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  1. Gilanguar

    What company is willing to sponsor me

    ArenaFPS the home of Arena FPS is currently not looking for players our roster is currently full.
  2. 20cm - 40cm is fairly standard in Arena FPS games, although you get extremes on both ends. Here's some Reflex players cm/360 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZIwA9K7OCVUcZ4id7wb0UPpo_iJWghO55BU1H3ERCrg/edit#gid=1053392502 Also we did a video a few months ago explaining the bare bones of an Arena FPS duel game is. Hopefully it's in a short enough format that it's not too boring: But specifics between CS and Reflex besides positioning being important in both there isn't a great deal of overlap.
  3. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1enlAEY38b-L6GD9jOyPMCn60U9EVUUhV3UGyqCU0rGg/viewform?usp=send_form
  4. Gilanguar

    some ideas for ctf improvement

    ​CTF Pole Vault!
  5. Gilanguar

    some ideas for ctf improvement

    I always thought the runes were interesting, not perfectly balanced in implementation but they had merit. Weapons specifically for CTF might be necessary, although a gun that slowed enemies might be interesting in duel too.
  6. What do people think of the new UT spawn feature in duel where you can pick one of two spawns selected from the available spawns.
  7. Gilanguar

    Competitive Duel Map Contest

    From the home of Arena FPS, gil-dm1. Forum link: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3143-gil-dm1-so-hot-right-now-gil-dm1/ Reflex files link: http://reflexfiles.com/file/459
  8. So after the mapping section we did for the birthday bash event it whet my whistle to give mapping a go myself and this is the result. After an extraordinary amount of reworking over the course of an entire week with help from: Nathan, Promeus, Warlord Wossman, Tehace, Qualx, Greth, Tepes, Neeple, GMT, Danskq I finally feel like this is the first releasable version. It's still a work in progress Visuals will be done at some point if it takes off and there is still some aspects of game play changes I might fiddle with. Reflex Files link I've got various old versions of the map and intend to do a full write up/video of the learning process and hopefully this can form some sort of guide for new map makers. The intention behind this process was to understand map balance and map making rather than necessarily make a really competitive map. Game Play Video coming soon(tm) Feedback is very welcome via discord or this thread.
  9. I think starting with 120hp might be a good way to alleviate the issue. Whilst I think Reflex should be open to change having a mechanic where if you perform poorly you get rewarded shouldn't be in any game, Arena FPS or not. I don't think duel is a perfect game mode either one issue to me seems that maps need to be so perfectly balanced for tournament duel that you could end up with a homogenized map pool where they look and play very similarly. thcdm13 is really hard to come back on because it only has 1 YA and the geometry makes it not too difficult to control YA RA and Mega for example. Changes that allowed a greater diversity in balanced maps could really be beneficial to Duel and I think part of those changes would likely be making it easier to get back into a game. I'd personally say that buffing the losing player wouldn't be the best way to do that. But discussions about how duel could be improved are certainly useful. We've experimented with 5 min duels in the past for a Koth event and last night we did some 5 min duels on HT-RFLXDM2 - decimate edit by Promeus. The map is really interesting due to how it looks like it shouldn't work at all but actually for a short duel time limit it's plenty of fun. The layout and lava pretty much balance it out so a fully stacked player can be brought down by messing up a jump and ending up in lava or taking some knockback into the lava. It's interesting and worth checking out.
  10. Interview up on Youtube, Mapping will follow later this evening and so on. Having streamed for 10 hours last night I had a bit of a lie in today.
  11. Recorded the lines if people are as annoyed by the robotic version as me. Just drop this in the male folder: http://www.filedropper.com/male_2
  12. Hey guys, we want to start doing "top 5 of the week" videos for Arena FPS titles and to celebrate Reflex CTF the first week is themed with CTF flag caps. Send me a PM here or on discord or an email gilanguar@gmail.com with a demo that has a Replay marker cl_replaymarker. You can find a list of servers that have demos here: http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2959-reflex-demo-resources/#comment-22416 You have until next Saturday to send me the videos and i'll pick out ones that I think are the coolest (not necessarily fastest) and then compile the video for Monday. Right now we're not in the position to dish out prizes but hopefully if we can bring some revenue into the channel part of that could go into a prize every week.
  13. Gilanguar

    Lower Tier Player Feedback

    Quake dueling since the mid 90's has been all about item control. Think of a duel as more a battle of the wits than just zerging aimlessly at someone hoping you can hit more rockets than them. By trying to control the map of the weapons health and most importantly armour it gives you an edge in every fight. Whoever has the edge has a better chance of winning that fight. The challenge is to take control and perpetuate it by forcing engagements in certain areas and denying space from other areas because the opponent knows he is at a disadvantage to take a fight there. Many people go into fast paced Arena FPS games thinking its just about moving quickly and having good aim, but there's a lot more to it than just that which is what makes the genre appealing to so many people. This is an old but great video of two great Quake 3 players with one describing the thought patterns that are going on as he describes the decisions he makes in a duel:
  14. Gilanguar


    I monetize all the content we put up on ArenaFPS not that it surmounts to much but can always buy keys and do giveaways. Not aware there are any problems with doing so at all. To be honest I'd love to see someone grab a tonne of Vods from cups and do a frag movie with really high production value. I think the demo viewer might be a limiting factor at the moment but I'm sure it's possible. Those kinds of videos have pretty wide appeal, I'm pretty sure the Bulgarian Oddessy videos have 150k views or around that.