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  1. nirgoren

    Hoony mode for reflex

    Hoony mode sounds awesome, but I'd like to at least have the option to keep weapons respawning.
  2. That would be great in my opinion. Some would argue that the system favors the player who just died but I think it adds a lot of depth and mind games (for example:player one thinks "since RA spawns soon he's probably want to spawn next to it, better aim a rocket there" while the other might think "that would be way too obvious, better choose another one"). And in my opinion trying to read your opponent's actions rather than just pure guessing the result of an algorithm is infinitely more interesting. However, close mindedness would result these type of systems never being put to test... Edit: Noticed just now, it seems like the newest build of UT4 has this
  3. I strongly disagree. It shouldn't be super complicated to base initial spawn based on say, one round of arena instagib (first person to kill gets to pick his spawn, the other gets to choose his right after). Then just make later spawns based on SOMETHING that is not a secret behind the scenes algorithm and TA DA this competitive game is now luck free while possibly altered so little it'd practically provide the same experience.
  4. One thing, the spawn system involving a random element. Not talking about making it easier or harder to spawn kill, I just think that given a certain course of actions the outcome should be determined, even if very hard to predict. Otherwise one may argue that not only skill had had an effect on the final outcome.
  5. nirgoren

    Kovaak Streaming with Build 30

    Netcode is already a thing? That's really awesome!
  6. nirgoren

    Official Weapon Thread.

    What's the design philosophy behind adding unnecessary randomness to a competitive game such as this? Same here. it seems like it does hit (as I tried it on some typing opponents ) but hitsounds are still often not played. It could be a "high" ping issue (if you consider 85ms high).
  7. nirgoren

    Hitsounds volume

    ^ That helps. However I seem to have a problem where more often than not there are no hitsounds at all when using the ioncannon(lg).
  8. I believe it has to do with Shader Model 5 not being supported by this card. Had the same problem with the new Wolfenstein game and when I checked the system requirements on "can I run it" that was what dropped me below the minimum requirements.
  9. nirgoren

    Hitsounds volume

    Might have been me (Dodge) I never had any doubts. Just pointing out how much a small temporary fix regarding this specific sound issue is probably needed, as you can see it's a big deal for many players. It's almost like having your health indicator 90% transparent...
  10. nirgoren

    Hitsounds volume

    Currently the hitsound effects are quite hard to notice, barely audible when using the ion cannon(lg), if at all. I think it's quite easy to fix and should be considered for the next build. Ultimately there should be a volume slider for this but until it's implemented just balancing it will do.
  11. At the start of the round it seems like 2 players can spawn at the exact same location and get stuck inside each other without being able to move.
  12. nirgoren

    New version?:)

    I'm having the same issue, as do other people. My CPU is Intel Q6600 and Gpu is Nvidia GeForce GTS 250. As mentioned in the other thread, CPU usage is at 100% and GPU at 0%. An answer regarding whether these are the expected results and the expected performance with this hardware, or just a bug, is very welcomed.
  13. nirgoren

    [Have Your Say] Arena modes

    These game modes always lack something to motivate you to move around the map, and in large, open maps players often just stay in one comfortable area and snipe the other team with rail. If players would slowly gain health/armor by moving around the map(the faster you are the more you gain) the match should be faster and more exciting with less dull moments.
  14. nirgoren

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    CPU usage is at around 100%. I take my guess that it's because the GPU doesn't support some calculations that newer GPU's do and the work has to be done by the CPU. Am I right here? Given the game is GPU dependent it's hard to believe it's the CPU bottle-necking that harshly on the lowest settings possible. Edit: It also seems the game is not utilizing the GPU at all! GPU usage at around 0%. Updated Drivers, and it's not like that in other games such as TF2 or the new UT. I am so eager to play If I could know for sure it's because of the graphic card not meeting the requirements I would upgrade but even playing on the lowest settings with low resolution is enough for me, and people here say they can run the game with cheap/integrated graphic cards...
  15. nirgoren

    Performance, the quest for a higher frame rate.

    Also for me(same graphics card, q6600 processor)