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  1. maybe more relevant in 2014 ='] No regrets though
  2. That sounds like a good idea, it reminds me of the laser pointer that the rocket launcher in HLDM has, where you could see where the enemy was aiming their rockets to help make the guided rockets fair. Its at least worth implementing and trying out. I know that they've changed values for guns, but its really the kinds of large, experimental changes like the one you're talking about in your post that I wish the devs would try out with a large group of players- Im sorry if I didn't make that very clear in my posts. I dont think that the community would be so upset over experimental changes if there was the idea that big changes were being implemented to test how they could work, not to finalize an addition to the game, which is what most big changes have been so far.
  3. I guess thats fair, calling it a clone is a little too far. But there really isn't too much that sets it out as a unique game on a surface level. The community has been very critical about every proposed or implemented change... and before the timers were added in there were tons of ideas being thrown around and none of them were implemented, expect for kovaaks ground accel change. Newborn has showed us with his "No brightskins" and item timer decisions that if he wants something implemented (or not) into the game, then he wont let the community change his mind.
  4. All of the game mechanics are the same, I know the values are all different so there is a difference, but its essentially another "flavor" of CPMA, comparing the two is kind of like comparing QL's turbo mode to CPMA.
  5. Back in the older threads, almost every time someone proposed a new mechanic that would add more skill to the game, or had anything to do with the previous quake titles, there would be lots of people complaining that "if the game is anything like CPMA then the playercount will drop to 20", despite the game being a clone of CPMA to this day. Im not sure how bad it is now.
  6. "Handled" as in he dug his feet into the ground until everyone stopped trying to convince him otherwise- I just mean that he can make tough decisions about the game. I guess "Handled" wasnt the best term.
  7. Ive seen lots of topics get shot down over "It takes away all the skill" or "Its too much like CPMA and if you add it we will only have 20 players left" as well and I agree that the community is pretty split on a lot of things, although I think that the devs can be making these kinds of changes even with any backlash or flaming on the forums. Newborn was able to handle the massive flame war over adding the item timers in the HUD update, so I dont think its too much of a stretch to say that any backlash over minor changes wouldn't be too off-putting compared with what hes dealt with.
  8. I know that its their focus, but I feel that its already at a stage where they can make these changes. They've been polishing the game for a little over a year.
  9. Im really just talking about the gameplay here. Its nice that they're making new meshes, and new menus, but those are really just peripherals. Correct me if im wrong, but I dont think any of the gameplay changes proposed on the forums beyond damage values and kovaak's ground acceleration change have been implemented into the game.
  10. I think one of the biggest reasons that the game isnt improving is because the developers seem afraid to experiment with anything that might improve on the CPMA formula or anything that might set the game out as unique. Its an alpha, nothing is set in stone, and any arbitrary changes to the game can be undone. Lots of great ideas have been proposed on the forums, but the developers never implement or try out any of those changes by letting the community see what they would be like. Here are some threads I remember seeing: I dont agree with everything that they proposed, but I think that if the developers weren't afraid to experiment with new features with more than a small pool of testers the gameplay would be much more developed as they could find out what works and what doesn't with a large pool of players.
  11. My point is that something like matchmaking and textures will increase new audience retention and that combined with an update, or a sale, it will boost the playercount for more than a small period of time. Being sponsored on youtube or sponsored by a big company will not turn Reflex into a huge success right now because there is simply not enough here in order to keep players interested. When Quake Live was released on steam, featured on the front page, and talked about by a big name youtuber, (totalbiscut) players were still not interested enough to keep playing, and the playercount went back to normal, because it did not have enough to offer in order to keep players interested. I know why they chose to change the art direction, and I brought up art because it had been clarified that it was still a work in progress, and not something that the developers do not plan to change. Thats why I wanted to give my input on it. Its not that I find the game visually unappealing, I play Quake with picmip 5 and compared to that Reflex looks incredible, its just that having very good graphics is very important when attracting new players. I dont think that the meshes themselves need to be changed, and the lighting looks great, just that the meshes need to be textured at some point. Whats important is how the art direction looks to potential buyers. My numbers were from http://steamcharts.com/, i'll keep in mind that it might not be very accurate in the future.
