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  1. But with the increased use of ready-made meshes, this should be pretty easy right now. And yes a switch to an alternative grid would be pretty cool. Or at least a way of rotating while also snapping to the grid again.
  2. Hey guys, I am watching reflex very closely and i like almost everything. But I wanted to articulate a little critique. Or a challenge or whatever. I always watch the mapping subforum very closely, because I love worldbuilding. From near and from far aka doing it myself and thinking about it more generally. I like reflex for it's easy to use editor. I also love the mapping contest (next time when i have windows again I will try and participate!). But when I see all the very nice maps in the contest and all the old maps already out there I wish there were more of them with diagonal elements in them. In most Games 90% of all angles are 90 degrees. Especially large elements of maps are mostly 90 degrees. Of course there are some walls sometimes deviating from these 90 degrees, but the global structure is often very right-angled. I think especially with the easy reflex editor this could be changed. Of course there are very good right-angled maps out there. I want to propose an approach similar to 'constrained writing' - the art of writing poetry or prose while constraining oneself to a set of rules (for example this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadsby_(novel) - a whole novel without the letter 'e' - WTF? - Yes, exactly!). There are many people who do such things as exercises. Think of it as experiments. Some may be totally stupid, but some may be very interesting. Think of your map as a pearl that develops in a mussle. As time goes on more layers are added to it. But what if you start with a hair? or a ring? Then the pearl will be different and propably more interesting. (maybe also very ugly, but interesting). So when sketching out ideas, you could - I dare you! :-) - give yourself some constraints in the beginning. So I want to formulate some rules that I thought of. 1. Start with the first brush being diagonal or any other angle different to 90 degrees. 2. When starting with a few rooms, no room may have 4 edges. 3. Stairs have point in a diagonal direction. 4. Start by creating a few big obstacle-brushes (use all three/six degrees of freedom). You now have to build your map around these. (remove some later if you want). 5. (this one's from tehace) - sketch out your map in the scale 1:4 and resize it before continuing. 6. separate different starting elements in height. (naturally we tend to make rather flat maps. Add more vertical space to them from the beginning). These are just starting points. All of these rules can be disregarded very quickly. But maybe starting with these, you will end up having a map with a more unique layout that opens up all kinds of possibilities.
  3. chin_0k

    Post your chatbinds!

    My favourite bind of all time is not Reflex, but Quake Live. It's from Base and it's perfect because it's so simple: surprise Last year or so there was some 125fps-match that I watched. The map was furious heights and base was down in the RA area when he shot a rocket up to the 50HP area. I forgot who was the other player, but it was a hit in the face and it was very much luck. But the 'surprise' was such a perfectly simple and smug comment.
  4. I got an idea about a 'timewarp' - gamemode. My idea would be for TDM games, but it could theoretically work for 1v1 also. It would involve 'jumping back' to an earlier state of a match in order 'try again'. The jumping back could also happen when a certain Item is collected 2 times. First pickup -> setting the savepoint. Second pickup -> jumping back. This could be interesting since depending on the state of the game one team wouldn't want the other team to jump back or set a savepoint. So they would be required to defend the item from somebody picking it up. (The item could also only appear every minute for a certain amount of time). Alternative would be to have 2 pickups. One to set the savepoint and one to jump. In this scenario the timing could be critically. Off-setting them could lead to interesting scenarios. Also Teams might want to defend the Safepoint in order to wait till a RA or Quad spawns in order to be able to get this item when they warp back. Every time a timewarp happens the points (frags) in the already played part of the match are what the players have to play for. If they gain less frags the second time, they lose all of them. If they gain more the second time, they may keep the frags from both timelines. I know this sounds horribly complicated. But I think it would be a very nice gamemode to analyze. It would also require the players to reflect about their standing of the game.
  5. chin_0k

    Map sector idea

    Sounds like a good Idea. I'm sure they will add this since it's pretty useful in Q.
  6. chin_0k

    Reflex 0.37.0 - Mostly eggplant

    Hm Reflex looks so nice. It's sometimes incredible to compare to its look a year ago. I really love what I see! Unfortunately I cannot play it right now and have to look at it from the distance. But it is great none the less. A few things/ideas i want to add, before i forget it again: If there will ever be an official CTF Spectator-HUD, an absolute Team-Health with little subsections for individual players would be good to see the overall picture better. Could also be in relative numbers (Alpha has 75% of all HP, Zeta has 25%) Same with Armor. For the hardcore-coders: a little indication about the change of these numbers could be interesting. TDM could benefit from this also. And for the future: There has been huge discussions about medals like (Excellent or Double-Kill etc) - essentially: more like quake or more like UT? So a combination of both would be cool. In Quake players only get Excellent for fast Kills in a Row. In UT It's the number of Kills without dying. Personally I like the Quake approach better, because the speed is what gets me. Also I like the cynical laudatio like 'Excellent' (or any other positive adjective) more then the mere factual statement of 'Double', 'Triple' or 'Multi' in relation to kill. But why not have a combination of both? An 'Excellent' Medal for fast consecutive kills could have different tiers. 2 Frags in 2 seconds -> a red 'excellent'. 3 frags in 6 seconds -> a yellow 'excellent'. 4 in 8 -> a green 'excellent', etc. Each medal will still be counted in a game. So instead of just 10 excellents you get a spectrum of 7 red, 2, one green, ... EXAMPLE There could also be a special medal if the kills occur in one single hit (If I kill 3 players with one rocket, that could be a special event) The same applies to impressive-type medals. Instead of hitting 2 in a row, you now get different 'impressives' for 3 or 4 or 5 hits in a row. If There is ever a Midair-type medal, the enemy may not touch the ground in between hits. I hope this game progresses further like it does all the time. I cannot await when I can play it again. Looks so yummy
  7. chin_0k

