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  1. Walternate

    [Suggestion] Spectator Practice

    Oh yeah, i remember the quakeworld CA. It was a lot of fun, even for the ppl waiting to play! I approve!
  2. Walternate

    question regarding mapping/setting brushes

    I would also like to know this. I haven't done any real mapping since the doom days, I know way behind the time. Back then I had to be aware of how many brushes were visible, to the player at any one time, and what not. Good question here.
  3. Walternate

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    I wouldn't even reply to him anymore. No amount of sharing will change his opinion. He wants timers to go away PERIOD, if they don't, he's not having fun. Don't try to change his mind, it really doesn't matter.
  4. Walternate

    Welcome to our new UI subforum.

    TosspotMeBro obviously has an agenda. You can't using the same argument over and over again. It's like yelling "I'M RIGHT!". It doesn't really matter how many times you say it after the first, you just dilute it. Hopefully this guy is not a representation of what a "top player" is. Learn to bite your tongue and know that it really isn't even up to you, Bro.
  5. Walternate

    [1v1] Duplex

    Just downloaded. I'll be checking it out this weekend
  6. Walternate

    Thoughts on item timers on HUD

    Who ever thought talking about timers would be like watching an episode of real housewives?!? LOL. Come on guys, this is supposed to be a constructive forum and it's still pretty early since patch release. I haven't played enough with the timers yet to form a solid opinion, but I do find that people just flock to the item that is getting ready to respawn. Traps and such seem to be working much better now, as opposed to someone who just runs a route, and uses feel to time things.
  7. Walternate

    dm4re - The Bad Place recreation

    Look! It's a pissing match on the forums where we are trying to test a product. Great input!