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  1. DefDogs

    Announcing the Reflex Arena launch date!

    Wow, relief date). Congrats!
  2. DefDogs

    Reflex 0.44.1 - Awards!

    Oh, go XP marathon up to 80 lvl))
  3. DefDogs

    Autohop idea

    Just in case you don't get it - it's not the point.
  4. DefDogs

    Autohop idea

    Yes, its a known attitude, since the early Quake - if you don't give a f..ck about learning and improving - be a noob, play CS... and they go and play. You probably don't see how using auto transmission instead of switching gears manually can affect someone's ability to have fun... I can't help you with that. Then my only question is - if you are not ready to step towards casuals whats the point of spending years and lots of money making a new QL, QW, Warsaw, Xonotic, CPM etc? To please a hundred of 30 year old fans of this sort of mentality with map editor and lua widgets?
  5. The game goes super well, no reason to be burned out waiting for faster development. But some concerns are correct imo: - Current number of players is already a thing to analize - its a quake type of game, with the same popularity problems, don't be silly explaining the newb that cpm and vq3 are completely different. So there is no reason to go all-in avertising the game now - the numbers will grow for a day or two, then they drop back again (look at ratz instagib at steamcharts). - Being optimistic - the one thing which was never properly tried in afps games and could potentially make people stay in game - is a proper tournament system with matchmaking. No reason to make it sometime after release, when you have enough players - because you most definitely won't have enough players - they will leave like now. Thats obviously not a boost itself, but the % who stay will grow, the further - the better. - Being pessimistic - without bigger changes the game won't take off. If no one is willing to change game mechanics - the possible way is one new default casual gamemode which can attract people. Classic gamemodes right from start - not the best thing. Imo better have a small "Newb" and "Pro" section split than hoping for tutorials to solve that. In QL - Crash course is not the bad implementation of basics and initial skill placement, but still only 10% of newcomers have it completed, guides and tutorials even less popular. I have a strong faith in devs, just hope that they'll close that forum when they'll decide to make a change)) rather then reply to "omg give us 5 lg damage back, or I'll leave the game"
  6. DefDogs

    Autohop idea

    From my sight, I cant say so. Having like 3k FFA's in QL I saw how changes like autohop and loadouts affected the game. Old fags critisize it like any other change, and newcomes actually used it and whine after loadouts were off by default again. Its not what affect numbers a lot, It won't dramatically change whether they stay in game or not, but its a small option that can be convenient to some people and could be added like #1000 in to-do list.
  7. DefDogs

    Autohop idea

    Nothing wrong when you have an option to switch on autohop. All those "bad habits", wrong timings, heights etc are not relevant for those, who just want to join FFA and have some fun. New player seeks for easy, comfortable mechanics, not tutorials.
  8. DefDogs

    Reflex 0.38 - Gooey

    Super update imo! Btw now I got decent fps on small maps, not sure from what point though, was unplayable since graphics update
  9. Maybe roadmap update atleast?)

  10. DefDogs

    Reflex 0.36.0 - Cofe Time for in talk English

    Nice art! Make edges look a bit smoother, liquids detail and its perfect. 30-50% fps drop for me aswell. And does GL really needs muzzle flash?
  11. DefDogs

    Why do you play Reflex?

    Just following mostly. Promissing features that Quake lacks, dedicated devs. Its fresh, but familiar
  12. DefDogs

    Reflex 0.36 Preview

    I like that art decision... the game should be finished after all, textures were moving deadly slow to finish the game in feasible term. About gun models: 1) isn't burst gun look too massive? BFG could look like that, or give is slow effect to be more serious) 2) plasma gun needs something maybe. 3) Bolt rifle color? Or maybe overdetailed Concearning getting together communities to have like 10k playerbase without casuals care... Just forget, its impossible. MM, ladders and such stuff will attract QL people, but most of them just prefer QL gameplay rather than CPM... like me. Even CPMers still organise cups and some of them will stay with it. The game needs something new and interesting - graphics could be one thing, and this decision gives this chance. New casual gamemodes etc... If the game will just stick to cpmers - ok, 200 online players and thats it. Map editor, demo player, defrag are cool, but they won't give any traffic.
  13. For me its interesting when you have a number of stable tournaments, big competitive scene. At this stage of the game its too hipster
  14. DefDogs

    Mode idea

    Aren't "run around and frag" gamemodes are a bit old to think this way? I mean its a new game, we'll definitely have ffa, ca... but is it really interesting to bring ideas like - look we have instagib, what if we have similar gamemode but with plasmagun, wow that would be cool. Really?
  15. DefDogs

    Poll about Mouse Input

    I'm used to low sens, so I'm lacking accel and can't say for sure atm, but even without it, input feels good.