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  1. Stuttergame

    AMD users with game crashes - read this

    Got the crash today for the first time. Thanks for letting me know that it's kinda "normal". Did you write an report to AMD? www.amd.com/report AMD actually usually does a good job in fixing stuff if you reporting it.
  2. Stuttergame

    Lag/Disconnects From Official Reflex Servers?

    Lets hope it doesn't damage the "South-American" Community too much. It was already hard to find a game on releaseday and when i finally found one it was literally unplayable. I hope i will be able to have a few decent Duels at least..
  3. Stuttergame

    advanced mouse settings seem to be broken.

    For some reason i can't get mouse sensitivity faster or slower than 8 with advanced mouse sensitivity enabled. Even i i set a higher minimum sensitivity cap. Whats the issue? Is it broken? All i can change is the acceleration but 8 is always max.
  4. Stuttergame

    Graphical Gltiches depending on angle

    Hey, i just wanted to report some wierd grapic bug. Basically it depends on the angle you are facing. Here's a video i recorded. Maybe that will help: http://webmshare.com/qDjj7
  5. Stuttergame

    graphical glitches

    Win 7 64bit HD7950 Catalyst beta 15.3 (happens on latest WHQL as well) In-Game Settings are maxed @ 1920x1080 (fullscreen) It kinda appears "random" but quite often. I guess the best way to reproduce it is having a FFA with 5+ players on different maps for an hour or two. My glitches look exactly like OPs but i also get glowing weapons or strange "artifact flickering". I think not all bugs are related to decals and gibs since some glitches are still happening when having them deactivated. Here are 2 screens i made http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540771566024013509/1E45FCE3EE32A693D005F508316360CA9738DA9A/ http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540771566024012992/2B718631F2B109BB69C8062076E485ED23CA885F/ *Edit* Here's a screen of my settings. You might test them out because it seems like "more crazy stuff" is happening when everything is set on "high". http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540772015691309654/E3EEAEDC50169DB44CB950381839B8B2659D7E79/
  6. Stuttergame

    graphical glitches

    There isn't really much more to say about that. It's pretty much unplayable at the moment. However @ OP don't waste your time trying different CCC-Settings. You can try to disable gibs and decals which "should" help a bit. But i can't verify that on my end, since i still got a ton of glitches and artifacts (at least when i have everything else maxed -which is how i tested it).
  7. Stuttergame

    Visual Artifacts

    Already posted into the steam forums but i seem to have the very same issues. Also if the bug happens the game seem to crash on exit. Game is running maxed on my 7950 with the latest beta driver (15.3). If the issue happens gibs seem to be bugged and the game starts to have some "artifact flickering" on some spots. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=422333303 example of how the gibs look like