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  1. Ethiixx


    RatZ Instagib added cosmetic items last week and they have about the same playerbase as Relfex, its a nice addition to have when the devs get around to it, but Its probably not the biggest priority as of now I would imagine.
  2. Ethiixx

    Aztec remix for FFA

    Im liking all the CS maps being brought over and being "Arena-fied" as I like to call it
  3. Ethiixx

    Destructible environment

    I don't know if they have that planned. But in my opinion I don't think that would a good idea for way that Reflex works in the sense of game play.
  4. Ethiixx


    Mmmm those wood textures <3
  5. Ethiixx

    Poll about Mouse Input

    To me the Mouse Input feels ever so slightly Delayed, unable to hit shots and flick properly like I could in Quake.
  6. Ethiixx

    0.34 - Racemode: 2 bugs

    If youre posting a bug I might as well post the one I found too in here When you get a time one map, say 15 seconds, then switch to another map, when you finish and set a time on that new map It will bring up the time from the last map instead.
  7. Ethiixx

    Jump videos, collected

  8. Ethiixx

    Soulmarine Reflex Maps Website

    Website looks pretty nice dude Good work. What software are you using for your Website?
  9. Ethiixx

    Timer starting from 0

    Damn this discussion is getting heated. With saying that, I think the timers are pretty neat. Not to fussed if they stay or go.
  10. Ethiixx

    ipgn server

    https://www.streamline-servers.com/gameservers/reflexfps.html Just to make it easy for you.
  11. Ethiixx

    ipgn server

    I'm pretty sure they host it off their Own dedicated server. If you're wanting to get a server to rent in Australia, visit https://www.streamline-servers.comthat's where I'm getting my server from
  12. Ethiixx

    artcdm2 - "Highrise"

    Interesting. Maps from other games have not really fit in well from reflex, excluding UT and Quake. I like how you have made a few changes to make the map work around the movement and such of Reflex, so It could work. Will chuck it on my server and give it a go
  13. Ethiixx

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

    Thank you I'm very much looking forward to working more on my own maps and posting them here when they're at a ready level, however I started off with Hells Gate first as I wanted to see what I could do with the Map Editor and just get my bearings and ideas at some sort of level that would help me when making my own maps.
  14. Ethiixx

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

    I get where you're coming from. Cheers will do