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  1. biomatter

    [0.42.0] Ion Cannon sound location bug

    I saw those threads - I wanted to make sure I wasn't stating the obvious - but they deal with something slightly different, the quality of the sound. I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that the sound isn't even in the right place. Thank you for connecting those, though!
  2. biomatter

    [0.42.0] Ion Cannon sound location bug

    TL;DR: The sound of the ion cannon starts at the player, but then the 'continuation' sound moves to some archaic location on the map (probably 0,0,0). I was complaining to a friend about how I could never hear his ion burning me when I decided to test it. I had him just shoot his ion at a wall, and I noticed the sound wasn't being generated at him. At first we thought it was a problem on my end and I wiped a bunch of files and did a verify-integrity check, but the problem persisted. Then I tested it on him, and we found out it applied both of us. To clarify, when you start shooting the ion, the sound will begin at the player, but about 1/4 ~ 1/2 of a second in the sound will instantly move to an arbitrary point on the map, and the player will be completely silent (from a 3rd party's point of view). Conveniently, a random joined the server while we were testing, and I tried it on him - I told him to stand in the corner and come find me based on the sound of my ion cannon. He went straight to the center of the map even though I was in a far corner. We tested this on three maps - Ruins, Simplicity, and Pocket Infinity, and each of them had some strange point the sound generated from inside the map. That's about it. Please let me know if there is anything I should try or be aware of.
  3. biomatter

    Reflex 0.42.0 - Blaze it

    based devs
  4. biomatter

    Sound pack (hit sounds, item announcer etc.)

    It would be nice if you would tell us more about these sounds. Did you get them from another game? Did you make them yourself? I think a quick video demoing the pack would be much appreciated!
  5. biomatter

    Fat Boi Ion Cannon Final

    Yeah. This looks great, but Google Drive is telling me I need to request permission with my email account. I like you, but I don't know if I like like you Can you move the download somewhere else or take off the restriction?
  6. biomatter

    Rocket Lag Nullifier (ui_placebo 1)

    Whoa! Whoa. This looks really cool. I live in a geographically remote location and am lucky to get less than 130 ping. 90~100 is awesome. I just jumped on a server to test it and it worked like a charm. Can't wait to try it out in duels tomorrow! (Unrelated question: do I need to lead my bolts and ion because of lag? I assume the answer is yes, but I'm not really sure, everything happens so fast)
  7. biomatter

    Anyone else feel like the bloom effect is overdone?

    There's a command to change bloom, I believe. It's like, r_bloom # or something. I agree that the default is too bright, but there's a nice middle ground to be found somewhere.
  8. biomatter

    There need to be major weapon balancing changes

    Patently not true. If you bring supporting evidence, I will too.
  9. biomatter

    Mode idea

    Although this is a bad idea for a mode, I am wondering if its possible to put in serverside commands to restrict weapons. I just got done racing with a few friends and I couldn't get one of the chumps to stop using the rocket launcher >_>
  10. biomatter

    Weapon switch cross hair colour change

    Railgun reload timer is also 1.5 now, I believe. Easy fix )
  11. biomatter

    Any plans for movement changes?

    Pardon me - newb here - what are stair and wall clipping? I know what stairjumping is, so I think I understand it in that context, but...
  12. biomatter

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Each bar represents your ability to tank one direct rocket (100 dmg). No bars means you can't survive a single hit, the max (3 bars) would require 200 life + 200 armor.
  13. biomatter

    An Alternative Approach to Items (Time=Power)

    I'm with FDA - this isn't 'removing complexity', this is adding more. You say this is an effort to stop people from gaming the timers, but I can guarantee you that is exactly what will happens anyways, you've just made it even harder for newbs. They'll be running around grabbing items only to wonder why they seem to get less out of it than their opponent. They will be lost and confused, screaming 'Why, why?!' and they will all turn to you, LotBlind, and fill with anguish. You will hear faint whispers when you lie in bed at night as you feably attempt to sleep, but their despair will seep into you. You will come to regret everything. (Also, TC = Topic Creator. It's an older acronym that's been largely replaced by 'OP' [Original Poster], but I prefer TC because OP means over-powered in my heart.)
  14. biomatter

    An Alternative Approach to Items (Time=Power)

    Can you explain why you think this is a good thing and enhances gameplay, TC? It's a fun concept that can be tweaked a lot of ways, but I'm having trouble convincing myself it's a good change. To me it only sounds needlessly complex.
  15. Just out of curiosity - are the damage indicators going to be around forever? Maybe there is some discussion on this farther back in the forums, but I'm curious what people make of it.