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  1. zaha

    from 60hz to 144hz

    you'll be seeing more than double the frames you see now, so yeah. the difference between just 60hz and 75hz is very noticeable. just make sure you get 144fps or more. whether it will improve your aim is questionable, but you won't ever want to go back to 60hz.
  2. zaha

    Speedometer (inspired by ezQuake)

    can you post it? i have the green only / strafe only part, but not jumping only.
  3. zaha

    Speedometer (inspired by ezQuake)

    thanks, i was asking for this
  4. zaha

    mazutourney2 - Dacapoda

    does that fix being able to drop from MH to RL to RA in 3 seconds though? what other map can you do that besides maybe cpm22? what about a dj ramp? or maybe both a pad and a dj ramp behind it like on thct5
  5. zaha

    mazutourney2 - Dacapoda

    pretty fun map. couple complaints: the triple jump from RA stairs is maybe overpowered since you can reach MH from it very quickly. on that note, MH is maybe too close to RA. if you spawn near MH teleporter or RA, then you have MH/RA/RL within 5 seconds. if you get the GA/PG spawn you're pretty much fucked. maybe MH should be where GL is? the ramp to YA is still inconsistent with reflex physics aesthetic notes: some kind of weird texture / lighting issue with the three arcs above GL tele certain rooms are too dark, like the weak side at the shotgun room and stairs to GL tele not a fan of the black / white squares. the white ones are distracting especially. the portals could be done better, they look like placeholders. the ankhs are totally out of place.
  6. zaha

    [feature request] ground boost

    yes, please add in some map breaking movement technique from defrag and make movement even more difficult to learn.
  7. zaha

    Destructible environment

    i think permanent destruction could be good too. look at elder for quake live. players can choose to activate doors/platforms and it changes the dynamic of the map for the rest of the game.
  8. zaha

    Timer Timeline Concept

    what do i need to snip out to steal the multi item labels?
  9. zaha

    Auto cl_replaymarker

    nice, but i don't see the point. would be more useful if it made a marker for 4+ consecutive kills within 5 seconds of each other or something.
  10. zaha

    Poll about Mouse Input

    this as far as input lag, the lower your FPS, especially variable FPS, the higher your input lag is. obviously 600FPS locked QW will feel better. it could also explain why someone said it felt worse after recent updates and more things have been added in.
  11. zaha

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

    i know its your first map and i don't want to kill your buzz. it's just one of the worst maps VQ3 you could have picked to remake in my opinion and remaking maps is already kinda frowned upon. if it were cpm15 or hektik or a much needed 2v2 map like cpm25 / cpm29 i'd probably be happy, but i still think you should work on original maps.
  12. zaha

    Hells Gate [q3tourney3]

  13. zaha

    Ladder system vs no ladder system

    problem with attaching a number to people is it demoralizes lower ranked players and corrupts anyone above them. games will not ever be friendly or relaxed again as soon as you put a QLranks style ELO next to people's names. ranked servers are a good idea, or just hiding the numbers but keeping the data there for matchmaking. CSGO's badge system could also be nice as it adds an RPG element and groups more players together instead of separating them, maybe even this is toxic though, i've never played CSGO. the /name thing shouldn't be a problem, i'm sure they would do it by steam id.
  14. zaha

    [Suggestion] Spectator Practice

    quakeworld CA had this
  15. zaha

    Any plans for movement changes?

    in q3 with enough velocity your player model can 'clip' through corners and pass through them. stepup (stair) jumps are similar in that your model clashes with the ledge geometry and slides up / sticks to it. maybe someone else can explain it better