  12. Im sorry about that, I guess steam stats isn't as reliable as your graph ( Although I dont know where you got it from ) CSGO when it was unpopular still had 50k players because Valve is a large, big name developer, but compared to its success now it does show that adding certain features can have a large impact on the amount of people playing. I dont know how well those features would translate to Reflex, but Im assuming that it would have a positive impact on the playercount. Games that gain large followings on youtube usually do so because they are designed in such a way that its very easy to do lets plays of them. Look at the game "five nights at Freddies", all of its game mechanics can be easily exploited by lets players as they pretend to freak out at every small detail of the game. I dont expect the developers to snap their fingers and fix the art assets instantly, or expect them to do anything in a short amount of time. Im just saying that I think they should be moving in a different direction with their art.
  13. I agree with you on the gameplay. The game pretty much plays the same as it did since the netcode patch aside from some values being tweaked around, although we can now play CTF as well... The game isnt 20 players yet- And with big updates, the playercount spikes for a little while as people check it out. If those players can be kept playing, then that should help it a lot. Its really a matter of creating something impressive enough.
  14. When Reflex was launched last year, lots of people were hyped up about it and the game had a lot of promise to it. I remember when the Netcode update came out, which I think really showed the community how competent the devs are. But the game has been declined quite a bit since it was released. Reflex was at about 60 players daily about a year ago. Now its an average of 20~30 players according to steam stats. EDIT: These numbers arent accurate, thanks for correcting me Seekax I dont think that this trend is going to change unless the developers can give people more reasons to be playing reflex right now instead of quake live, CSGO, or UT4. When Reflex was launched it had a lot of promise because I think it was really seen as the next big thing, that we could all move to instead of playing Quake Live. The updates were coming out at a good pace, and things were moving forward, but I think that the reason most people have stopped playing is because that progress slowed down. The biggest update since the netcode update was the CTF update, but im really not sure how much life that breathed into the game. It only really brought the game up to the same level as Quake. I personally stopped playing after the HUD update (lets not talk about the timers in this thread), because I stopped having a reason to play Reflex over Quake Live. Quake Live had more appeal to me at that point, and I think that somewhere along the line this happened to most of the people who were playing this game in the months after its release on steam. There is currently not a reason for the majority of those players to play Reflex instead of Quake or whatever other game they came from (TF2?). This is because games like Quake Live have more people playing them. I dont think that Quake Live really has that much over Reflex aside from the amount of people playing it. The game is at its core a CPMA clone with less players and nothing else to offer. The only new addition to the formula was the stake gun, which isnt in the game anymore, and the rocket launcher model was better, but they also took that out too. (Im not saying they didn't have good reasons for those changes) The graphics There have been lots of great ideas on the forums (although everyone argued about them to death) and none of them were tried. Considering that the transition between the CTF update and .38 was just them adding in more cosmetics, which look very subpar compared to any of the games that they're going to have to compete with- It wouldn't have killed to get some real additions to the core gameplay. Matchmaking has been talked about since before the game was released, but its been an entire year and we still dont have that. We also dont have any real stats in the game yet. QLranks went down in October and a month later it was replaced by another site. I think they could at least let people datamine all the servers like QL does so that the community can get some kind of website going. All the assets and models that get added into the game every other month or so dont do much at all to improve the look of the game since none of them have any textures. I think that if these things could be changed, it would actually get some more people to play the game. Everyone loves to have an E-Peen to show off ( look at CSGO matchmaking ), and pretty graphics to look at, and changes like these would make a world of difference for a lot of players. Right now there is not a single arena FPS with matchmaking done nearly as well as CSGO and I really think that its the only realistic way that reflex isnt going to just stagnate even more and die. I think Reflex has a great community thats given more back to the game than any other community ive seen, but the game really isnt going anywhere. The core gameplay hasn't changed significantly since the game was released beyond damage values and some of the physics. The graphics look extremely underwhelming since nothing even has textures, and I think that game could look at least as good, if not better than CSGO if they focused on making better weapon models like that rocket launcher model that the game shipped with and actually textured their assets instead of making more of them. Someones first impressions when they see this game will be its graphics, which mean a lot when this game is coming out of early access. I remember last year on the forums people used to say all the time "we cant do X or our game will only have 20 players!", but that could happen to this game if progress is so slow. I dont think or expect that anything that I talked about here can be done easily or in a small amount of time, but I think that its the direction that the game should be moving in.
  15. Lockhud?

    ‚ÄčI guess I havent been keeping track of time very well. Maybe later then.