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  1. joe_sweater

    Won't start up :-(

    Could I get some help over here??
  2. joe_sweater

    Won't start up :-(

    When I open it, I don't press anything and it crashes on it's own. I sent in a bug report with my name in the extra info thing.
  3. joe_sweater

    Won't start up :-(

    Hey every time I open reflex, it black screens and crashes. Here are specs: i7 4790k 8gb of some ram AMD Radeon 7870 2GB Windows 7 home (i think) x64 I'm not sure what drivers I'm running so I'll throw some screenshots down http://gyazo.com/4f7585b1f002f83e096b194428bd2dc4[1] http://gyazo.com/0d88b4dd936202365ae3c6a3698ba71e[2]