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  1. cerno

    new team looking for VIABLE players

    If you need a resident HPB I can play on cali servers at 145ms.
  2. Beautiful map, love the new assets (very reminiscent of q3w7).
  3. cerno

    2016-05-30/31 | GameTribe Reflex Duel Cup #2

    Uh oh, could be another one of those tournaments.
  4. cerno

    What happened to the Quake 3 Announcer guy?

    TP isn't too keen on imitating Quake, especially with regards to the game's aesthetic. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't bother asking Xian to do any announcements, and personally I think it's a little silly that people are putting so much emphasis on what the announcer sounds like.
  5. cerno

    0.39.1 Point Release

  6. Looks like this tournament host isn't a complete psychopath. Good stuff, I'll be tuning in!
  7. C O F E O F E Thanks for the update guys, I'll look forward to playing with the new assets. Onwards and upwards.
  8. Thump4 you are seriously out of touch if you think that forcing players to stream competitive matches is a good idea, let alone an effective means of 'cheat' protection. Things are bad enough with the map pool you've chosen - you don't seem to be aware of just how unplayable those maps are. I urge you to postpone the tournament and find someone capable of organising it properly. You're throwing away money here.
  9. cerno

    Execution vs Decision Making

    The importance of imperfect item knowledge is being overemphasised by many people who argue for it. The strategies around imperfect knowledge are interesting but they do not make the game. I personally like some of the trickery that comes with imperfect timing knowledge, but coming from both QL and CPM I don't think the game is by any means broken with perfect knowledge. It makes the higher level of the game a great deal more accessible (and possibly more entertaining) while sacrificing a minor aspect of the game. I don't think you should attach yourself too closely to timing-knowledge based strategies - they are good but they are just one part of the game. Baiting and faking routes by either the ooc or ic player happens just as much in Reflex with perfect knowledge. I haven't played enough duels to decisively say yet but I don't find the game particularly lacking with the timers, compared to QL or QW. It certainly doesn't ruin the game. There is also the fact that in high level play of games with imperfect knowledge both players will be as aware as they possibly can of the item times. On relatively small maps (which are common in QW and CPM, and to a lesser extent QL) it is quite easy to know the times of both major items, at least within a 2-5 second margin. When a player is unaware of the time they are less likely to take risks by showing up to a major item fight. When they are aware of the item time, they are more likely to take the risk. Does this make the game more or less interesting/exciting? Can you answer that question without making a value judgement? While there is a substantial and convincing argument for not having HUD item timers, the actual effect that they have on the game is by no means ruinous, and there are many grey areas with regards to what is actually good or bad about having them/not having them. Also I suspect that many people criticising Reflex are comparing it to their knowledge of Q3/QL/Q4. In those games the movement system, map designs and weapons are so different that having/not having item timers will have a substantially different effect on the gameplay than if this were added to QW or CPM (which are closer to Reflex gameplay). People are just not aware of the preconceptions that they hold when they argue for or against certain things in the game.
  10. cerno

    Australian Reflex :D!

    This we are already aware of
  11. cerno


    I lol'd well done
  12. cerno

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    Newborn please make the title of this update 'COFE' Ta mate