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  1. trevize1138

    sventourney6 - Mehrangarh

    New update with the pretty new textures and angled sunlight I've been dreaming of ever since getting the game.
  2. trevize1138

    how many reflection probes?

    Just one unless they've finally allowed for more with the latest update.
  3. trevize1138

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Retextured and waiting for the lightmap to build
  4. trevize1138

    sventourney3 - The Death Ray

    Finally got around to scrapping the initial version of this and rebuilding it from scratch. Get your copy of the new upload before they're gone!
  5. trevize1138

    sventourney2 - Black and Blue

    Updates! * Reflection probe to improve lighting * More/improved movement opportunities * Smaller/faster to build lightmap due to exterior caulking The extra movement opportunities really open this map up.
  6. trevize1138

    sventourney6 - Mehrangarh

    The updates keep coming! Added a 2nd teleporter to the top per the suggestion of someone during playtesting. Also added the big fan mesh and other fun detail/fiddly bits.
  7. trevize1138

    question regarding mapping/setting brushes

    Bu...but that's a lot of woooooorrrrk... =)
  8. trevize1138

    sventourney6 - Mehrangarh

    Update available: Moved MHTweaked terrainBetter placement of "longjump" padAdded teleporter for 3rd path to "courtyard"Reflection probe for more realistic lightingChains, glorious chains rattling in the basementClip brush so no more walking around on the roof
  9. trevize1138

    Relfection Probes?

    Use away! They really do illustrate the usefulness of reflection probes nicely. I was suggested I use one in that map by someone on Reddit so I played around with them and didn't think I saw any difference at first so I compared screenshots to be sure. Wowza! I didn't notice the "incorrect" reflections before but put them side-by-side and you really see it. Also, I'd be happy to give your maps a critical look and provide feedback to return the favor you did of that for The Shark Tank. =) That map's so very nicely polished now.
  10. trevize1138

    Relfection Probes?

    Little test I just did: http://imgur.com/a/KVeFH
  11. trevize1138

    sventourney6 - Mehrangarh

    Larger map with my first attempt at natural terrain in Reflex. The name comes from the prison made out of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/242
  12. trevize1138

    sventourney2 - Black and Blue

    Finally got a chance to playtest this on the f3already server. For those who don't know those servers have all the reflexfiles.com maps so you can callvote your maps there and people are bound to show for a game. Forgot how intense this one was! The courtyard is like a rail arena and the other half tricks you into blowing yourself up with the RL. Fun times.
  13. trevize1138

    sventourney2 - Black and Blue

    New update ready for download. Totally scrapped the old one and created this one from zero.
  14. trevize1138

    mirrored classic maps

    I'd say the way to make them would be through scripting or some other process that just translates the map to its mirror image and then load that up in Reflex. As a mapper just re-creating a classic map in reverse with manual labor doesn't sound very interesting.
  15. trevize1138

    sventourney5 - The Shark Tank

    By the way, here's my own screenshot form back-in-the-day with the filtered light through glass effect: I can see a few things here that I haven't changed about my style. The pool here has quad damage at the bottom and this type of platform was the first time I started playing around with platforms you could at least see through. Eventually I tried ones you could shoot through, too but never quite perfected them for Q2 as I have for Reflex.