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  1. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    Finally g100s makes an appearance!
  2. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    ​You're looking a bit malnourished, don't skip your vitamins!
  3. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    So many tiny keyboards out there
  4. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    ​That's a sunny day with my panorama windows unblocked >_< Cloudier today.. I'll give it another go next time the sun is at a better angle
  5. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    ​Some time in the far far far future I might get a fancier phone with a camera that can handle greater contrasts Just rechecked the picture and yeah it's really hard to tell what they are and that I used a flat red cable instead of the original one at the just adds to the confusion :S
  6. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    I still find it cool I counted 2x Beyerdynamics DT-990 What I used to use before my Fidelio X2.. Great set of cans
  7. Holi

    0.36.4 Point Release

    ​Smilectf1 confirmed?
  8. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    I count myself solo on pretty much all the gear in my picture so long AOC 144Hz uses the same tn panel as the Asus one though Not a single Logitech mouse yet? I know there's some G100s love out there somewhere even though I'm on the G302 these days (Most uncomfortable mouse shape I've ever used for any stretch of time.. Can't recommend)
  9. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    Yeah... Let's do a Reflex tribute in the pictures please I thought my obvious pandering was obvious enough but obviously not Omg Gangland your phone takes almost as bad pictures as mine does... But clean setup and I do think that's a pair of ath-m50x's hanging on your monitor right there so I highly approve Also that left handed setup is insane! Much respect from my corner of the globe sinistral Also what's up with that logo placement? :S Fancy gear in your photo DraQu I'd never have enough time to keep up with dual monitors + laptop at the same time
  10. Holi

    Post your Battlestation!

    ​Truer words never spoken
  11. Here's where I do most of my fraggin, I've shown you mine so now it's time for you to show me yours! *EDIT* The Case is a Fractal Design Define S (Since it's obscured by the table it's a bit hard to see that) and here's a link to my 3dmark firestrike 1.1 score Lots of points woohooo!
  12. Holi

    So, i started streaming

    I saw you forcing draQu jump onto your nades and jumping into your bolt shots for 2 games in a row.. I'd say draQu had the harder job those games.. Couldn't been easy at all
  13. Holi

    [0.36.3] Mouse Input Issues

    Yeah this isn't the same as the old issues I'm having... Over 300fps mouse feels better that's for sure but it's still not as good as it should be. Really happy about you looking into it again for 0.37 hopefully it'll fix it for me
  14. Holi

    Meowgli's killfeed widget OLD

    This is epic.. I was never able to tell if I died or not before this came around!
  15. Holi

    [suggestion] Server Front Page

    Yeah I've been playing a lot of Natural Selection 2 lately and lots of servers do that in that game and it's really annoying me as well :S Not a fan at all