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    sv_pure poll

    Region: NA Highest rank achieved in matchmaking: Platinum Do you use any customized widgets/hud elements/particle effects/sounds/: Yes (everything customized ever xd... sounds/huds/particle effects/zoom/r_lm_clear/etc.) Do you wish to see sv_pure implemented into the competitive ruleset?: Yes Why? I think there's a lot of value in a consistent experience between players, both for "fairness" of competition, and for a consistent marketable experience for the game (streams/vods/competitions/highlights/etc.). I think there's an even greater value in the game working perfectly out of the box -- players shouldn't have to move around HUD items and install various addons after they download the game just to get a nice experience that's fun to play on and sexy to look at. Relative to that later point, I think this is a good opportunity for Reflex to revise the default HUD. I don't think anyone much likes it as it is. It's generally functional, but doesn't look particularly nice, and the default positions of some things need to be changed to for it to be convenient in serious gameplay. Why not have one high quality experience of the game for everyone to share? Relative to visibility and functionality addons like no sparks or particle effects, zoom, hurtsounds, grenade timers, etc: I don't think any of these things are particularly necessary for my enjoyment of Reflex, and as the devs have already commented, there's already plenty of visibility in the game. All of these addons are just an arms race of not wanting to be at a slight disadvantage compared to opponents, for situations like in a shaft fight on a dark map with heavy detailing (i.e. t7, where r_lm_clear is super nice). I'd argue it's a similar circumstance for zoom and hurtsound and grenade timer and any others -- they aren't necessarily improving the game experience (if they are, it's a miniscule thing ), they're just offering the slightest of competitive advantages. If they should be available to players, they should be available in the default HUD where all players can easily access them.
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    Reflex Monthly Cups 1st Editions Highlights by @lolograde
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    bad frogs by @cuppers
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    Frags Reflex Frags Vol. 1 by @zigzter Reflex Frags Vol. 2 by @zigzter cat_smoker assorted frags by @Cat_Smoker yak attack ep3 by @tidy yak yak attack ep4 by @tidy yak yak attack ep5 by @tidy yak yak attack ep6 by @tidy yak yak attack ep7 by @tidy yak Aerowalking by @clank ? Matchmaking Highlights: Round 1by @Scott ? Race/Tricking Jumping around (REFLEX) by @Smilecythe Reflex runs by @jukebox ZILO by @Cadsmar
  5. Aim For Fame A Game of Their Own The Enemy Flag Arena of Pixels Gameover All Out Player One Cat and Mouse A Grueling Game Pixel Players Match Begins In Flag of Fame The Real Rat But all of: Control Shift, Outaimed, Out of Control, Enter the Arena, and Player 1 Ready sound cool to me!
  6. klyph0rd

    Reflex Demos from Community Servers

    You might see your demo by now, seeing as there are four replays up on that server's listing from last night. Unfortunately it looks like all the demo browsing for Eggplant Arena - Dallas and Los Angeles servers is still a 404
  7. klyph0rd

    Custom Ruleset Poll

    Region : NA Highest reached rank in Matchmaking : Plat Have you played games on the custom ruleset : Yes Have you watched games played on the custom ruleset : Yes Do you wish to see the changes proposed by the custom ruleset implemented into the current competitive ruleset ? : Yes Why ? People have said all the reasons in favor that motivate my opinion in favor of the changes. Just commenting to offer a dissenting argument (one which I personally don't think is sufficient). When I first played the ruleset (immediately after games of the current ruleset), it felt like an absurd amount of damage hit that was tough to expect. On 60 ping, it felt like playing current ruleset on at least >80, in terms of eating directs quicker than the visual cues, getting bounced around unexpectedly by splash, rails hitting after you duck behind a corner, etc. On lower pings (40 and under) along my own coast I haven't noticed that experience, and unequivocally prefer expp to current ruleset.
  8. klyph0rd

    Custom Ruleset Duel Tournament [NA]

    @Necrophag1st @sane I'm guessing you misread the date; I did too at first! It's not the 7th of July, it's the 16th of July, which is the Sunday after the first Sacrifice qualifier, on which there are no QC events. Would be great to see you both compete!
  9. Trying to make NA CTF PUGs a thing for the first time in forever \ / Why is this any different than the constant failed attempts since CTF first came out? Everyone doesn't add to automated queues at once because people get on when they get on. That's the point of PUG groups -- until you have enough people to start a PUG whenever you want, you can agree on times beforehand. For example: TUESDAY THE 23rd @ 10pm EASTERN we're going to try and play a PUG. I'm trying to get >8 players by word of mouth, but I'm posting here too to get as many people interested as possible https://steamcommunity.com/groups/reflexpugsna More details in the steam group, I'll post an announcement when we're adding up for a draft, and then we'll draft in a voice client. With feedback from group members and particularly those who show up to PUG, we're going to pick some weekly dates! So even if you're not free, definitely still join the steam group so you can give feedback about which dates you want to play, and so you can see announcements for future PUGs.
  10. A fun game mode based around one flag CTF was realized in a TF2 mod called bball. Definitely one of the most fun simple mechanical games I've played, check out some videos Could definitely be fun as a 1v1 or 2v2 on a small map like it was in TF2, but I would also love it as a larger more serious game mode. ED: One of the reasons I would advocate it as a gamemode is because, unlike in current two flag CTF, one flag CTF with two bases and a flag in the middle for both teams to fight over does *not* entail concurrent, unrelated objectives like two flag CTF has. I don't think we can make a .map like this because one flag can't be used by two teams... Would be interesting if we could do that though.
  11. klyph0rd

    Alternative statistics view

    Really cool work sesen!!! "... people still wonder why The Catalyst is the most played map in match making (check the replays) ..." - Ramagan :ok_hand: <tangent> Although it *is* a three way tie between the tehace maps -- I think that that says something about map making for competitive duel. People should remember that the three maps used to have the names t2, t7, and dm13... Those numbers are related to the number of maps tehace made. If you expect your first map to be a new wonder for the duel community, even if you're ready to take feedback and change it a lot you might be disappointed. Some map designs just aren't going to end up being fun for the majority of players. It's through trial and error, expedited by artless-prototyping, that you'll find a really fun and competitive map design to work with. (Tbf, tehace also had the benefit of all top players testing his maps whether they wanted to or not -- he was one of the *two* popular map makers at the time.) </tangent>
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    [0.48.2] Unable to join any server

    Ah just saw this in Discord pins. For anyone else who comes to the forums before Discord: Temporary fix is equip all default parts in your profile; works for me
  13. klyph0rd

    [0.48.2] Unable to join any server

    Dedicated servers from the browser, or servers hosted on my own desktop (with and without steam integration). Error message:
  14. so which 5 reflex maps form the pool, and how is the pick ban done? ED: only picking b/c bo5; coin toss for first pick and alternate? or smash-style loser counter picks? or?
  15. nonono you'll never convince anyone of something unless you include some shittalk or passive aggressive comments in your post; haven't you seen the other posts in this thread??