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    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    great news, hat off! I've got the Wrench
  2. hello, as the title says, some maps I downloaded are not showing in reflex, I surely miss something. Another bonus question, HOW TO update a map I uploaded to the workshop? Thank you
  3. Ohm sweet

    cant play some maps downloaded from the workshop

    Thank you, I only watched the beginning to publish a map, I'll watch it full to understand the process. Cheers
  4. Ohm sweet

    ohm - Movements Training Race map

    warm thank you Jaguar, Slight update because start block was too big and could be used at the end part to reset timer and make really short times. Congrats to bej for spotting this "bug" Lava is a yellow glow now, The old fashion one misses me
  5. Hello, UPDATED for 0.49.1, no cosmetic changes, will do in time, no rush UPDATE bis: the start block was too big, leading to ridiculous hack times for smart players... Thanks to Bej for spotting it Download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871511633 Sorry updating the map was impossible, so here's a new link, will do better next time This is an Easy race map. accessible for beginners. no weapons. maybe too simple for advanced runners but overall fun for everyone. New players can try improve jumps and skilled ones can try to achieve the best time The practice/easy section will join the main route to finish the same. As well there is a "trap" in the main part which will get you back to the easy. this is an attempt to point players when they get better... or not Though it is composed with rooms and portal between, the flow is well and the fun is there. Better advice, play it online with other players. Big thanks goes to all the players who have come to my server while I was testing - polishing it. Your feedback, good or bad was very important for making this first mapping experience a joy. Lovely feel online. Special thank to, Stalast, without whom the flow wouldn't have been the same D3zsi, for having passed several hours with me online while I was doing it. he helped new players and did the best time on the last version. [around 27 seconds] Sensit1ve_, for your presence and comments about it. Mkay, Sabre901, pestilence, bej... and all the others I helped trying jumps on it or giving me their precious comments. and another thanks to all the mappers, the guidelines, the lua coders for editor. Precious tools and tutos for mapping Hope you enjoy the run.
  6. Ohm sweet

    ohm - Movements Training Race map

    Updated and published to the workshop. some height changes because character is now jumping a bit higher Have fun
  7. Long time no see...
    My internet modem is way too far... waiting for a good wifi pci-e card and it will be good to play some reflex games... can't wait B)

  8. Ohm sweet

    [dp6] the gravesite

    new version looks gorgeous def, great work!
  9. Ohm sweet

    ohm - Movements Training Race map

    Updated for 0.38, the ceil jump area is now ok for new player model height. Have fun ;-)
  10. Ohm sweet


    Hello, Download Biscuit Updated for 0.38! at last -upper some areas according to new player model -some minor changes Updated for 0.36! -removed stake -centered ga exit and fast jumppad exit as well -minor but major tweakings ... let's understand that statement... LAST MAJOR UPDATE = Thanks to Mad_jihad, i've broken and destroyed all prefabs in the map. Resulting gamestates amount= BEFORE 4.579.643 >> NOW 1.039.761 Smooth loading time and good for online fun Next update only when those meshes will have clip attribute available. well ... maybe new version of the map is on the noobschleuder servers [server number 16 is the newest and very stable] One more BIG thank you /Fragile a nice map made with the help of many testers. thanks to: sensit1ve and Nemedian for playing, testing, bringing some ideas /fragile for the feedback and the upload [of the first version] on the Noobschleuder servers finally OhhSeeBee for having pushed me in the right direction, giving more ways to escape and hunt. without him the lovely open area was in the pit of forgotten worlds. It was a hard time finding the right layout but the result worths the work I've put on it. UPDATE: Easy way to bolt is now really easy ! seeing it was really too tight to get it in fight situation, I raised up the block above the bolt and put some angle on the upper one to avoid being blocked by the brushes. UPDATE 2 : added some items suggested by quFIT. mainly life [25hp and one extra 50hp] added one stake gun and one more shotgun [= 2] Stake will be removed from 0.36 but it will come back one day, let's be confident. Fixed teleport jump for the one under the stairs. some ideas are great on the paper but real dick once you play UPDATE 3: fixed floor below lava [which has disappeared from the previous update... leading to instant kill - falling out of the map] the jumppad entry is now jumper friendly [raised up the height] added a triple jump to go on the upper tiny corridor without rocket jump. If you spot a player leading to this jumppad, you can embush him [I loved some fights in this sweet little corridor] Some OLD screenshots [NEWER are on reflexfiles] Last screenshot updated according to the last revision this map works really great in ffa and ATDM , action everywhere for 10 players have fun
  11. Ohm sweet


    updating for 0.38, some changes for player height and some other minor stuff incomin...............> DONE
  12. Ohm sweet

    Cant change fov 37.3

    do you have a zoombind lua somewhere. I had this before when I was using the zoom, now I don't use it at all so fov setting is ok, i've just been trying slide and value >> all ok remove or edit any zoom lua
  13. Ohm sweet

    0.37.3 Point Release (cake and murder!)

    Yeah wonderful, physics feel fantastic and gameplay is awesome like this. HYPE HYPE <3 EDIT: tonight I dared playing on an US server and it was a pure joy. warm thank you. Damn I like the rocket air sound... too bad it will probably vanish, it is so fun
  14. Ohm sweet

    Post your WIP screenshots!

  15. Taking EVERY sound file in th reflex folder

    Putting'em in my fav DAW and go for making some chill noise :D


    /mode creative

    1. MAD_JIHAD


      Which daw do you like?

    2. Ohm sweet

      Ohm sweet

      i'm working on ableton live 9 suite 

    3. Narzdy


      Good idea...

      I use FL12.

  16. Ohm sweet


    this monday i'll have a busy day. I can be there for 4pm but I got to go at 8pm. I added my name to dreamers on the doodle thing, seeing qufit times are corresponding to mine, mostly
  17. Ohm sweet

    [Poll] Which maps do you enjoy dueling on Reflex?

    XDM15 for christ sake!
  18. Ohm sweet


  19. Ohm sweet


    ok signed up...but I need a partner
  20. Ohm sweet


    Hippie HYPE here
  21. Ohm sweet

    vst1 - Abbadon - New Art Update

    New update is very nice with lighting. Great job on this map, love the big robot behind the teleport, scenery is great. cheers... hmmm better say HYPE
  22. biscuit map is now loading fast. SO me happy again !

    you can redownload it for good.

    Big sorry for this loading mess.


    NOTE for further mapping, always break and destroy all prefabs in a map before publishing.

    also good for replays ;)


    thanks to mad_jihad for the advice