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  1. phylum

    Help! (Weapon Icon Colour)

    Double posting because the problem is solved, obligatory new hud image:
  2. phylum

    Help! (Weapon Icon Colour)

    It turns out it is interference from the default weapon rack. I disabled it and the colour works fine :s I guess I'm going to write my own weapon rack too!
  3. phylum

    Help! (Weapon Icon Colour)

    First off, here is my Widget code: http://pastebin.com/KPEFudtu It's a simple ammo indicator, very similar to the default. It was a 10 minute job, but unfortunately the weapon icon colour doesn't work. When I change weapon it goes to the right colour for a fraction of a second, then goes back to white. I think I solved this problem once before, but I can't remember how. Can anyone please point out the obvious mistake I've made? Thanks The lines to look at should be 34-36, 66-68 and 96-97.
  4. phylum

    Best Mouse for Reflex

    The FK is only good if you like the shape. OP the Deathadder is fine, and I assume that means your preference is for bigger ergonomic mice? If that's the case then the Zowie FK isn't the right mouse for you. I have a Logi G400s for some things and it's a really great mouse you can get pretty cheap 2nd hand now. The g402 is very good too. It's worth trying lighter ambidextrous mice for AFPS at some point though. It's just always made more sense for me to use a small light mouse in games where I flick the mouse all over the goddamn place. Currently using the original FK with the custom lens removed, and it's the closest thing to a wmo-killer for me.
  5. Hey, I emailed you about casting after your tweet, but I didn't hear back. Thought it would be good to confirm that you got my message, and that you didn't need any help with the cast.
  6. phylum

    cfg comments

    Just keep using //, they're as good as comments for the time being. Is it vitally important that it doesn't echo to the console, given that the config loader echoes every line anyway at the present?
  7. I feel like a system that limited your knowledge of pickups to an event-based system, where you only get informed of items you take, would be better because it would (hopefully) end up like this. If you take the item, your HUD scripts can register that and auto-time it. If not, you need to press buttons, which would be a pretty cumbersome system to configure well for different maps with differing items. I honestly haven't felt much of a change in the few games I've played, although I feel like that's just because all of the maps so far are quite small and you know where your opponent is at all times anyway. If it was QL then having timers like this would "dilute" the game, but I don't see it being as that big of a deal in Reflex. Either way something about the omnipotence of it feels off to me, and I'd be interested at least to see it locked down a bit more like I suggested.