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  1. Daan

    What do you want for race mode?

    A lof of good suggestions are listed here. For race I'd most like: 1. Fix getting stuck in walls 2. More map editor features 3. Official leaderboards or at least the ability to save times before round end 4. More triggers
  2. I wrote a steam guide on how to publish a map without a lightmap, bypassing the in-game publish restrictions. Here's a link to it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892726203
  3. Daan

    Definitive race / defrag map list

    I've uploaded all the maps that are currently running on my defrag server. Can't guarantee that they are all the latest version, they are all the latest versions that I am aware of. These are all the defrag maps I could find on www.reflexfiles.com, www.phgp.tv and these forums. https://github.com/ziel980/reflexfps-dnl/tree/master/defrag maps So like my signature says, let me know if there are any maps missing or outdated and I will gladly add them! Edit: right click -> save as to download a zip with all maps in the repository
  4. Daan

    Post your Reflexrun VODs / times

    I have an nvidia card, might have to try that out then. I've heard that it doesn't really affect performance very much (and tbh reflex runs like butter even on this laptop). Still would like to get replays working as well though
  5. Daan

    Reflexrun Defrag / Race performance HUD

    This is one of the more obvious differences between quake 3 physics and reflex physics imo. In quake 3 there was indeed some kind of bug which let you skip through corners (corner skimming). I think it was something like if you would have been on the other side of the corner the next frame if the corner wasn't there, then you would 'teleport' there instead of getting stuck on the corner. So the faster you went, the more of a corner you could skip. I agree that especially this difference makes the jump to ra on aerowalk a lot harder than in cpm or even vq3 if you try to do it in 2 jumps.
  6. Daan

    New player impressions

    I thought the whole point of quake style weapon systems was to have a set of very specialized weapons. Instead of each weapon being good in a lot of (every) situations. Imo it wouldn't be fun if the most efficient way to play was to just always use the same weapon. For me at least knowing when to use which weapon is part of the skill required to improve at the game. Of course you can develop preferences and a personal style in weapon choice, but I think it would be silly if in theory 2 equally skilled players can use any weapon in any situation and always tie (which is of course the other extreme, in reality of course a shotgun would lose long range from a rail regardless of how equal the weapons are)
  7. Daan

    Post your Reflexrun VODs / times

    How are you guys getting the replays? Are you just constantly recording or do you actually use the replay system? If I start a local game (using map) of course no replays get recorded. Do I need to run a local dedicated server? Also my defrag server doesn't seem to be recording anything. Does it not record during warmup? Or when do replays get saved? Using cl_replaymarker also doesn't give any kind of console message that a marker has been placed (I've seen these on other servers), further confirming that it isn't recording anything. Both my local configs and my server config have sv_autorecord 1. I'm asking because I would quite like to contribute some replays, but currently the laptop I'm using definitely won't be able to record while I'm playing. Edit: also is there any kind of convention on health/armor and weapon use? In most of these vods posted here people seem to have infinite health/armor, which is quite different than doing it with just the amount that you spawn with in non arena warmup for example. But for now it is definitely really annoying to have to kill yourself manually if you don't use infinite health and armor. I would say that before there is an official mode, just use infinite health/armor and ammo (after you picked up the gun).
  8. Daan

    bdm3x - a revision by Xytaglyph

    I've seen people play on this, but still have to try it out myself. I also thought bdm 3 was one of the weakest maps people played, your revision definitely looks more exciting!
  9. If that happens that would be insane!
  10. Cool ideas man. I definitely like your idea of putting the pickup icons on there for mh/ra/ya/carnage and maybe greying them out when they are picked up or something. Of course it will be toggleable whether or not it shows pickups. I'm not too sure I like going too crazy with the dots for now, but adding these later as options can't hurt I guess. I will try implementing your icon idea and see if it impacts performance at all to constantly have them change position, like it does when my item timer animates icons. It would probably also look good to grey out dots of players who just died until they respawn. I will try to implement this as well.
  11. Daan

    [HELP] I broke my game D: !

    My guess is you did something like 'nvgFillColor = color' instead of 'nvgFillColor(color)', thus overwriting the nvgFillColor function with a variable, causing everything to malfunction. I made this mistake once with nvgFillColor, destroying the ui. The ui came back though after doing ui_reset. My guess is that you accidently overwrote a very important function while derping around with the ui, causing reflex to not even launch anymore. Are you sure that you completely uninstalled reflex when reinstalling it? Make sure there is nothing left in there, my guess is that when uninstalling it keeps the lua files which you put there (the ones with the mistake) because they didn't belong to the game but to you. So when you reinstall, it tries again to load the bad lua file. If there is nothing left in the steamapps folder resembling reflex then it should work again after reinstalling.
  12. I think varying the dot sizes is probably one of the better ways to do it. Using a minimum and a maximum dot size at set minimum / maximum heights that you can change. I might try this out to see if it looks good. Another option that I think is viable is to only show whether someone is above or below you, not by how much.
  13. Hello, All the functions relating to the newly added color picker are set to local. I had to manually remove the local keyword from reflexcore to be able to use it. So from local function uiColorPicker(x, y, color, state) to function uiColorPicker(x, y, color, state) and the same for all the other color picker related functions.
  14. Daan

    0.33.5 - 27th April, 2015

    The color picker does seem to work, but for now you have to manually edit your reflexcore first in order to be able to use it. Because all the functions in reflexcore relating to the color picker are local functions, so widgets can't access them. edit: it seems to work really well, kudos to bonuspunkt! For anyone else: you will probably want uiColorPicker
  15. Daan

    0.33.5 - 27th April, 2015

    I see. From the way it was worded "color picker control" I assumed that it was a ui element to easily pick colors in menus, instead of having to supply 4 different values. edit: actually there are also some ui elements down there it seems (I had entirely missed that section somehow). So maybe it is there, I will poke around a bit.