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  1. flightql

    When will the next patch with the ui system come out?

    I know that it is coming soon, I just wonder what date since I cant wait!
  2. When will the next patch with the ui system come out?
  3. flightql

    Things to fix!

    Hey, I have some things I whould like to get fixed asap with this awesome games to make the game even better! 1: I think that the ground accel is too slick. 2: I think that the ion cannon needs more damage and a knockback 3: The respawns needs to get fixed so you dont spawn right next to the enemy 4: The sounds that you dont hear that the mega gets picked up on the other side of the map 5: Some kind of sound when rail and lg is equipped ps: this game is great for being in alpha! Keep it up!
  4. flightql

    Dont know why I lag

    And I got it fixed by lowering my resolution and com_maxfps, ty anyways!
  5. flightql

    Dont know why I lag

    Stalast, I set it to 60 but it get there automatically
  6. flightql

    Dont know why I lag

    Hey, I just got reflex and really enjoy playing the game, but I am having some weird kind of fps lag, I got around 190-250 fps all the time and around 30 ping. When I spectate I never lag but as soon as I join the game and the game starts I get alot of fps lags, why? My pc specs are the following: intel core i3 2100 nvidia geforce gtx 550ti 4gb RAM 1 tb hard disk So, I really need help! ps: could it be my config? I am using this config: http://pastebin.com/XrsmjDfd