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  1. I need an update injection. I feel like i'm getting ill.

  2. TheFatCheetah

    Reflex 0.46.2

    Can we get some of them sweet, sweet shootables for Stake guns plz!!!?! The bolt ones don't work!
  3. TheFatCheetah

    tfC's Division HUD

    Updated zip file to include a red hitmarker - currently no customisation can be done ingame. The hitmarker can be turned off however as it's run under a different widget name. Please note that it will not appear if you are in warmup.
  4. TheFatCheetah

    tfC's Division HUD

    Hi guys, I've just started learning LUA and wanted to create a minimal HUD similar to The Division so I don't have to have big widgets all over my screen.The HUD also has movement on the y axis to emulate 3D movement similar to the one found in The Division. Currently the HUD contains a TRUE HP BAR, TRUE HP NUMBER, MEGA OVERLAY, ARMOR BAR and AMMO COUNT FOR CURRENT WEAPON. The HUD style is based off of DP2 HUD as it was originally going to be a TRUE HP BAR to go along with the DP2 HUD. The HUD is available to DOWNLOAD OFF THE WORKSHOP I've also created a short video if you don't want to go through the effort of installing it to check it out. Would love to hear some feedback on where to improve or any suggestions of things to add to the HUD.
  5. Explosion effect seems to be showing at the incorrect position after a grenade bounces multiple times. I have attached a video demonstrating the issue. MP4 demonstration. I don't know if this was introduced as of 0.40 but I was unable to find another report on the issue. Connection to dedicated server with a constant latency of 13.
  6. MINOR editor bug ATM - when you save a map with a gun drop from a dead player the map will save the gun as a pick-up item. I've linked a video of it happening below. http://thefatcheetah.com/grabs/reflexfps-reload-bug.mp4
  7. Re-binding items in the menu ui will unbind items in the editor mode. For example rebinding rockets/6 in the UI will unbind "placing pickup items" in editor mode. Other than that - cheers for the great update.