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  1. Maroc

    0.43.1 Comp freeze on launch and blue screen.

    I often got blue screen when I tried to launch Reflex after update. Updating GPU drivers solved the problem.
  2. Maroc

    Scandinavian reflex community

    Also Scotland.
  3. Maroc

    0.36.3 Point Release

    I like the new IC hitsound. I would be interested to hear how it sounds with higher dmg.
  4. I understand this and feedback is always good thing, but it's just how you give it. People's behaviour last night in twitch was way worse publicity to Reflex than any badly hosted tournament.
  5. I don't like what kind of feedback Thump4 has received about this tournament. I understand his decisions even though I agree there would been better way to host the tournament. He probably knows it also, but people can host whatever kind of tournament they want. If you don't like it, don't play in it. I appericiate anyone who's willing to host a tournament and especially when they're throwing over 500 $ of their money on it. Thump4 probably could hosted another tournament if people would been nicer, but if I was him I probably wouldn't bother anymore.
  6. Maroc

    Why do you play Reflex?

    I played Q2 and Q3 with Playstation when I was a kid. Tried QL when it came out, but stick with CS 1.6 because I was used to it. When CS 1.6 died, I started to play QL casually, but didn't play much because I had shitty laptop and wireless internet at the time. Got into CPMA by watching some frag movies etc. but thought it was too late for starting to play it anymore. Luckily very shortly I heard about Reflex through ESR and it was like dream coming truea. Had to get proper PC and internet connection after it. Too bad I wasted too many years playing CS. I remember watching CPMA done by Vo0 some time after it was released, but I thought it was just some old frag movie and nobody was anymore playing CPMA, silly me.
  7. Maroc

    If you have sick frags, I'd like them!

    I've been waiting for a frag movie and I wouldn't want to bring this project down, but would it be stupid to make a frag movie now when there's art change coming very soon?
  8. Maroc

    donate botton?

    Just buy a another copy. It will look better in paper anyway when Reflex has more players.
  9. Maroc

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    I'm fine with minimialistic style, but I'm not very keen about this cartoonish style with blocky plastic looking guns.
  10. Maroc


    ‚ÄčAlso there's problem if the specs are afk so you might not be able to change map.
  11. Maroc

    #dp_two [EU] - Saturday July 18th, 2015

    ‚ÄčNo casting? Well I guess you can't get everything.
  12. Maroc

    Playernumbers / Servers

    It's easy to find duels in EU, atleast in evenings.