So far I've just been playing in editor mode to fly back to the starting point. An idea I had is only having 1 spawn point and using /kill to "recall" to that position. Obviously its not perfect as it doesnt save your viewangles, but it can work pretty well. If anyone has any ideas on how to incorporate a race map into this freestyle map, please list them, I cant seem to think of anything other than going from point a to point b. Checkpoints in race would be awesome. Team ATDM is fun on this map too, although its pretty weird playing in such a vertical open environment.
  7. MrOllie

    Mesh wishlist

    Anything with parametric modeling would be extremely useful, whether it be setting seperate x,y,z lengths in order to not have distorted objects or the like would be nice to have.
  8. Hey everyone, this is version 2 of my freestyle tricking map, Ollie Freestyle - Construction Yard. This version is much much bigger and better than the original I released back in March (original thread here). So much so that I think it deserves a new thread. This map is designed for practicing movement, showcasing movement skills, or whatever the player can envision. This time around I did not have time to create a video, but I plan on making one whenever I have time to learn how to use the replay editor. Enjoy and feel free to add to your race servers. Screenshots: Download Link ​Video Link of old version
  9. No download link? I can't seem to find it
  10. MrOllie

    Lightmap bug

    Do you mean the weird shadows on the rocks, or the invalid lightmap notification? To make the lightmap save, you need to save the map after you finish editing, reload the map, then do r_lm_build without editing anything (at least that works for me). Building the lightmap during an editing session seems to not save it for me, although im not sure if thats been fixed in a recent update.
  11. MrOllie

    Video tutorial: How to use Prefabs

    Thanks man, I knew the basics on how this worked but didn't know about the pre-fabs within pre-fabs. Super useful stuff.
  12. MrOllie

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    0.36 / 0.37 hype! Can't wait for these, especially the editor updates and C T F
  13. MrOllie

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Because of the map editor and 1080p-ness graphics. No other reason.
  14. MrOllie


    Awesome little map, super fun to play on with 4 people in FFA. The amount of detail is borderline insane, I think thats the first time I've had to bust out me_snapdistance 1 . Movement on this map is also really fun, people flying overhead allows for some interesting scenarios. Item timers just adds to the chaos, as everyone is in the same room to pick up the items (or at least a couple seconds away). Finally, its very well made aesthetically and seems to fit the style the devs intended. Cant wait to see more like this and any future work on this map.
  15. MrOllie

    Race map editing and design guidelines

    Great guide, I've committed many of the mistakes you've listed with my race maps (single route, crazy hard rj sections). I have a much better understanding now seeing some of the phgp RRcup maps and reading your guide. My next race maps should be much different.