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  1. CrematoR

    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    What's the point in being able to use external files which are being used instead of internal ones if going by your logic they are supposed to be exactly the same?
  2. CrematoR

    Pada's competitive visuals/sounds pack

    Technically you're not 'altering' any gamefiles. You're creating a new file or entire folder tree that's being used instead of original one which .pak files contain. Did you ever wonder why such functionality is even in place?
  3. CrematoR

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    It's because you're the one who is misunderstanding what 'skill' and 'timing' are. Skill is basically every little bit of abilities you have which allows you to gain edge over your opponent and i would argue that being aware simultaneously of many different elements that are available on the map is very important skill to be had. Timing is not as trivial as adding/subtracting numbers as many people trying to present it. Just because you can't do something due to your inabilities or shortcomings doesn't mean that it should be granted for everyone by default. Some other people who are very good at timing but being poor aimers could argue they want aim assistance tools to be introduced into the game to equalize the chances. That's just stupid. Sure, getting rid of obvious advantage in competitive game makes a lot of sense. It's pretty obvious that even people who don't like the idea will still use it to not handicap themselves in game and i don't see anything wrong with it. I agree to an extend, but you need to remember that throughout all arena fps history there is certain model of duel that was developed and well accepted by many players. I think that dumbing one of the most important factors in duel and turning it into habit of glancing at your timers every few seconds is way too much. I'm not saying you should stick to 'standard duel model' just because it was always this way, but i feel at this point you need to think of other ways to make duel more complex by adding some other elements that matter during the match. Then again that would make massive changes to the way game is played. I get this weird feeling that devs don't have very clear picture of how gameplay should really look like. It all began with ripping cpma gameplay with many elements missing, which is understandable if their main concern was engine itself and after that you get some random changes like nerfing movement and introducing different mh timer which is weird decision if you're going to see now all the timers on hud. It feels like gameplay direction is not really clear and this is what i'm the most worried about.
  4. CrematoR

    0.32.1 - Explosion proof walls

    Frankly, all the movement changes don't feel good to me. Aircontrol with +A+D got nerfed to the point i don't have much control over my movement(you lose speed very drasticly if you turn too much) which is massive especially during fights and some trickjumping. I'm assuming devs are trying to somehow limit highspeed rushing but i don't like the way it's executed.