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  1. Servelius

    Rocket Launcher

    Well, knockback and rocket changes came out today. Let's see if they solved some of the problems brought up in this old topic shall we?
  2. Can we get some of those custom keys but with timers on them? The red timer should be W.
  3. Servelius

    OMG! GAm3r GIrLzZzZz!~ <-- Joke

    TIME TO GET WILD AND CRAZY But being serious, the player base needs to be larger so I personally don't mind anyone playing the game as long as they can keep up with the bants. So far I think the Reflex community can be more mature than a lot of other communities out there, and I hope we can gain more players while keeping the maturity level high. REFLEX IS GOOD FUN FOR EVERYONE FLEX AND PLAY REFLEX
  4. Servelius

    [feature request] ground boost

    This is the most stylish way I've ever seen a person request a feature in a game. They should add it in just because of that. Gatdam.
  5. Servelius

    Poll about Mouse Input

    kicking yourself is bad. almost as bad as being bad at reflex. see you @ lan kiddo. bring all your buddies. Seems pretty good to me, but my hands (and eyes) aren't finely tuned rail gun machines who can detect single pixel variations on a 1,920 by 1,080 screen from the far left side of my screen and hit it with the accuracy, "Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle (April 8, 1974 − February 2, 2013) was a United States Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with 160 confirmed kills". However, I've never felt any sort of resistance or case where my mouse didn't go where I tried to move it to, even if I missed.
  6. Servelius

    New North American Tournament

    did sane really just win the money from his own tournament rigged rigged rigged corrupt community no integrity in america I kid. Congrats to sane and glad it went well. More in the future! Congrats to Klyph0rd and anime as a whole for winning that headset. Anime makes me so mad but a winner is a winner.
  7. Servelius

    THC Cup #1

    I just found out I missed everything. Pretty shitty of me and I hope to actually participate in the future. At least I didn't need to suffer utter humiliation. But next time I'll make sure to bring my highest quality clown costume.
  8. Servelius

    flamed by gf for chatbeep

    how many flick rails have you given your girl be honest
  9. Servelius

    New North American Tournament

    Sadly something came up at the last minute and and I need to back out of the tournament. I tried to unregister on the site but wasn't able to. Can someone do me the favor? I was looking forward to it. Maybe next time.
  10. Servelius

    New player impressions

    I don't know if an increase of 250ms makes too much of a difference though, but I'm no pro. I've spoken about this before and I think that guns shouldn't be put too far into a niche. People want to use the RL as a mainstay of their gameplay, even if they are a person who likes to rush? It should be tougher, but I think it should be possible. I wouldn't know how to make that possible but I think that all weapons should be in their niche, but still offer enough flexibility to be used in any situation if you are good enough.
  11. Servelius

    New North American Tournament

    Maybe, maybe not. Sign up and see how well you do.
  12. Servelius

    THC Cup #1

    I'll sign up even though I'm NA and pretty much ne- ho boy.
  13. Servelius

    New North American Tournament

    I'm a different Servo, I never played competitive TF2 in my life. Sorry to disappoint.
  14. Servelius

    New North American Tournament

    I'm down for some face stompage (mine or others, preferably mine). In-game I'm Servo in game. oh fuck i'm against sane why don't you just pass me the gun now fdfhoiryhnfdijhsdrgh oh wait it's a preview