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  1. Sebben

    mcedm1 - Relativity

    Thanks for the feebback! Good to know that the lightbleed on the map isnt entirely my fault, Im sure there is something I can do to clean it up, atleast a little bit. The potential for having multiple gravity sources is a large part of what inspired me to build this map in particular. It is my hope that by bringing these thoughts to the table while the game is still early in the dev cycle, that it might influence the implementation of a game mechanic of that sort. I guess first is to find out if this is even a possibilitly with this engine, and second is figuring out the best way to implement the mechanic. i.e. gravity mats, added fuctionality w/ tele or jump pad, or even something like a portal gun(. Finally for me this map(mce) would require a major rework to support balanced play for each possible orientation. As it stands now, I consider the the current state of the map to be more proof of concept than fuctionaly complete. Aside from having multiple grav sources I would also like to have the ability to create map based around spherical gravity. Whether its something like a very small planetiod or something with inverted spherical grav like a scifi habitat ring (dont say halo... as we all know thats just a lie in the form of a skybox). For a little more imagery think l of those motorcycle cages at the circus.
  2. Sebben

    mcedm1 - Relativity

    Based on MC Escher's Relativity. Created by Sebben Items, textures, lighting, and hosting by BananaBreadman Still testing item placement and tele alignment, any feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my first completed map, as such I am struggling to produce an appealing and glitch-free lightmap. If anyone with more experience than myself can take a look and explain what I did wrong or perhaps direct me to the proper protocol for building an efficient lightmap, that would also be appreciated. Can be found here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/190 or on Bread's server: http://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561198190663828/