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  1. Definitely a lot of the stuff listed here would be good polish.
  2. Kyto

    Improving the handicap mutator

    I think it's bad idea to scale damage either way if the point of the mutator is to make the games less frustrating for weaker players. This makes fighting inconsistent between non-handicap and handicap games. You'll develop habits where you think you can take fights with lower stacks simply because the enemy deals less damage. Basically "Oh I can probably survive 2 directs" should never be a thought process if you have <=200 stack. You should instead buff/nerf players by changing the amount of health/armor/weapons they spawn with since this will result in scenarios that also apply in "real" games. So let's say we want the better player to do 0.5x damage then it's better to just double the amount of stack the weaker player has.
  3. Kyto

    sv_pure poll

    @DazedSpartan Visual clarity, no sparks, colorblind items are literally third party addons that replace base game assets. You're right in that what's in the base game isn't an arbitrary line. Why the line is drawn there is as it implicitly assumes a set of features that are considered ok for competition. Given the argument is "well this is to equalize the playing field" why should we not also equalize everything else possible. It's fairly trivial to equalize some external imbalance factors like higher refresh rate monitors and better connections. If you want an even playing field to the degree of only default widgets locked to their places (or w/e sv_pure is gonna be) then make an argument in support of that position. I'm just following the "even playing field" argument to it's logical conclusion. It's very trivial to lock your com_maxfps and r_refreshrate to the same level as the enemy's, fakelag has existed forever now and there's a bunch of games where input lag is considered a feature. It's offly convenient you would say one should not follow the "even playing field" argument to the point mitigating hardware differences given you have a significant hardware advantage. It's not a personal attack at all - I would have made the same argument even if you didn't have a CRT. Your sports analogy isn't compareable. I'm arguing that if your javelin weighs half of mine then that is not an even playing field, it's a different game, just like playing with a 200hz CRT vs 60hz LCD is a different game which you very well know. I'm not hypocritical enough to suggest having double the refresh rate and way less input lag hasn't been a huge advantage to me, an advantage I would always choose over having timestamps or zoom. Sports teams have the freedom to choose their nutrition and supplements from a reasonable set of options, they are not arbitrarily forced to a SINGLE fixed diet. There's a body that dictates what is considered unfair and what isn't. It's naive to assume that the devs would give two fucks about pressure anymore. They have not been very engaged because they have moved on. Pushing 1.0 release, pushing ramaflex and now pushing sv_pure are all signs of the game being done. Any change being done after 1.2 is bound to be very low priority. You have it exactly backwards: it's much easier to do binary decisions on what widgets are ok and what aren't than listening to a crowd of crying nerds who all want something you're going to have to implement (unless you plan to ignore them and alienate a chunk of your core community). It's very naive to assume things would incrementally become base game. There's no community consensus on timestamps, base25-timers, zoom, you name it. People have cried about the sounds forever and it's all fallen on deaf ears. This is really a situation where we can have our cake and eat it too, we can have pure and we can have custom sounds, widgets and assets. The devs don't have to waste time making assets and they can focus on actually improving the game by working on real issues (like stuff mentioned here). And yes I very much agree no player or set of players should dictate what's whitelisted and what's not (just as no player should have dictated the entire ruleset). It should be up to the devs, and they should have a clue, and if they don't they should ask for feedback. And in any case they should be transparent about why a widget is ok or not. I doubt there's such an influx of addons that the workload for whitelisting would be unreasonable. Also cut the bs about the rampant comp item timers unless you're gonna name names. The community is so small you can count on one hand the players who exhibit personality traits that would even make them suspect. Furthermore, if a very strict sv_pure is established as a starting point, there is a legit fear it will be next to impossible to add or include anything into it. Similar to when you implement a HUD system that has complete customizability the community will fight tooth and nail against any attempt to change any aspect of it. Given we agree that a line in regards to customization should be drawn in the name of competitive integrity. I think we should rather discuss about specifics like timestamps, zoom and whatnot. I can start with something we both agree on: there should be no item timers in the competitive ruleset.
  4. Kyto