    A different way to move mouse?

    ​I am not sure about this. from a distance it doesn't really look practical to lift up the mouse and put it back in the middle every (sometimes several times per second). Even more practical for me seems to have a key that when pressed supresses mouse input, so i don't have to lift it up. My thought is just one step further. It's a totally different approach from how I ever played fps games, so it will propably take a while to learn it. But i guess it would make some little tricks possible while making others more difficult. Also: I wasn't really posting this because i have a problem with usage of the mouse. It was just a thought about it that I wanted to share. It came more from theoretical thinking about how we use mouse as input, and why we chose this method.
  8. chin_0k

    Mesh wishlist

    Is there a documentation on the format of meshes used in reflex? A while ago I made some geometrical shapes (icosahedron, dodecahedron) as brushes. But I quickly realized the limits of brushes (number of vertices/only convex shapes). Id like to know the format of them. Maybe I could create some myself.
  9. Hey Guys, I while watching some old cpma-fragmovies and contemplating about the game and reflex and god and the world and the universe ... well whatever. I had an Idea bout an alternate way of moving the mouse in fps games. We all now this problem when we have a low sensitivity (reflex/cpma of course has a higher sensitivity in general) we have to lift up the mouse and put it back and move it again or we will reach the end of the mousepad or the end of our comfort aiming-zone. An alternative would be to have a key on the keyboard to invert the mouse. So instead of 'move left, lift & put back, move left ...' we would make this: 'move left, invert mouse, move right, invert mouse, move left, ...' essentially a zigzag-motion without periods of time when the mouse is in the air. Of course this is crazy, but there are some players that deviated hard from the normal mainstream of fps-playing. think of Toxjc for example, often named the best aimer in quake(3/4/live). He plays with an inverted mouse and fires on the keyboard instead of using a mouse button. His config is so strange, that it is actually pretty hard to learn it (and master it) when switching today. So maybe this zigzagging could also be usable for (mostly new) players. pro: reduce liftup-times. contra: moving mouse and pressing mouse-inversion-key must be in complete perfect sync. Otherwise flicking in the wrong direction is always happening.
  10. chin_0k

    Motion Blur for streamers?

    Ah those cinematic test videos were from you - I really liked them. Although I have to admit I watched them on my phone - so the motion blur wasn't visible there. It really looks very smooth. Although with the slow motion in between the effect isn't that apparent. I just watched them all again a few times I think the greatest benefit from motion blur is in 1st person view when the player is making a fast flick. Even here: The flicks are almost too fast, but the blur makes the velocity somewhat visible. In regard to a (potential, but propably very far-futuristic) motion blur feature in reflex: I guess what would make it even faster would be frame-blending on the fly. So that you don't have to write all 8 frames on the harddrive but unly the fused-together result. Also, a feature in reflex could (- besides changing amount of blur dynamically) detect teleporters and not blend frames from opposite sides together. The moving weapons is of course a problem though. As are dynamic shaders (although right now they only appear on items and teleporters). Btw are you making any fragmovies? If so, you should consider combining them with all some codec-glitch-effects. I have never seen this in A fragmovie before. But I would love to see it in reflex. Glitchart is cool​ ! Seeing this 'missing keyframe effect' in a fragmovie could be interesting. The intro to the upcoming frag could start with a gray frame. Then these artifacts emerge and reveal more and more of the frame until almost everything is visible at the moment of the frame. jpg-glitch could also look great
  11. chin_0k

    Motion Blur for streamers?

