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  1. Ammazzabanane

    Reflex 1.0.5

    Mouse1 #seemsgoodman
  2. Ammazzabanane

    EU CTF Draft Cup: zombie edition 25-03-2017

    ffuck yeah boyz
  3. Ammazzabanane

    How to make turbo boost platform?

    You have to use an effect and place it where the jumppad block is, either u make a jumppad mesh your selfe or you use the one provided go check out how the did on cpm22 or other maps!
  4. Ammazzabanane

    Lag/Disconnects From Official Reflex Servers?

    I seem to have an issue with any MM server, when i play on regular servers like Noobshleuder i get no problems but as soon as i play Ranked on a MM server (anywhere) i get random spikes every 10 secs or so of huge pl and ping which make the game unplayable, make my opponent get mad and sometimes just dc me. Date & Time: Anytime i play MM Server IP: Any MM server Your Internet Provider: EOLO; General IP Information IP: Decimal: 94202115 Hostname: 5-157-105-3.v4.ngi.it ASN: 35612 ISP: EOLO S.p.A. Organization: NGI SpA Services: None detected Type: Broadband Assignment: Static IP Geolocation Information Continent: Europe Country: Italy State/Region: Provincia di Brescia City: Bovezzo Latitude: 45.59 (45° 35′ 24.00″ N) Longitude: 10.2418 (10° 14′ 30.48″ E) Postal Code: 25073 for the sake of the post i used a random BERLIN official server and this is the result: 1 5 ms 4 ms 8 ms 2 15 ms 10 ms 13 ms eolo-gw.net.ngi.it [] 3 49 ms 11 ms 16 ms 4 18 ms 15 ms 21 ms garr.mix-it.net [] 5 30 ms 27 ms 26 ms rx2-mi2-rx1-mi2.mi2.garr.net [] 6 30 ms 30 ms 26 ms rx1-mi2-rx1-rm2.rm2.garr.net [] 7 28 ms 27 ms 31 ms rx1-rm2-re1-fra.fra.garr.net [] 8 26 ms 33 ms 30 ms re1-fra-ru-enea-frascati.fra.garr.net [] 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. Thank You in advance
  5. Ammazzabanane

    Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    i mean, i would have liked if the RL was 3000 but like burst gun could have been 1000, IC 2500 BR 2000, and so on
  6. Ammazzabanane

    Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    First of all, dont take this as me complaining, im in love with the ladder/golden weapon idea and im very happy about the release! That being said, i wanted to make some math about the golden weapons. lets say i win 50% of my matches (which i dont lul, prolly more like 1%) and manage to play consistently around 3 hours a day (which is probably above average) this means 3 hours ~ 18 duels (if i only play ladder, and only play duels which i don't) = 9 wins = 90 points. Considering a weapon costs 3000 pts. it means i would have to win 300 duels,therefore play 600, which translates in 6000 minutes (100 hours) which would be one month, With the full set taking 2100 duels to get with 21000 minutes of gameplay (700 hours) and therefore 7 months. Now considering a lot of people dont play 18 duels a day, more like 6 i would say, this means it would take 3 months for one golden weapon and still 6 a day is no joke. How do you guys feel about this? I like the idea of them being hard to get and all but it seems a bit overkill and i feel like probably i won't even get one, mostly because i suck lmao. were they intended to be this hard to get? Will they be available only for this first 3 months and then the next 3 we will get some other ones, making the current ones unavailable? Again im not complaining, im just interested. Keep on fragging boyz
  7. Ammazzabanane

    Chunky framerate issue on 1080 (???)

    oh oki sry! Didnt mean to be mean then, my bad ahha, will write back soon with more info then
  8. Ammazzabanane

    Chunky framerate issue on 1080 (???)

    well "time for an upgrade" when i have an 600+$ graphics card isn't really what i was looking for espetially since its not the problem imho and i repeat this problem is strictly related to reflex which makes it clear that i dont wanna spend another 600+ $ for a new one just to play reflex... I will try the other things you said
  9. Ammazzabanane

    Chunky framerate issue on 1080 (???)

    Hey Reflexers, this is just a quick issue that im having, and that hopefully noone else is, that i wanted to point out and hopefully someone is going to help me fix it! I haven't been able to play reflex properly lately because since i changed pc it hasn't been running as smooth as i'd like it specs: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6800K CPU @ 3.4GHz, 16 GB of ram, 64 bit OS and x64 processor As you probably can tell specs look very good, i've been able to run the new DOOM at max GFX with 120-180 fps but on reflex i get a very wonky framerate, a lot of frame spikes, especially in big ca games and big maps, by taking a look at r_profiler 1 the CPU seems to bottleneck a lot because it keeps on jumping up to 100. Anyway the game gets decent framerates at times but the variation is way to large and the choppiness of it really pulls me off of playing it, altho i'd love to. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'd really appreciate any help, Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you!
  10. Ammazzabanane

    Reflex 0.47.6 - Merry Christmas!

    sweet is there gonna be any afps super cool event like last year?
  11. When it happened to me i also was a bit laggy connection wise, so i think its just a sync issue ye
  12. Ammazzabanane

    What's your playstyle?

    RAILWHORE :ok_hand:
  13. Ammazzabanane

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I believe the devs announced in the roadmap that soon there will be and easyier way to check your replays with your replays automatically being recorded and some more sweet jazz
  14. Ammazzabanane

    amgt2 - 421

    Update: 1 Oct - Beta 2.4 fixed JP bug fixed various clipping bugs reclipped some surfaces fixed some minor bugs
  15. the brush above RA was a huge mistake we didnt notice and its now fixed with some more minor changes, ty