    sv_pure poll

    I agree there's a line to be drawn when it comes to widgets and customization in general but CS:GO isn't a proper comparison because the nature of the game is very different. If you want a better comparison look at other competetive arena fps games. They allow a very high level of customization because it's been realized for years now that stuff like fullbright maps/models, disabling visual clutter (sparks, beams, high picmip) don't give you a clear advantage (and I would argue a lot of these are actually tradeoffs). Customization in a lot of cases also allow to balance out external imbalances (improving framerate by disabling eyecandy, visuals for colorblind people). People have been whining about player sounds and deficiencies of the default widgets for a long time so we won't discover anything new by forcing everyone to use them. This is what the widget system + custom sounds fixed in the first place. It gives the developers time to come up with a variety of options that would satisfy most if not all players (given the size of the community). Why not introduce pure when all of that is sorted out first? Have more customizable default widgets, more options for (or just overall better) player sounds and whatever first seems to be the right order of events. The game will never be exactly the same for both players. You say "competetive integrity" when it suits you... but didn't you have a CRT? Should we lock both players to the same fps, refresh rate and add articial input lag and fakelag to even the playing field even further? Oh and btw your enemy is colorblind so we'll add a filter to your screen that takes care of that imbalance aswell. If not then why are we stopping with "competetive integrity" when it becomes inconvenient for you? If you argue for an even playing field then why should it stop where you want it to when there's features we can add to mitigate external imbalance problems (such as hardware differences). So let's just drop with the "even playing field"-argument and face the fact we have to discuss about every single configuration thing (whether it's sounds, timestamps, r_lm_clear, individual cvars) as a seperate issue when it comes to "competetive integrity". Is CS:GO not competetive? The closest you'll ever get to the golden land of even playing field is in a major LAN where everyone has the same monitor, chair and hardware. Yet they still have different mice, different monitor settings (some use color vibrance, resolutions/scaling etc.) and their own configs with also a degree of customization (as is fit to that game).
  5. Kyto

    sv_pure poll

    Region: EU Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Prime overlord Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Yes Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Depends on the implementation Why? For widgets there should be a pure check but it's all about the implementation. Should we really lose the ability to customize the game completely? The idea of whitelisting has been suggested and afaik even some ground work on it was done. You could have a general whitelist maintained by the devs (the community, a council or w/e) and allow tourney organizers/server admins to set their own whitelists (if they for whatever reason would like to do so). For sounds there should eventually be a pure check aswell but there should at least be options to choose from for some of the sounds (hitsounds, killsound, self/team/enemy character sounds). Or just do a whitelist here aswell (really it's the perfect solution). For visibility allow r_lm_clear, no sparks and disabling of other obstructive eyecandy features then add all of these as options in the menu. I bet almost no one who actually enjoys playing the game cares for all the little graphical details that have 0 informational value. For the competetive players who practice multiple hours in a row or play when they are tired reducing eye strain is a very welcome feature. The appeal of Quake-style games is the deathmatch, the arena gameplay; it's the airrockets, shaftlifts and flickrails they see in frag movies (which usually maximize the graphics anyways). No one is going to skip the game because they saw a screenshot/video/stream of someone playing with a high visibility configuration but they will skip it if they can't see what's going on. Customization is not bad when it doesn't cross the line to cheating. In this genre of games it really brings longevity to the game. When you get bored about the way the game looks and sounds or feel like having a different crosshair might help you play better you go and tweak your config and the game feels a bit fresher again.
  6. Interesting idea, could be tried out as a mutator. However on the surface it does make timing more complicated: "item respawns x seconds after being picked" vs "item respawns x seconds after being picked OR every even minute". Losing control before the even minutes would be less bad aswell which feels kinda arbitrary (but then again it would give you a time when pushing would be less riskier and hence encourage that). But it does make the game less "hardcore" by giving handouts to out-of-control players. If we're talking about making timing a less hidden part of the game, IMO timestamps should just be part of the default HUD and on by default. That really should send the message. Also the tutorial/training should for sure have a timing/cycling part.
  7. Kyto

    [dp5] furnace

    I'm hesitant to changes when it comes to maps that are already pretty established like Furnace although I do understand the problem. I don't feel there's a need to do it. If it's something that peeps find really needs addressing then it's worth trying but the implications of changing the tele-exit closer to MH aren't necessarily immediately noticeable. Sure it makes it slower to back into the teleporter but it also makes holding MH against attacks through it harder.
  8. Kyto

