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  1. I have a bit more time now, and I want to give the League another shot, and try and get it right this time! I learned from the beta season that it's better not to run the league at all than run it without sufficient staff, so I'm starting off by seeing if I can recruit a decent admin team. MnstH did a great job last season but it's not viable or fair to expect him to do everything. League admins will be responsible for settling match disputes and scheduling disputes, in addition to helping with general planning and organisation. Ideally, I'd personally like to take a step back from the league admin/planning side of things; I burned out badly last season and I'd prefer to focus on my role as God Emperor sysadmin. Please get in touch with me on Discord (Qualx#5964) if you might be interested in helping out. I don't mind if you weren't involved with the league last season.
  2. Qualx

    Reflex League - Beta Season

    @Thaylia I'm happy for you to have access to the FTP if you want, so you can just browse what's available. Although I'm gonna be sticking a frontend on it sooner or later, possibly now.
  3. Qualx

    Reflex League - Beta Season

    https://ReflexLeague.org Beta Season This is a double round robin (everyone plays everyone else, twice) 1v1 competition, with players divided into skill-matched divisions of 8 players each. Your performance in one season will contribute to your placement in the following season. All games are Bo3. Where: Currently accepting signups in EU, NA, AU. We've already got enough people for the league to run in EU and NA, and there's no upper limit, since there can just be MORE divisions. EU/NA/AU players can't apply to regions other than their own, and players can only apply for one region. I'm not sure how many RU players there are and I forgot about RU when I was initially setting this up. I can add RU as a fourth region really easily if there are enough people, otherwise they can enter whichever of EU and NA they ping better to (but may have to play on bad servers). When: Signup closes (beginning of) 27th October, matches start 12th November. Possibly pre-season playoffs between 27th October and 12th November, if necessary to help with division placement. (I'd previously mentioned 5th November as a start date, but I forgot that people would need time to arrange their first games and complain about divisions.) The main season will run for 7 weeks of matches, although it's likely that there'll be a catch-up week at the end. Future seasons will probably be run roughly on a 2 months on, 2 months off basis (as in, 2 months between every season) but don't quote me on that. Map pool: Furnace The Catalyst Pocket Infinity Simplicity Abandoned Shelter Static Discharge If necessary, where possible, players will be allowed to play on performance versions of the above maps. To be allowed, the performance version must be geometrically identical (or near enough) and have identical item layout. It must be created by the original map's creator, or, at the very least, created with their explicit knowledge and permission, and given their authorisation. Each round will have a 3-map subset of this pool. Every player will meet each other player twice over the course of the league, and the map pool for the second match will always be the reverse of the first. Assuming both deciders get played, players will play all 6 maps against every opponent over the course of the season. Cointoss will occur before the first match only, for any pair of players. Winner chooses who is A and who is B. Match 1: A pick, B pick, decider. Match 2: B pick, A pick, decider. A 2-0 match will award 3 points to the winner; a 2-1 win will give 1 point per map. Other Rules The usual spectator rule applies to prevent ghosting. This will be enforced by the league servers, and players joining games without permission may find themselves being penalised. Players will have a week at the start of the season to schedule their first round games, and thereafter games can be scheduled from the beginning of the preceding round. Rounds will be 9 days long, overlapping on weekends. Scheduling will be partially automatic; players will be able to specify timeslots when they will be available, and then the autoscheduler will assign match times at mutually convenient times. If this can't be resolved, then players will be expected to negotiate a time, or an admin can be asked to adjudicate. If Reflex's rulesets have been updated by the start of the season, players will use the competitive ruleset. If not, players will be allowed to agree with their opponent to use experimental or competitive. It hasn't yet been decided what the default will be, since there are good arguments against both. See the season page for the complete exciting array of rules! Streams Obviously because of the slightly unpredictable nature of the scheduling, it's not possible to guarantee that any particular game will be streamed. Players may be asked to schedule a game with a streamer if it's of particular interest. This may be subject to change. At least some games will be streamed by ArenaFPS (https://twitch.tv/ArenaFPS). Anyone else interested to stream should get in touch once the match lists have been generated. Prize Pool No prize pool as yet. If you want to donate, get in touch with me on Discord because I don't yet have a separate paypal to take donations, and I tend to get paid for my work through paypal, and I don't want stuff to get confused. Sponsors If you're a company and you want to donate server time to the league, or money/stuff to the prize pool, I can discuss about providing advertising space. Adverts must be image-or-text-only (no bullshit multimedia stuff) and must be small files. They'll be placed unobtrusively, most likely in the unused side areas of the site, and I'm not going to try and bypass ad-blockers. Files will be served from my server so that I can be sure that I'm not referencing malicious files. Something Else This is the thing I forgot to mention.
  4. How north-east are we talking here?
  5. Qualx

    Cannot bind jump to mouse 2 in config

    It's probably a bug with how the version string works when it's in a nested config?
  6. Qualx

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    While I'm admittedly biased since I'm strongly in favour of global sounds, I couldn't agree more with this. I've had to stop playing Reflex with the current state of the sound engine; the high frequency volume boost that I use to compensate for my hearing loss is causing the massively over-amplified pickup respawn sounds to be approaching my pain threshold, and certainly beyond anything I can ignore when I'm trying to concentrate. Added to that, with absolutely no (correct) concept of distance in the sounds, I'm really disoriented and it's just not fun to play the game. inb4 promeus
  7. I toyed with the idea of adding name colours to my DP2HUD stuff but decided against it in the end, since anyone not using the widgets would just see a jumble of colour markers in people's names.
  8. Qualx

    Global vs Non-Global Sounds

    I consider that non-global sounds are directly equivalent to limiting visibility with fog. It's one thing for mappers to be able to place soundproof walls or sound-dampening walls - that's a map-based decision, and I think it'd be a good thing if implemented well - but it's quite another arbitrarily to withhold information based only on range. I'm also not a fan of clocktiming, and losing global pickup sounds in particular is crippling if you want to be able to time by instinct. With an already disproportionately high reward attached to clocktiming, there's no need to increase that further. Non-global sounds may have their place, but I don't think that place is in a fast-paced, competitive game like Reflex. People talk about mindgames, but ultimately, mindgames based on uncertainty boil down to luck. Also, making it even harder to keep track of a player who hides all the time makes that particular playstyle even more boring to play against. Potentially, having player movement/shooting sounds non-global might enable slightly more freedom of movement for the out-of-control player, but I think it's a major detriment to the game for pickups not to be audible from anywhere.
  9. Qualx

    ToggleWidget Widget for Toggling Widgets

    Updated: fixed case sensitivity (it was, now it's not, fuck thank you Jaguar for pointing it out)
  10. You haven't updated. I fixed this three weeks ago. (the version number in this thread is/was wrong, but the download link should always provide you with the most up-to-date version from my site)
  11. Qualx


    https://reflex.kiai.eu/widgets/cvar.lua is pretty versatile.
  12. WOW SEEKAX I genuinely have no idea what Ban's suggesting but you can string multiple commands together in a bind with semicolons, eg: bind game footpedal5 weapon 7; suicide And I believe addbind also still works: addbind game footpedal5 say I'm sorry, I didn't mean to use IC!
  13. Qualx

    ToggleWidget Widget for Toggling Widgets

    It's two-minute widget, m8. Gotta go fast.
  14. https://reflex.kiai.eu/widgets/ToggleWidget.lua Empyrean told me to. Usage: bind game footpedal3 ui_togglewidget_names WIDGET1 WIDGET2 ETC