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  1. FapMan

    Coming back after 10+yr

    Is this true?
  2. FapMan

    Windowed borderless mode

    I loved borderless window in win7 but after switching to win10 i cant use it anymore since you cant turn off aero. Same with win8.
  3. FapMan

    OverBounce Question

    No, I meant that your reason for them not being included doesn't make sense, as strafejuping would have to be removed as well following that logic, since it also is a bug.
  4. FapMan

    OverBounce Question

    ​Strafejumping is a coincidental creation (bug). OB and GB just don't feel like they have a place in a game where the primary focus isn't racing (a la defrag).
  5. Wow, so cool launders is getting involved. This is gonna be sick.
  6. FapMan

    [dp4] abandoned shelter

    Hey def I noticed Mesh Quality doesn't seem to do anything on the updated map. Do map creators need to make their own lower quality meshes? I thought they just kind of came with reflex. Not the most important thing but it would be nice if it worked on all maps of course.
  7. FapMan

    0.36.3 Point Release

    ​What refreshrate do you play on? I noticed at under 125 fps the game felt really sluggish, at 125 exactly it felt okay but there was lots of tearing (pretty sure its the same in q3 tbh) and at 200+ the tearing gets less noticeable and it looks really smooth. What I also noticed is that if I cap my fps to my refreshrate (75) the game felt the smoothest with an occasional large tear across the screen, instead of all the tiny tears at 125.
  8. FapMan

    Why do you play Reflex?

    ​Well it got split up into 2 servers (the second one got created by smofo(i think) cuz he wanted to fix the game settings always resetting and having to be set again) and that was probably a bad idea since it was a small community anyway. Then Reflex came out so I think that had something to do with it as well. I didn't go on okidoki for a month or 2 while playing reflex and when I came back it was ded. ​I'm gonna miss that bastard, he taught me how not to be a sg camper nab.
  9. FapMan

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Shoutout to okidoki!
  10. FapMan

    Post your WIP screenshots!

    Holy shitjizz!!! Look at all the COLORS Awesome job def!
  11. Yep there's definitely a performance loss no matter the settings. Sometimes drop below 250 (which causes input lag for some reason) which never happened before. I guess that's to be expected tho. I hope mapmakers don't go overboard with these tools. Hopefully they use bdm3 as the performance standard or something like that.
  12. FapMan

    Force team colors

    I also recommend setting friendlies to white. Can't mistake teams then cuz the enemies are the only ones with colors that stand out.
  13. FapMan

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    ​I believe what he was referring to is the fact that if you allow a fullbright skin to be forced then players won't be as motivated to spend money on virtual hats(tm), which will come eventually.
  14. FapMan

    The best of both worlds?

    Top 3 players EU are memphis, HAL_9000, gaiia. Not sure about NA, but azk won both the EU and NA cups so yea lol. Also Kovaak - he also does good tutorial videos, look him up.
  15. FapMan

    Playernumbers / Servers

    There's lots of duels during the day, and sometimes a populated CA server. Also if you join some empty server (a race one for example) it can fill up since it shoots to the top of the server browser.