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  1. Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA]

    Sorry for the late response, the first NA Sacrifice Qualifier is on the 15th AND 16th. I'll attach the official image for reference. The first EU Sacrifice Qualifiers was yesterday (7/1) and they finished it today (7/2). So yes, there will be some scheduling conflicts, I'm pretty sure most if not all the top NA Reflex players are playing in the Sacrifice qualifiers.
  2. Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA]

    Hey Rama, I am interested in playing but could you consider maybe moving the NA tournament to a date during which Quake Champions qualifiers will not be happening?
  3. Calendar - terit4

    I've always really liked this map, I just felt that it needed a few tweaks to be a great competitive map. One of those problems was the 2-way tele being abusable for spawn kills, which you've fixed in the latest version. Also as others have already said, the 3 pillars below IC just don't work very well. It's impractical to ever use that jump mid-fight and is slow and clunky to use in general. Being able to hide above RA is also pretty annoying but I'm not sure how to approach fixing that. I'm not entirely sure I like the tele below IC going to the other side of the map, it really limits the options of the out-of-control player to play smart or defensively on that side of the map. I'll try to do some playtesting soon and see what other feedback I can give, but I'd love to see this map make it into the competitive pool after some tweaking. Reflex is currently chock full of super tiny fast-paced shitfest maps, which is honestly pretty boring. I like that Calendar is bigger and plays a bit slower. It allows for some interesting strategies and mindgames other than the constant +f aggression which plagues this game.
  4. Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    To everyone saying it's too early for full release - do you really think they'd be dumb enough to wait even longer and risk competing with Quake Champions and Diabotical? Looking forward to the competitive seasons thing, although I don't really care about buying Gold skins with the points. Why not just use them to buy items in general? Gold is tacky. Also, does this mean another ranking reset?
  5. Reflex 0.49.1

    Another thing I just noticed; I was 1 game away from ranking up to Overlord, and then lost 2 in a row to other diamond players. For each loss my rank went down 1/4 bar, so I'm now at about 1/2 a bar of diamond. Is this intentional? Losing massive amounts of rank for losing to other players the same rank as you and yet only gaining a tiny amount from wins against players in the same ranking?
  6. Reflex 0.49.1

    I figured as much. NA has always had less active players in any arena game compared to EU.
  7. Reflex 0.49.1

    Well, that's just the thing. 90% of my games are blowouts against players of "equal skill level" (according to the ranking system). I would actually argue that the only purpose the matchmaking system currently serves is a convenient method of finding opponents. The rankings are totally meaningless.
  8. Reflex 0.49.1

    All true points. My main point is that with so few top tier players in the game, how is anyone ever going to reach the upper ranks at all? When I was first ranked plat after placements I was matched with a low Gold player and didn't gain anything from beating him. I definitely don't gain any rank from beating Golds now that I'm Diamond, and if I do it's so small that I can't see the bar move. If my observation is correct then how does one ever expect to make it to Overlord/Prime Overlord with so few other top players to compete against and gain rank from? And doesn't that issue kind of render the rankings meaningless if the best players are struggling to attain their deserved ranks due to lack of competition?
  9. Reflex 0.49.1

    My main problem with the MM system is the amount of xp/rank gained for winning. It seems like you gain the same tiny amount of rank even when you completely decimate opponents who are the same rank as you. It almost seems like the MM system is designed for a game with a much, much larger playerbase. IMO this needs to be looked at, otherwise getting to "Prime Overlord" is going to take ages, especially with how few top tier players there are. Oh, and also, Overlord and Prime Overlord sound like something a 13 year old would come up with. Why can't they just be called Master and Grandmaster? Another suggestion: Your duel ranking should have some weight if you are still doing placement matches in team modes. Before this build I was ranked diamond in duel but still unranked in 2v2, and it teamed me with the 2nd best player on the server and we destroyed the other team. Not a fun experience for anyone.
  10. Even if you had won Simplicity by the hair on your chinny chin chin, I still beat you quite easily on the first map. Simply by mentioning you were fighting a hangover is admission of an excuse. Should I mention that I woke up 30 minutes before the start of the tournament and signed up to play last minute, despite being groggy and half-asleep for the first few hours afterward and not having played Reflex at all since the last KoA cup (where I easily stomped you)? Also I should mention that Qualx analyzed demos of me vs Rama and confirmed that hitreg is broken vs the higher ping opponent. People's perception that the higher pinger is at the disadvantage stems from other games where the netcode works quite differently than Reflex. It is in fact a disadvantage for the lower ping player where his hitscan is broken vs the high pinger, where the high ping player has no issues with hitscan due to the server accurately portraying the location of the low pinger whereas his is delayed to his opponent. The fact that this cup was played on the competitive ruleset where LG is even more powerful only compounded my disadvantage as opposed to the last cup in which I beat him. Funny that my hitscan hits just fine against other NA players but not against an overseas player where I am forced to use rockets as my main source of dealing damage and cannot rely on my hitscan, which is my greatest strength. You can call it excuse making but my complaints are justified and as such I have been told that European players will likely not be allowed to compete in any further NA events. Also, don't complain about me using bolt when you yourself barely use it at all. In both of our games you fired exactly ZERO bolt shots where I hit a combined 30/75 shots. Don't complain about my playstyle when the fact is you are just another shitty Reflex player who thinks that +F rocket/lg rushing in a game with broken weapon balance makes you a good Arena FPS player. Sane is a better player than you and I'm sure if he takes this even remotely serious he will beat you. Furthermore, I will gladly beat you again any time you desire it.
  11. This is exactly what I've been saying since I first discovered Reflex. The gameplay and meta in Quake-style arena shooters really hasn't changed much in 15+ years. As you mentioned, people tend to react negatively to any sort of change from what they are comfortable/familiar with. If Reflex is ever going to stand out and be unique and successful, it needs to do something to deviate itself from the standard Quake formula of which there are countless imitators. If the game ends up being a modernized CPM clone, it will not succeed. I'm pretty sure the devs realize this, and I have faith that they'll eventually come up with their own unique take on the genre.
  12. Movement and knockback

    I would agree that the current movement feels a bit too floaty/slidey. You don't really get the feeling that your character has any real weight, as if the robots are made from some lighter-than-air alloy. Not really sure what the best way to improve it would be, though.