    Performance drop

    For me the performance hit seems to creep up as I play. Like after 3 duels I got -50fps a bit more and it becomes -100fps. A restart fixes it for a while.
  9. Kyto

    Small suggestions/bugs

    Yeah it could be a problem unless it's only exposed during warmup. All I want is for the spawn system to not be so obscured.
  10. Recently I started collecting a list of small suggestions/bugs that every now and then bug me. None of these really deserve a topic of their own so I waited until I couldn't think of anymore that'd fall into the "small" category. - Spawning on suicide shouldn't be random and/or suicide disabled (in duel at the very least) - Dropped weapons shouldn't make the pickup sound when they expire - Don't require spectators to callvote map (often they are afk and the vote will fail) - Have a robo-hologram (or some other indicator) on spawn points - Remove penalty reload time when firing an empty weapon - Callvote timeout, callvote pause - Command to nullify string cvars - Forcing enemycolors on spec - Enemy/friendly sounds based on the player you're spectating - Expose spawns on LUA (% to on a specific spawn, flags that indicate what blocks a spawn) - Show crosshair when spectating enemies - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have 4x damage even if Carnage expires before they explode (and projectiles fired before Carnage was picked up shouldn't do 4x damage) - Projectiles fired with Carnage should have a Carnage-effect on them - Update stats in warmup, reset when warmup ends (for accuracy tracking etc.) - Show previous stats on scoreboard in warmup after a game has ended - Make scoreboard scalable - Lockdown cl_playercolour1/2/3, selected robot-parts/melee during the game (to prevent widgets that automatically change these things) - Weapon dropping in teammodes - Destroy projectiles after the game ends Feel free to post your own small suggestions/bugs or expand on any of these. Would also like to hear the devs thoughts on these (@shooter).
  11. Kyto

    Thoughts on current stake gun

    IMO 1 rocket is much worse in experimental since the main utility of IC against rockets was the ability to keep the enemy at bay due to knockback, which is now reduced too much for that to work and the slightly increased DPS doesn't really help in that scenario. Basically if you get enough speed you can easily get close enough for the IC to be negligible against rockets. Sure you can try if the stake will be a viable counter to the 1 RL (and it probably is) but without the stake in the current experimental ruleset the RL is even more important.
  12. Firing IC into water should vaporize it.
  13. Kyto

    Ion Canon needs a buff, seriously...

    IC feels too weak now; it's either the different rate of fire or too low ground knockback. Rockets on the other hand are way too strong, there are no longer situations where IC > RL because the splash radius makes the rockets almost undodgeable. Also the amount of damage relative to distance of the impact is ridiculous, you can "miss" a shot by 2-3 robots width and get 30-60 dmg. Nades hitboxes are perhaps a bit too small now and they still don't work as areal denial. Plasma is strong which is fine but it's too easy to hit. Maybe a slower rate of fire, slower projectile speed and higher damage balls would work (QL stylish?).
  14. Kyto

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    I don't think you can stretch it that far. If you're in control you will always have an advantage with non-global sounds: if the enemy gets close to hear something they are putting themselves in danger, if they are far away they lose information on the pickup. Whereas moving silently slows you down and you can't pickup items without breaking the silence whether you're in or out of control. In the end non-global sounds will always be a net gain to the in control player, and I wouldn't wanna tilt it that way.
  15. Kyto

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    Having non-global sounds just brings more uncertainty to the game. The only thing it adds is the ability to delay a pickup but I don't think that outweighs the cons. Sure you can counter that by making "info plays" where you get into a position to hear an item pickup but I'm pretty sure there'll always be something more important you could be doing at the time (plus it encourages slower play - which I don't think Reflex is about). It's also not fun if you have to crank volume up, stop listening to sweet tunes and stop using VoIP just to not get fucked over by being unable to hear something. Global sounds allow you to make informed decisions, manipulate item respawn cycles, follow the game's flow whether you're in or out of control. IMO Reflex has the best in/out of control balance of any AFPS but non-global sounds will definitely tilt that scale in favor of the in control player. As to whether sounds should be global or just have a larger audible range I don't know but there isn't a single duel map that's being played where I shouldn't be able to hear an armor pickup from the other side of the map.