    @Stalast Yes I mostly meant for viewing reflex/tournament coverage etc. When playing myself i don't want all that. Of course maybe streaming software can do that, but just having the possibility of it in reflex could be great. This could also be used for replays. Some people are putting lots of effort in uploading YouTube videos of tournament matches. I guess they could render the replay with a certain fraction of the speed and use the additional frames to create a motion-blur effect afterwards. But having it built right into reflex would make this my easier. there is already a replay export feature IIRC. my point is: when watching twitch i don't gain any benefit from the caster having 144fps since the stream is capped at 60. So why not try and have a better image quality at 60fps. Also: having the feature boil into reflex some people smarter then me could propably make a script that dynamically changes the amount of motion blur depending on the speed of movement. For very fast flicks an additional frame rendered for motion blur could sometimes not be enough -> increase blur. On the other hand when the player is moving not at all or only slightly no motion blur is needed. btw sorry for my late answer. I tried out the live streamer a bit. (When it works, it is really great). But I cannot skip when watching old videos. also the sound sometimes turns itself off.
  12. chin_0k

    What do YOU want in a spec CTF HUD?

    deaths per minute for each team with a moving average. something like that. or put the deaths as red and blue points on a timeline. Alternatively: combined health and armor of each team - also with timeline. maybe even relative health and armor. even better - relative health (add together all health of all players and show me the percentages of each team of that value.) Also put that on a timeline so i can see how this changed over the minute. If one team has just 30 percent over a longer period of time that could tell me something. Also damage dealt could be interesting. or even speed per team? In ctf the broader scale is more important. the small details are too numerous to. see all at once.
  13. chin_0k

    Motion Blur for streamers?

    Hey guys, unfortunately i had to stop relfexing in the last months since i had to switch to Linux. I still try to see all the (surprisingly numerous) competitions and am quite amazed about the changes in the style and also in some maps. It's really very cool to see this (admittedly from a distance for the moment...). But with all the streaming I was a little unhappy with the image quality sometimes. twitch (still based on flash) seems to be quite laggy on Linux still - although the recent gfx-driver update really changed a lot for me in terms of higher-fps videos on youtube. But having these lags on twitch got me thinking a bit: I know most of the more serious fps gamers play above 60fps at 120 or even 144 hz. But the streaming is only with a maximum of 60. So it would be quite cool if reflex had a way of blurring two frames into one another to improve the image quality for the 60fps stream. Reflex in general is such a fast game that it is hard to follow when watching the streams sometimes. some flicks are so fast they often look a little glitchy. So maybe this would be a nice thing for reflex in general. If you play yourself you need the highest fps available. But when you are merely watching the dropped frames 50% when changing from 120hz to 60 hz) could be turned into something good. There's a crazy frag video on YouTube called 'the Hungarian Odyssey ' where you can see what happens when a few guys entertain each other for a significant part of their lives in something like cpm22 (it's one of the best cpma frag videos) the video looks really great because of motion blur. I was wandering if reflex would look better with that feature. The blur could even be 'intelligent' - like 'do not blur frames when going through a teleporter' or something like that. What do you guys think?
  14. chin_0k


    Hey tehace, while ago I had a post about some crazy ideas that could change the game significantly. The main aim was it brainstorm and see if something interesting falls out of it. I like your idea about the trade-off weapon modifications. I think the key would be that every player's modifications would be transparent. I also would include weapon switching times. this could mean a return to the deadly shaft-rail-combo. But players who use it would have to pay for it. Propably by having a reciprocely larger reload time. It could even effect the amount of amounition used for every shot. I think that at least in duels the customization should have some restrictions. think of the standard parameters for every weapon being a point in our n-dimensional parameter space. the overall position of customization of one player's config may not have a larger distance from the standard than a certain value "r". something like that. That would mean that if some weapon would behave totally different from the rest the rest would still be quite normal/predictable. That would allow different playstyles but would still remain understandable for the opponent. (meaning you can predict the play style. The last days I was watching quakecon. I never liked tdm or ctf actually but found it quite entertaining this time. But especially in CTF I think the symmetric maps sometimes make it a bit boring. In the new UT the devs are planning a kind of asymetrical ctf mode. I liked that a lot. I hope something similar would be in reflex as well. With that every map (larger map at least) could be played in ctf mode. I would even propose a tdm/ctf hybrid where in between ctf-phases there would be no flags to capture. So in between these phases teams would have to optimize their position for the next flag-phases. largely greater spawn delays (similar to quake ctf overtime) could apply in these phases as well. Another thing I was thinking about was a sort of time warp tdm mode. Where a match would be played for some amount of time but a certain rule (maybe even a pickup) would allow one team to turn back time a certain amount of time. they would have a few seconds or a minute to discuss where to 'rewind' and discuss what to do different this time. Of course the acquired frags in the now obsolete game scenario wouldn't dissappear. (at least font all). If team A decides to rewind back to time t, all the frags they made since t would disappear. But the frags from team B would stay. This would be interesting to see them make the trade off between frags and control. To make it easier there could be a limited number of 'savepoints' players could jump back to. This mode would make analyzing the match you just played part of the game. The save points co led also be a pickup that could be delayed in order to keep the other team in the dark about its exact time.
  15. chin_0k

    A lie for good

    Why not include a handycap mode for such occasions. Since we have a small playerbase with huge skill differences it is unlikely to have the right match when randomly joining a server. That curious new player OP is describing could then maybe still win a game while still admiring the skill of the pro player he/she is playing against. right now there's no mechanism to close the gap between the high skilled veterans and the majority of new players who are clearly overwhelmed sometimes with all the aspects of the game. handycap should be easy to include in the next update. btw with handycap I mean the quake-style handycap.